Monday, July 20, 2009

Why I'm Not Afraid to Admit I Love Gossip Girl

<---------- Okay, so maybe HE is the number one reason, but I swear there are others.

Since it premiered last year, I've been absolutely hooked to the CW's teen drama, Gossip Girl. Completely, openly, and utterly addicted, actually. Not even in a guilty pleasure kind of way. I don't feel guilty! I love it. But why, you may ask? Because I've been told by friends and family that I don't seem like the Gossip Girl "type". Hm. Well, I got to thinking about it, and since it relates to teens (and Gossip Girl is also a YA book series) I figured it might as well be addressed here on my little ol' blog.

So, other than the fact that Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick) is incredibly attractive and intriguing as a character, what got me hooked on GG? Well, like I said, it started with the first episode. I initially watched because Josh Schwartz (my TV writing icon, along with Joss Whedon) was the executive producer of one of my all time favorite TV shows, The O. C., which was prematurely ended in its fourth season. (Sorry, FOX, I still have some hard feelings, but I'll get over it....eventually.) Anyway, after discovering that he was working on a new show, I made a mark on my mental calendar and prepared for my teen drama--though, I'll admit, I wasn't sure what I was in for.

Two years later, I'm still watching. Anxiously awaiting the third season, actually, and many people are asking me, "Why?". Well, I'll tell you why. Gossip Girl isn't nearly as shallow as its protagonist, Blair Waldorf. In fact, it's quite clever. I consider myself a intellectual person, and I can find a great deal of fun satire in almost every episode. Its witty and fun and so, so sexy....I mean, id does have Chuck Bass.

But you know another reason? Well, you've all heard me say that Cruel Intentions is one of my favorite movies EVER. It takes place on the Upper East side, with rich characters, doing very bad things......sound familiar, GG fans? So, yeah. Gossip Girl immediately reminded me of my favorite movie. Maybe that's why I got so attached! Or maybe it was just Chuck and all of this is me making up excuses. Who cares! Point is, I love it, and I'm not afraid to admit it. And you should be either!

Ahem, even the TV critics have admitted that it is insanely addictive. I don't need any more back up than that.

As for me, I'm anxiously awaiting season three, when Blair and crew head off to college -- OMG, kinda like me? Haha. I doubt I'll get into that much drama. But I hope you join me in watching season!

For more reason why, see picture above.

See ya, soon!

Writer Girl
.....Oh, wow....that just doesn't work for me. Well, at least I tried.


Sumayyah said...

One should, of course, never be ashamed of their GG addictiveness. Especially when Ed Westwick is such a fine and compelling character. ;-)

suzie said...

I love Ed Westwick! My favorite GG moment was near the end of the first season when Serena is all down on herself and Blair, Nate, and Chuck are trying to cheer her up. Both Nate and Blair say something they've done that's horrible and then they look at Chuck and he says "What? I'm Chuck Bass." I LOVE it :)

Amanda said...

I am also very much in love with this show. And all the beautiful boys. I read some of the books way before the show came up and I'm currently rereading them. I love them both very much.

Joanna said...

Ooo, sexy. Maybe I should start watching...?

Kristin said...

Okay, I don't really like Ed Westwick. But I definitely like that picture.

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