Friday, August 21, 2009

College Flippin' Rocks!

Okay, okay. So I'm only at orientation, but still. It counts.

Now that I've had a decent tour, I no longer fear my college existance. In fact, I joyfully embrace it! Woot! Well, okay. I wasn't so much, SCARED as OVERWHELMED by the size of the campus...only, it isn't big at all. My mother just kept leading me in the long path cuz the map wasn't all that fantastic. Haha. I discovered that the uper long walk we took from my hall to Campus Center could have only been in two minute walk instead of a twenty minute one. Thanks, Mom. I love you!

No. She did her best. But I'm on my own now....and I am not at all worried....yet.

Roommate arrives on Sunday. I got the feeling on the phone that she didn't believe me when I said, "Oh, you like Twilight? My book is being published by the same publisher as Twilight!" Her response? "Oh, okay....anway...."

Me thinks she is a non-believer.

Shun the non-believer! SHUUUUNNN!

Just kiddin'. I'm sure she'll be great....even if she doesn't like Gossip Girl...or any other teen dramas. We'll make it work...We will.

In other news, college boys are hot....well, a lot of them are. Kody met a super cute boy from Chili with a super hot accent. Way out of my league of course, but just to hear him talk is enough for me....*sigh*

Did I mention I love college?

Just orientation, but it counts!


MeganRebekah said...

When you said Chili I was thinking Chili's (like the restautant) then you mentioned the accent and I said "Oh, he's actually from the country Chile."

Have fun in college!! I loved those years so much, and my best friends today are the ones I met ten years ago in the dorms.

Becca Cooper said...

Glad you're enjoying yourself! You're probably going to give your roommate an inferiority complex. =D

I'm still afraid for university. I get lost waaay too easily.

Kody Mekell Keplinger said...

MeganR = OMG, I can't believe I spelled it wrong! So glad he isn't gonna read this. lol

Becca - you'll LOVE it! I promise! College is great.

Joanna said...


I miss college.


Kody Mekell Keplinger said...

Joanna - Dude! You added a tear to your frowny face! Why haven't I ever thought of that?

Sorry. Random alert.

Kristin said...

I'm not a big fan of teen dramas, and we get along okay. *shifty eyes* We do, don't we? DON'T WE??


Glad you're having fun!!!

Kody Mekell Keplinger said...

Kristin - Haha! But I even got YOU to admit Gossip Girl wasn't bad. I win!

Lunar Amyscope said...

Hahahahahahahah by far the best part of that was your Charlie the Unicorn reference. You are so amazing!

Kody Mekell Keplinger said...


You're pretty shiny yourself, Amy!

Loretta Nyhan said...

Oh, Kody, have fun! I'm with Joanna--I miss college, too!

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