Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Great Read!! GO GET IT!!

This isn't so much a book review as a recommendation.

HANDCUFFS by Bethany Griffin is superb. Seriously. When I ordered it this summer, it was mostly because I knew the author on AbsoluteWrite and wanted to show some support. I figured it would be pretty good....but I didn't know HOW good.

The MC, Parker, is so real. I could hear her voice in my head. I could understand all of the issues she was going through--especially concerning her family's financial problems. I totally felt for her. I was COMPLETELY in her head!

But the coolest part of HANDCUFFS? The fact that Parker's love interest doesn't really have a name. I mean, I guess he does, but we as the reader only know him as "he", "him", or "the ex." At first, I thought this would be confusing....but it worked. It worked so well!

Again, this is a recommendation, not a review. I won't even try to be all analytical or anything right now. I just wanted to gush a bit and be all like "OMG, I know the author of this book!...Well, sort of." Hehehehe. Did I mention Bethany is super nice? Just saying.

So go read HANDCUFFS and devour it the way I did!!!!

In the mean time, check out Bethany's website:

Have fun!


Horserider said...

I second that :D

Sarah said...

First, I love the title of your book. I'll be downloading it on my Kindle in the fall. Second, thanks for reading Bass Ackwards and Belly Up. Hope you like it, although it sounds like you don't have any trouble pursuing you dreams! Good luck with your writing career-- you're off to a stellar start. Best, Sarah Fain

Kody Mekell Keplinger said...

OMG - Sarah Fain just commented on my blog! I might actually die!


Bass Ackwards and Belly Up is one of the books Poppy sent me when I went with them for m book. Immediately, I recognized the names of both its authors and flipped to the back to see why. Um...I'm a flipping HUGE Angel fan. I almost cried. Haha. So far, I'm madly in love with the book. :D Its kind of perfect for me right now since I"m starting college--just like Becca!

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