Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Craziness That Is My Life

So much to tell you. Thought I'd just put it all in one big post!

To keep my OCD from acting up, let me number this madness to make it somewhat easier to follow.


1. So, my friend Nicole works for m campus paper, The Ithacan. Recentl, she decided to do a feature on yours truly. (Squee!!!) So I've posted the link to the feature below, incase any of ou are curious:

2. On Monday, I get to schedule classes for next semester. Because of my AP and summer classes, I will technically be a sophomore starting next semester, which is awesome because that made it possible for me to take a class I'm DYING to have.

The class is called Girlhoods in Literature. It's basically an analysis of the way teenage girls are featured in literature. From Jane Eyre to Speak. It sounds AWESOME - especially since that is the topic of the thesis paper I'm doing for my Intro to the Essay class.

Other classes I plan on taking are Intro to Creative Writing (Yay!), Personal Essay (meh, but it's required for writing majors), a seminar called Creativity and Madness (OMG, should be cool), and Intro to Logic. I'm taking Intro to Logic for the soul purpose that it counts as a Mathmatics and Formal Reasoning Gen. Ed. And, trust me, I will DIE before I take calculus. This is a MUCH better solution.

But in case you weren't paying attention to that list, I'll be taking 3 (THREE!) writing intensive courses. OH. MY. GOD. I love to write, but this might kill me. We'll see.

3. As I said before, I"m working on a thesis/research paper for my Intro to the Essay class all about how teenage girls have been and are portrayed in YA lit. OMG, it's so cool. I'm focusing a lot on Nancy Drew, as well as Beverly Cleary and all the way up to modern authors, like Courtney Summers (who answered by questions to help with my paper--thanks, Courtney!). I have quotes by Hannah Moskowitz, Courtney Summers, and The Story Siren. I'm still doing some research, but if my professor approves it, I might post the paper hear in a few weeks. I'm really excited about it.

Total Words: 10,000
Today's Goal: 12,500

Hope ya'll are having a good week! Mine has been crazy!


Dee said...

That class sounds SO cool! I took a class for a whole year in college called "Being a Heroine" that focused on characters like Jane Eyre, Emma, Tess of the D'Ubervilles... *sigh*. Have a fantastic time with it!

Emilia Joyce Plater said...

That's so cool that you're technically as sophomore. Good luck with all those classes! I can't wait to go to college. *grin*

Emilia Joyce Plater said...

Also - GREAT article. Love your quotes.

Tere Kirkland said...

Your classes sound great! And just think, you will have a unique insight into the literary world that most of your peers (and professors) will not have experienced. Cool, huh? ;)

Cassandra said...

Ahhh I was a philosophy major and I took logic - it should really help you out writing wise, to be honest. From now on you'll be reading sentences and thinking, "Wait a second, if A then B and if A then C, that doesn't mean if B then C, fools!" Also, take advantage of the computer CD that comes with your book - it sort of turns it into a semi-fun game and helps with the banality of studying.

Gary Couzens said...

Great interview!

Becca Cooper said...

*wishes she could do a writing major* Those sound like awesome classes. Enjoy! :)

Celise said...

I'd be interested in seeing the curriculum for that Girlhoods in Literature course. Do you think you'd be able to post it? The rest of your writing classes sound fun.

The college that I'm going to right now allows the student to actually CREATE their degree plan and I included a couple of Creative Writing courses (don't know what they'll be about yet, but it won't be the typical creative writing classes) and a Multicultural YA Lit course.

Kody Keplinger said...

Celise - I'm sure I can post what I read! And I'm SOOOO jealous. We don't offer any sort of YA lit class. *pout*

Emilia Joyce Plater said...

Psst Kody, just wanted to let you know that I put you up for a Helpful Blog Award on my blog - it's silly, but whateva :)

Kody Keplinger said...

I lurve you, Emilia!

Ps- I'm gonna order your book this week. Sorry I"m running behind on EVERYTHING.

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