Friday, November 20, 2009

Going on Thanksgiving Break

So, I've reached my first substantial break during my college career. This week, starting Monday, will be the first time I've gone back to Kentucky since starting college. It's a little scary. I mean, in college I can walk to the store to get whatever I need. IN college I eat when I want. In college, I can take a bus or a cab downtown....

At home, there are no buses. At home, I live under someone else's rules (not that my mom is a strict parent - ha! hardly). At home, I have to rely on others to do anything. SCARY!! How did I do that for eighteen years?

I'm not too worried about this break, though. I'll be so busy that I won't have time to think about it. Here's the schedule, in case you, um, actually care....

-Go to 1 class.
-Do laundry and pack.
-Get in van and go with debate team to Pennsylvania

-Speech/Debate tournament! Give some speeches and such.
-Attempt to stay up late and write with Kristin Briana Otts and Amy Lukavics via AIM. My girls.

-Speech team heads to NYC
-Meet up with awesome agent (woot!) and see New Moon (woot woot woot! Taylor Lautner, I am on my way!)

-Take my author photo! (Wow, that sounds so professional, it's awesome!)
-Catch flight from JFK to Nashville. (First time flying on my own, terrifying!)
-Meet Mom and one of my bffs, Molly, at the airport.
-Coffee with author (and cupcake lover) Victoria Schwab in Nashville. (Yay!)
-Arrive at my old Kentucky home. :)

-Hang with my bestest guy friend, Kyle.
-Go to my high school and HOPEFULLY kick it with some of he cool teachers there.

-Go out with bffs Molly and Shana to see New Moon. (Not evena fangirl and seeing it twice. FOR YOU TAYLOR FOR YOU!!)

-Thanksgiving with the family.

-HOPEFULLY going to Dad's to check in on little brother. I miss him.

-Catch early flight out of Nashville
-Layover in DC
-End up in NYC that afternoon.

-Early bus ride out of Penn Station
-Arrive back in Ithaca.

See what I mean about busy?

Now, toss into the equation a 15-20 page paper, a novel that needs to be finished, and a few audio books, and I doubt it'll really seem like much of a break by the time it is over!

So what are YOUR plans for Thanksgiving?


Kristin said...

LOOK LOOK LOOK! I am mentioned in passing!! :D

(I also find it kind of cool how everyone in the blogosphere calls me by my full name. Except for Amy, of course, who prefers K Botts 5000.)

Kirsten Hubbard said...

kody, you're epic.

now when are you coming to CA? oh yes, I remember, for your film premiere. I will BE there.

Kristin Miller said...

You're week sounds awesome! Have fun. I'll be writing like a mad-woman, making T-day feasts (yes, plural), cheering at the (seattle)Macy's parade Friday morning and writing some more.

Enjoy your plane rides! <3

Emilia Joyce Plater said...

Yay, Kody!! I can't wait to see your author photo, you pretty girl! Have the most fun ever on your break :D <3

Cindy said...

Have fun on break!!

Ami The Salami said...

TAYLOR LATUNER'S SO HOT!!! I justjustjust saw New Moon, which was way better than Twilight (mainly because of Taylor Lautner). I freaked out when he took his shirt off :P My friends and I were gonna scream but no one else did and we were just like umm... Anyway, have fun!

Btw, if you came to CA that'd be awesome!!

Stephanie Jenkins said...

Dude, I'm so going to cry. I wish I still lived close to Nashville! I hope you have an awesome week, Kody.

Kristin said...

P.S. You have been tagged, Kody Mekell.

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