Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I Think I'm In Love!

Hey, kids!

NaNo is well underway, and I'm pleased to say that, so far, it is going smoothly. Which baffles me, to be honest, because I'm doing things SO different with this project.

For one, I actually--get this!--OUTLINED. Yeah. You heard me. I NEVER OUTLINE!!!!! I mean, sometimes I write down little notes if there is a scene I have in my head, but I never actually do a chapter by chapter outline. This time, I did. And, shockingly, I'm not sick of the book. See, that's my issue with outlines. If I oultine too much, I get tired of my story before I even write it. Well, I outlined, and I'm not tired of this one yet!

Also, I'm using present tense. This si HUGE for me. I was that kid a few months ago who HATED present tense. I actually put a few bookds down the moment I realized they were in present tense. I was so bad. But then I realized what a popular trend it was, and I started giving present tense a chance. Now, some of my favorite books are in present tense - Cracked Up to Be, Handcuffs, Living Dead Girl, etc etc....-- but I still didn't think I'd write it. I mean, I"m a creature of habit. I write past tense. I just do.

But this main character--Paige--is demanding present tense. I know, that sounds dumb, but she is. And, strangely enough, it's actually flowing. I'm writing in the present without even thinking about it. So weird!

I don't know how NaNo will turn out, but I really think I'm off to a good start. I"m at about 5,200 words right now. I'm hoping to get to 7,500 tonight. If all goes well, this might actually be some of my best work.

Either my very best, or my worst.

Cross your fingers for best!


Amna said...

*fingers and toes crosses*

Celise said...

I never outline,either. A co-worker friend of mine helped me. We got up to Chapter 6 before I called it quits. It was bugging me to come up with a picture of how the novel was supposed to me upfront. I'm a pantser by nature and it sounds like you are, too. I like to see how the story plays out. So, I think 6 chapters is a good start. I'm glad I did it, but like you, I think I would've been tempted not to write it had I kept going with the outlining. Good luck!

Dee said...

Go Kody!

suzie townsend said...

Yay Kody! I used to hate present tense too. I think it was the Gemma Doyle series that was the first present tense book that I really got into so that I didn't notice and get hung up on the fact that it was present tense.

Best of luck with NaNo!

Kody Keplinger said...

I really should read the Gemma Doyle books...

Just Your Typical Book Blog said...

Good luck on NaNo!

I was the same way for the longest time. Present tense never bothered me in reading books, but writing it? Pfft. The NaNo story I'm writig, it just seems like there is no other way but present tense to write it in.

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