Monday, November 30, 2009

Vlog - Love Interests

So, here, my friends, is my first EVER Vlog. Enjoy.


Kristin said...

Kody YOU ARE MADE OF ADORABLE. And I might steal your roommie's poster (but please don't tell anyone in real life they think I'm normal kthnxbai.)

Raven said...

Great Vlog!

And I agree that Mr. Darcy is one of the best love interest of all times. I also like Mr. Rochester.

I like the bad guys as love interest. Every once in a while I enjoy reading about the sweet caring guy, but then there's the cocky jerks that just makes the story more interesting.

I hate it when some authors don't do anything with tha, you know? Like they just make the love interest cocky and arrogant just because. I like for him to have a history, something that happened in his life that made him that way.

I want him to have layers, so that I want to peel each of them back and learn more about them.

courtney said...

GREAT vlog, Kody! You have my total respect & awe because I am terrified of vlogging. You were totally natural & it was a great topic (although the whole time I was like AAAH THAT DEVIL WEREWOLF IS BEHIND HER HEAD SAVE HER EDWARD--just joking ;) ).

I was wondering who you would say for best love interest of all times... and let out a breath when you said Mr. Darcy (the Jacob poster had me a little worred!!) ;). You'll get no argument from me there. He is one of the best. And can't wait to see more of your vlogs. :) This one rocked!!

Kody Keplinger said...

Aahh! Thanks Courtney. Haha. Next Vlog is Some Girls Are review next week! (or later this week - whenever I get a second to sit down in front of my webcam and gush).

And NO! Edward, don't you dare save me! *bares teeth* If any vampy saves me, its Emmett.

Emilia Joyce Plater said...

I'm with you on the predictability thing. Great vlog!

And I couldn't decide whose super-cute face to stare at... Yours or Jacob's. haha <3

Daisy Whitney said...

Yay for making videos!

Kaitlin Ward said...

You are so cute! And how did you make it through almost 10 minutes without giggling or looking self conscious??

I 100% agree about romantic comedies--I hate watching them anymore, because it's ALWAYS a ridiculous misunderstanding and it just frustrates me.

I am a huge fan of true bad guy love interests, the kind that have to work really hard not to mess things up completely.

Amanda said...

I just started reading City of Glass last night. I love Jace. I need them (SPOILER!!!!) not to be related. Seriously.

And yes, Mr. Darcy equals best love interest ever.

Amanda said...
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La-La-La-Laurie said...

So I was talking with someone today and I thought of a GREAT tv love interest that no one had mentioned yet. Logan Echolls from Veronica Mars is an awesome broken, bad boy love interest. *swoon*

Lunar Amyscope said...

Holy pumpkin spice kodies I loved this. Go mean sheep!

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