Friday, December 18, 2009

Editor Appreciation Day!


Today, I am here to honor the lovely Kate Sullivan at Poppy. To do this, I will hereby present to you a Letterman style top 10 list of reasons Kate is awesome.

*gestures for the band to drum roll*

*attractive girls come out with signs to present*

Here we go!

10. She's has some of the funniest tweets on twitter! From stalkers to her endless battles with ticket master over PeeWee Herman tickets! She keeps me giggling.

9. She has a huge range in taste! From The DUFF (super-duper contemporary comedy) to the elegance of Malinda Lo's ASH, she reads everything!

8. She doesn't make fun of me for emailing edits at 2:00 AM! (Well, okay, sometimes she does, but not often.)

7. She totally and completely UNDERSTANDS what I am going for in my novel. Our goals were almost identical - which made working together VERY fun!

6. She watches Buffy! Need I say more?

5. She was always willing to brainstorm with me. Any time I was tuck on an edit, I knew I could email or call and Kate would help me work through it.

4. She had a conversation with my mother about zombies over lunch. I was thoroughly impressed by this!

3. She never asked me to "tone down" my book. She let me use the language I knew to be realistic in a high school setting. Heck, when it was applicable, she even helped me add a few swear words. :-D !! That was how I knew she was truly meant for my main characters.

2. She once sent me an email with a subnote asking about my favorite types of converse tennis shoes. YES! Anyone who wears converse gets cool points. Just saying.

1. Most importantly, she made my book BETTER. I mean, I know a lot of authors say that, but WE MEAN IT. I look back at old drafts of THE DUFF - ones I just wrote a few months ago - and I am AMAZED by the difference Kate has made. She found the best aspects of my work and made them shine. She found my flaws and helped me fix them. She saw the things I never could have or would have seen. Sometimes it was hard, sometimes I stared blankly at my screen and thought, "How do I do this????" But I can look at my book now and see just how awesome her guidance and direction have made it.

So, Happy Editor Appreciation Day, Kate! You truly ROCK!


Amna said...

Haha, I love Kate's tweets!

Happy Editor Appreciation Day!

Loretta Nyhan said...

Yay! She sounds awesome, Kody!

(And I love that, with editor day, the feeling of goodwill carries on....)

Kate said...

awwwww, Kody! This totally made my day. (Which is good, because I have a demon-strength cold right now.) You're so sweet, the absolute best for posting this. If I had a blog I would counter with author-appreciation day, because I couldn't possibly ask for a awesomer author.

And for the record, I converted to high-tops and I've never looked back. ;)

ElanaJ said...

What a great tribute. Happy Editor Appreciation Day to Kate! (Can't wait to read your book, Kody!)

Kirsten Hubbard said...

you guys sound like a perfect match. <3 Hooray for editors!

Joanna said...

Kate is an amazing editor to work with--it was a perfect match!!

You guys both rock.

Happy Holidays, girls!

Shelli said...

Kate rocks! woot woot! :)

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She sounds awesome,

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