Thursday, December 31, 2009

Epic Book Survey 09

Okay! Here we go!


•Most imaginative:
The Mortal Instruments by Cassie Clare
•Funniest: The Disreputable History of Frankie Landou-Banks by E. Lockhart
•Scariest: The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan
•Edgiest contemporary: Living Dead Girl by Elizabeth Scott, Some Girls Are by Courtney Summers (out next month!)
•Creepiest SF/dystopia: The Forest of Hands and Teeth
•Best love story: The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen

•Most hilarious:
Pretty much any scene with Burt in it in The Truth About Forever
•Scariest: The near demon-rape in City of Glass by Cassie Clare
•Most disturbing: ALL of Living Dead Girl. A few scenes from The Tortures of Blight (preparing for submissions) by Amy Lukavics
•Steamiest: A kiss in City of Shadows (on sub soon) by Kristin Briana Otts. A scene with Jace and Clary in the grass in City of Glass. The "handcuffs scene" in Handcuffs by Bethany Griffin.
•Most exciting: Pretty much all of City of Glass
•Biggest tear-jerker: There is a death (not what you think) in Cracked Up To Be by Courtney Summers that got ot me. Also, the end of Living Dead Girl.
•Best plot twist/revelation (no spoilers!!) : The end of City of Bones by Cassie Clare. Also, a revalation in City of Shadows by Kristin Otts that left my mouth hanging open.

•Best couple:
Alec and Magnus from The Mortal Instruments. Anabel and Owen from Just Listen by Sarah Dessen. Regina and Michael from Some Girls Are. And the MCs of Lovely, Drowning (on sub) by Kristin Miller.
•Who you'd want as your best friend: Grace from Like Mandarin by Kirsten Hubbard (2011). Simon AND Isabelle from The Mortal Instruments. Frankie from The Disreputable History of Frankie Landou-Banks
•Who you fell in love with: Chris from Cracked Up To Be. Wes from The Truth About Forever. Ian from The Host by Stephenie Meyer.
•Worst (best?) villain: OMG KARA!!! Kara from Some Girls Are. VILLAIN VILLAIN VILLAIN!!!
•Best character twist (who you loved, then hated, or vice versa): Chris from Cracked Up To Be. Ian from The Host.
•Best character names: Mandarin from Like Mandarin.
•Worst character names: Elijah from Wintergirls. Love the name, but it didn't fit the character to me. But LOVE the name.
•Favorite all-around kickass female: Isabelle from The Mortal Instruments
•Favorite all-around kickass male: Alec and Magnus from The Mortal Instruments, and Michael from Some Girls Are.


•Best book cover:
The Forest of Hands and Teeth and Wintergirls (Laurie Halse Anderson)
•Best title: Some Girls Are
•Most memorable voice: Cracked Up To Be, Wintergirls, and Lovely, Drowning
•Most memorable first line: "Everyone has seen my mother naked." - Something, Maybe by Elizabeth Scott
•Best setting: The forest in Ash by Malinda Lo
•Most beautiful writing: Like Mandarin by Kirsten Hubbard. Ash by Malinda Lo


•Will any of the books you've read in 2009 make your life list of Favorite Books

Definitely. I know the a few of the unreleased ones I mentioned are definitely on my "life favorite" list, and not just because their authors are amazing. But especially The Tortures of Blight. Amy's writing will truly haunt me FOREVER. Living Dead Girl and Some Girls Are will also be on that list, as well as The Forest of Hands and Teeth.


Kristin said...



Thank you, love. I appreciate it. Very very much.

Kirsten Hubbard said...

my writing thinks YOU'RE beautiful, too :)

Leah Michelle said...

I'm glad that I got City of Bones for Christmas because I must see what it's all about. Just from what you posted, it looks intense!

Kristin Miller said...

Aw, J & K want to give you BIG HUGS!!!

And me, too. :)

Love your list!

Kody said...

Thanks, guys!!! I want to see YOUR lists!!

*points at Kristin Miller* HURRY UP!

Horserider said...

"•Scariest: The near demon-rape in City of Glass by Cassie Clare"

WHAT???? Okay, I think I need to stop reading before I grab CoA and hurry up to finish it so I can read CoG.

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Anonymous said...

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Carrie Harris said...

Oh yeah. I'm glad I'm not the only one who loves Chris from Cracked Up To Be. We need to start Team Chris.

Shelli said...

love it!

Lunar Amyscope said...

DUDE I only just now got the chance to catch up on blogosphere stuff, and HOLY CRAP I LOVE YOU!!!! Seriously, though. I. Luff. Yew.

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