Friday, December 11, 2009

Unofficially Official Agent Appreciation Day!

Yayayayayay!!! It's finally here!

Okay, so chances are you didn't know this day existed, and TECHNICALLY it doesn't - thus the "unofficial" bit. But I decided it should, and you know what? A BUNCH of people agreed with me. So I started spreading the word and organized an Agent Appreciation Day. So take a look at some writer blogs today - I feel sure you'll see MANY people taking part.

So what is Agent Appreciation Day? Well, um, it's a day where writers appreciate their agents. So this post is all about me appreciating my awesome, cool, fabulous agent, Joanna. (Happy Agent Day, Joanna!) And why, you may ask, is Joanna awesome? Well, because I am tragically uncreative outside the realm of fiction, I've decided to write a top 5 list of all the reasons she rocks my socks.

Here we go, yo.

5. She sends me books!
Seriously, this is a HUGE bonus - and maybe my favorite part of being a writer. I get books. And Joanna never lets me go without them. When my computer fell off my bed and broke a fw months ago, Joanna found out I was all sad and she sent me a book! Which, of course, is a GREAT way to cheer a nerd like me up. She also sent me an ARC of Some Girls Are by Courtney Summers - which, FYI, was fabulous. It was my first ARC ever, and Joanna sending it to me really, really made me feel awesome. So that is one reason Joanna rocks.

Also, she sends my mom books, too. How awesome is that?

4. She saves my rear-end on a regular basis.
So I'm going to school in Central New York - far, far, far away from the place I was raised, in Western Kentucky. I know NOTHING about the north. NOTHING about traveling. NOTHING AT ALL. So when my mother was first driving me to New York, Joanna helped us find a place to stay in the city. She rode with us on the train for the first time. She really helped us out. Then, when I was heading home for the first time over Thanksgiving, she really helped me out again. Rather than just giving me instructions, my awesome agent made sure I got on my planes and buses, and she just, you know, hung out with me. She did WAY more than she ever had to, and she really saved my butt considering it was my first time traveling by myself. For that, I will always be grateful. (Cuz, in case you didn't know, I'm a huge chicken and would have been totally terrified to do this on my own - not that I told Joanna that. :) )

3. She totally believes in me.
Like all writers, I often find myself stumbling into the ocean of overwhelming self-doubt. This is normal, I believe. But Joanna never lets me swim out in that ocean too far. One of the amazing things about my agent is that she truly, honestly believes in my work, even when I might not. She loved The DUFF, which, honestly, still amazes me since I never REALLY thought it would go anywhere back when I was just writing it for me, but she also managed to love my second novel, which I often worried (and still do from time to time as I revise) is a peice of crap. But Joanna's great ideas and insights have totally helped me keep my sanity with this second, slightly more challenging book. With her on my side, I know I can make it work. Not only that, but she's also been insanely supportive of all my other story ideas, and she welcomes me to bounce them off her when I need to. With my current WIP, I was so afraid she'd hate the sample I sent since it's quite a bit different from my usual voice and style. But she's been so supportive and encouraging, even helpiing me hone in on the ideas. There's even a particular book - The Outcast Society - which I scrapped long ago, and she believes in the idea SO much that she takes every chance she can to harrass me about writing it! Hahaha. And I mean "harrass" in a good way. I love that she believes in what I write, even when I don't.

2. She is always on my side.
I used to see acknowledgments in books that said something about an agent being in the writer's "court" or on the writer's "team." I never understood that really until I found an agent. And mine, in particular, is made of win. Joanna amazes me in that she always seems to know exactly what I want out of my book, even when I haven't said it. I've always had a certain "vision" for The DUFF, and I'm lucky that my agent understood that vision from the get-go. Her revision ideas were perfect, and any time a question for the book has come up, Joanna always seems to know exactly how I'll feel about it. I'm constantly baffled by how well she knows my characters and how identical her vision of The DUFF is to mine. I think it was by having such similar ideas of the novel that Joanna truly crafted the perfect sale. She found the editor that understood the book the same way we did, and that is a HUGE relief. I know I'm in good hands with my agent, who is totally "in my court" and "on my team."

1. She made me watch The Princess Bride.
I've been scolded and yelled at and stared blankly at for years whenever I said, "Oh, I haven't seen The Princess Bride." This, I am learning, is a mortal sin. Especially since I have a character in The DUFF named Wesley (and Wesley in general is my favorite boy's name), and this somehow makes it a law that I must see all movies/TV shows with Wesleys in them.

When I was on my way back up to Ithaca after Thanksgiving break, I was hanging out with Joanna (see the note on saving my rear end), and she decided to take it upon herself to force me to eat chinese food (which I previously stated I didn't like, and she proved me wrong) while we watched Orphan. During the middle of this horror movie, it somehow came up that I had never seen The Princess Bride. Rather than just staring at me in shock or disgust, Joanna took it upon herself to introduce me to the fabulous film. So, yeah. She basically saved me from pop culture ignorance there. Phew! I don't know what I'd do without her. :)

So that's my agent appreciation! Clearly, my agent is amazing. I hope she knows that. <3>

Wanna see who else is sharing the love? Head over to Lisa and Laura Roecker's blog to see who else is posting! The love Roecker sisters volunteered to organize the list of posts, and for that I give them MAJOR props!


JKB said...

Great post, Kody!!

Happy Agent Appreciation Day!

Amna said...

I think this is so cool of you Kody.

You and Joanna seem to be the perfect match!- congratz.

Karla Calalang said...

Awesome post, Kody! And I agree with Amna. You seem like the perfect match!

Katie said...

Okay, now I love Jo even more than before! (which was a hard feat to achieve)

You are one lucky girl, miss Kody!!!

We can't wait for your book. Keep in touch! And thanks for organizing this :-)

Véro said...

Sounds like you have one really awesome agent Kody!! :)

Shaun Hutchinson said...

Awesome post, Kody. Really, great. And I love that she made you watch The Princess Bride.

Kathleen O. said...


You are so awesome! Completely made of win yourself :) You & Jo are total agent-author soulmates!!! :) I can't WAIT to see the DUFF in print and what else you accomplish in the future!!


Kaitlin Ward said...

Making you watch the princess bride definitely deserved #1. How did you go through 18 years of life without seeing it??

This is a great idea, and I love that you're so happy with your agent!

Mary Ann Scott said...

FABULOUS, Kody! I'm sharing the agent love, too. Congrats!

--and I have to admit, I can quote far too much of THE PRINCESS BRIDE!

suzie townsend said...

Great post Kody! I'm so glad Jo made you watch Princess Bride!!!!

Karen Mahoney said...

Lovely post! :)

I am going to do mine soon...


ElanaJ said...

What a great outpouring of love. Not only here but all over the blogosphere! Thanks for organizing this, Kody. You are made of win.

Hardygirl said...

I'm in love all over again! We are lucky gals, indeed.

And, Kody!!! You total rockstar. I'm literally salivating over here waiting for your book to come out. Drool!

Thanks for coming up with this idea.

Sarah Frances

Serenity said...

Kody, thanks for coming up with this idea. It helps so many people - besides thanks to our agents, the comprehensive list will be gold for aspiring writers out there. It's also nice to meet you - so to speak. Huge congrats on the book and the movie option. I'm so happy for you! (Serenity Bohon)

Tere Kirkland said...

This is a great idea, Kody. And you do have one of the best agents ever. Joanna is #1 on my list to query my wip.

Way to spread the agent love!

Dee said...

You'd never seen The Princess Bride?! Thank goodness for Joanna... that was a close one.

nova ren suma said...

Kody, I'm so glad you came up with this day! I had to follow along and do one of my own too! Yay to you and Joanna for what sounds like the perfect partnership!

Frankie Diane Mallis said...

WOW she sounds unbelievable! Lucky you.

Lunar Amyscope said...

Aah yay!! We are so lucky to have Jo as our agent- have you noticed that all of us posted that we LOVE how supportive she is of us 100% of the time?

Great idea, Kody. Today turned out huge!!

Loretta Nyhan said...

Great idea, Kody! This was so much fun!

Kristin Miller said...

Joanna is super - I love her! And I adore you for putting together this totally awesome day. You rock, girl!

Christina Lee said...

Ok so now I love Jo even more! As if she wasn't already on my top ten list!! I am looking forward to reading your book as well!

Melissa said...

awesome, kody! I only hope I can have such an wonderful agent some day! :)

Linda Benson said...

Hey Kody - Thanks for putting this together. Good job, girl!! And if I ever make it to New York, I hope Joanna holds my hand around town, too. I feel totally lost in big cities!!

Kristin said...

You rock, Kody! (But you already knew that.) And you and Joanna are both SO beautiful. Gorgeous photos. Maybe someday there will be a group agent/author get together and we can finally hang out in person. :)

Joanna said...

Dude! I can't believe you arranged this! So many great agents and clients appreciating back and forth--it's perfect for the holidays!

Thanks, Kody. I've seriously been blushing all morning...


Lisa and Laura said...

Kody, you ROCK! Thank you so much for coming up with this stellar idea. This has been such a happy day for all of us! Way to spread the love!

Kirsten Hubbard said...

pubtwin, you quite honestly Win at Life. just caught you on GalleyCat! hooray for grassroots agent love. <3

Leah Michelle said...

Awesome idea, Cody!

Michael Sussman said...

Jo's energy & enthusiasm are unsurpassed. She's a wonder!

Sarah said...

Kody, thanks for coming up with and organizing Agent Appreciation Day. It's been fantastic!!

Demon Hunter said...

Great idea, Kody. Plus, I've heard great things about your book and I'm going to buy it. :-D

Gary Corby said...

I'm putting in another vote for Jo's awsomeness. She's not my agent - that burden belongs to Janet - but Jo is so awesome she helps me out with editing advice even though I'm someone else's client. You can't get more awesome than that.

Thanks Jo!

Realm Lovejoy said...

What a wonderful post! Thank you for bringing Agent Appreciation Day and I am so glad you are my agent sister! <3

Sarah Laurence said...

It sounds like you found just the right agent for you. Great idea to have an Agent Appreciation Day. I've posted one (a day late) about my agent Jean Naggar.

edithspage said...

Woo hoo! This was an awesome idea! And I love it that your agent made you watch The Princess Bride. Good for her.

jessica-shea said...

Thanks for coming up with Agent Appreciation Day, Kody! It was so much fun to read all those happy posts (and write mine). Sounds like you have a fabulous agent match!

Shelli said...

yay! great post! thanks for putting this great day together. :)

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