Monday, January 11, 2010

Already Shaping Acknowledgments

You might not pay attention. Many people don't. But I do. Every time I open a book, I make a point to read the acknowledgments. Why? For a lot of reasons. I want to know who was on this author's team. I want to know who sold this book, who edited this book, who pushed the author to this success.

Like raising a child, it takes a village to write a novel.

I didn't write the acknowledgments of THE DUFF until the end of edits. I had so many people to name, and I really could have named more. But it was a great feeling to write down the names of the people who, even indirectly, had helped me craft that novel.

Well, I'm revising A MIDSUMMER'S NIGHTMARE right now. It hasn't even hit my editors hands yet, but I am already taking notes for my acknowledgments.

Of course, there are those who will always be acknowledged. My agent. My editor. My family. But when you read the acknowledgments for THE DUFF - and I hope you will - you will see a number of other names. My best friends. My writing friends. Teens Writing For Teens, YA Highway, and a number of people from AbsoluteWrite. They all helped me, in some way, with the novel.

And my list is already shaping for AMN. Aside from the necessary, ever present acknowledgments, I am building a few more. Just to thank them, I will mention them here and now. You'll see their names again, I promise, but I want to thank them RIGHT NOW because . . . well, I'm just feeling warm and fuzzy.

So here they are.

Lee Bross - an extraordinary writer and hilarious person. Lee is a member of YA Highway, and she has been patiently and helpfully reading each of my rewritten chapters, helping me polish and providing me with feedback. I love our email exchanges, and she has helped me SO MUCH already.

Amanda Hannah - another member of YA Highway, Amanda is one of my best cheerleaders right now. She read THE DUFF before it sold, and ever since she has been a supportive fan. She also reads each chapter of AMN as I revise, always providing me with the best encouragement, even when I worry I'm not making progress.

Courtney Allison Moulton - OMG, this girl is my spiritual twin. Courtney and I have bonded since I joined YA Rebels, and she has proven to be like, my twin. We have so much in common, and Courtney has really made me excited to finish chapters again. She has been reading chunks of AMN as I finish, and with her criticism, she always offers an excitement and eagerness that I hope one day all of my readers will feel. She also made me this awesomely entertaining mock cover for AMN, as a little incentive to continue with not-always-pleasant revisions. This girl has made my life.

Of course, I will also be thanking YA Highway, TWFT, K4 (Kirsten Hubbard, Kristin Otts, and Kristin Miller), and the YA Rebels as well. There are a number of others - people like Hannah Wydey and Linda Ge - who have helped with both of my books. I just hope all of their names will fit!!!!

So yeah. This is my thanks. To the three people I mentioned, especially, for joining my team. I hope I can do the same for you!

Much love, peeps.


Shooting Stars Mag said...

I love acknowledgments as well. They can be really fun/interesting to read.


Kaitlin Ward said...

I always read the acknowledgements too. I don't know why, but I just like seeing that the author had people around them worth being thanked!

Madeline-Rose said...

I always like to read them last. Probably because I like to see who made the book what the book is today.

Amber said...

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who reads acknowledgments. I know that once I reach that stage of novel publishing, I will make a point to write an acknowledgments page. I know those who helped me would greatly appreciate it.

Catt said...

I love reading the acknowledgements, especially the long ones. It's one of my favorite things to do with a book besides, you know, reading it xD

YA said...

Aaawe lover!!! When are we getting married????

I'm always excited to read the acknowledgments but I prefer to read them after I've finished a book. It makes me smile when I see what a huge support group an author has. In a business this close to the heart, we need support.

Bee said...

I ALWAYS read the acknowledgement. It makes a difference to read about all the wonderful people who've made a difference in the author's life.
And that AMN cover is totally hot!! :))

Horserider said...

Before I started writing, I always skipped over the acknowledgments. Now I always make a point to read them whenever I come across them :)

Linda said...

I always read the acknowledgements first. Although that isn't always good. Awhile ago I was at the bookstore browsing and I picked up a book and read the first couple pages. I was intrigued. I flipped to the back to read the acknowledgements and the first line revealed the entire ending to the book. I put it back on the shelf.

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