Friday, January 22, 2010

Holy Broadway!


Okay, so I told you I was going to see David Letterman on Wednesday, right? Well, that was FREAKING awesome! I WAS ON TV!!! I mean, David didn't talk to me or anything, but he talked to this one woman in the audience who was right behind me and then when she stood up she was right next to me. I was on the screen!

Will Arnett was on the show, and he was hilarious. And James Taylor and Carol King are freaking legends, so that was amazing.

But our night wasn't over after Letterman.

So Mom and I took a risk. We walked over to Broadway and checked out the theater Wicked was showing in. Turns out, it was a slow night. We managed to get tickets in the 7th row CENTER!!! Fantastic seats. Right there on the spot. It was my NYC miracle.

And the show? Well, I'd never seen Wicked. I knew the main idea of the story, but that was it. BUT WOW!!! HOLY BROADWAY WOW!!!! The show was absolutely amazing! And the story was awesome! And the STORY!

So I have a crush on Fiyero. *swoon*

And it just ... wow. I don't have any more words. It was just amazing. I understand now why people love that show. Seriously.

Wednesday was a great day.


Monica said...

Eeeek!!! I'm so jealous. Wicked is my favorite musical ever!!

On top of a great story, it's so smartly written. Great clever humor blended with just enough poignant moments. Perfect.

Next time I'm in NY, I think I'll have to see it again...

Amanda J. said...

Glad you had a great time at Letterman!

And I'm SO jealous about Wicked. I'm trying to go to NYC for spring break this March and if I can afford it, I'm definitely going to go see it.

Kristin said...

IS WICKED NOT ABSOLUTELY AMAZING? I saw it in Denver, not NYC, but WOW! I adored it! :D

Ami The Salami said...

I've never ever ever seen Wicked, but I absolutely <33 the book and I know the all the words to Defying Gravity, Popular, and For Good and I really want to sing them for my singing teacher's next recital :)


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