Wednesday, January 20, 2010

NYC Baby!

Sorry for the lengthy time between posts, ya'll. I have been insanely busy. Let me try to take a few minutes to catch you up.

Well, I left for NYC on Friday night. We got into Long Island - where our hotel is - on Saturday night. And we crashed. Like eighteen hours on the road makes you so sleepy.

But Sunday morning we were up and ready to go. We spent the day in Manhattan, shopping our little asses off. By we, I mean Mom and me. We shopped at all sorts of cool stores. Macy's here is HUGE. I bought a great dress on clearance - wow! And Conway is super cheap and super nice. Then there was H&M and Daffy's and don't even get me started on the 2 new pairs of converse I bought from Journeys.

So that was Sunday.

On Monday, we had plans to see Jimmy Fallon's late night show. We had reserved seats and all that, even. Well, Mom and I headed into Manhattan and then, that afternoon, went to my agent's office, where we were going to change into our nice clothes - me in my new little black dress and spiked heels - and then leave from there for Jimmy's show. While getting ready, Mom gets a call from Late Night with David Letterman. WE WON TICKETS!!!! And those tickets are HARD to get. OMG OMG OMG!!!

So while Mom was finishing getting ready, I went back into the office and told everyone the good news. I also got to meet super agents Colleen Lindsay and Janet Reid - EEK! I know. I'm SUCH a book nerd, right? But yeah. That was awesome.

After Mom finished getting ready, we went to NBC studios. Only to learn that they had over booked and we didn't get seats - grrrr. So disappointing.

But hey, it worked out! Because then we went down to TKTS and these two adorable guys were hanging by the sign and they told us that we absolutely had to go see Newsical: The Musical. It's this off Broadway show that is basically SNL with music. OMG, it was so freaking hilarious!!! We had a blast. Who needs Jimmy?

But yesterday. Man, yesterday was the best.

Mom and I headed into Manhattan again and met up with my agent at her office. We had plans to meet my editor and publisher for lunch. But we were early, so first we shopped at this adorable little store across from my agent's office. Everything there - and we're talking name brands, kids - was like $7. You heard me. SEVEN DOLLARS. It was awesome!

So then we headed to lunch and chatted with my editor and publisher. That was so fun. I have a wonderful team, guys. Like seriously. We talked books, movies, TV, Conan-vs-Leno (Conan FTW) and, of course, DUFF.

After the fabulous lunch, Mom headed back to Long Island and Joanna, my agent, and I went back to her office. I got to meet all the new Nancy Coffey and FinePrint interns. We had this great sit down where we just chatted. They are a cool group, like seriously. And we laughed and talked books. Every nerdy girls dream. I wish we could have just hung out all day.

But we couldn't. Because Joanna and I had a coffee date with the fabulous Diana Fox. Meeting all these agents has been SO COOL. Like, seriously, it makes me want to be an agent even more than I already did.

Now it's Wednesday, and Mom and I have tickets to David Letterman! Wow. This has been a crazy few days. And th week isn't over yet!


Rachele Alpine said...

Kody....that sounds like an awesome trip! And I'm so excited you saw "Newsical the Musical!" My best friend from high school (and prom date in 1997!) is in it! He's the red head...Rory O'Malley...he's balloon boy and a bunch of other things. I'm so jealous you got to go!

Carrie Harris said...

Gnash gnash, envy envy.

I feel like I've been saying that a lot lately. But in a good way, of course.

Kaitlin Ward said...

You have been a busy bee! Sounds like a fun trip :)

Shelli said...

sounds fun - back to the real world :)

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