Saturday, January 23, 2010

Oh, NYC, How I Shall Miss You

Last night of my NYC vacay. We went and saw Mama Mia! today, and shopped a little more. Last night we had dinner with a group of fabulous writer friends, including Gretchen and Jen of the YA Rebels. So that was epic! All in all, great trip.

But Wicked was DEFINITELY the highlight.

And now ... now I am packing. Leaving my beloved city.

Well, for now. I'll be back next weekend for SCBWI. And during SCBWI, I'll be having a slumber party with the lovely Kirsten Hubbard and Kaitlin Ward, members of YA Highway! And I'll get to hang with tons of other fabulous writers. I am so excited, guys!!!! This is my first writers conference thingy!

But God, I love NYC. Seriously, it just makes me happy. This is where I should be.


Kirsten Hubbard said...


Hardygirl said...

NY is my favorite place in the world! How great that you get to come back for the SCBWI Conference. Have a blast!


Nadine said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend! Your life is so fun!

*first time poster, here through YA rebels*

edgardsantos91 said...

Awww. It is a fun city. It was so nice meeting you. Can't wait to eat some Thai food with you. Lol. Glad you had fun!

edgardsantos91 said...

So glad to have met you, my fellow writer. Nyc is the best! Especially when you're a writer it is a rather magical place to be. can't wait to have sushi and Thai next time you come around! lol

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