Monday, February 1, 2010

SCBWI Report

I apologize for my epic blogging suck lately. Really, I do.

But I am super busy, I swear! I'm all over the place these days. Ithaca to NYC. NYC to Ithaca.

Well, I just got back from NYC again. This time it was a weekend at the NY SCBWI conference. What does SCBWI stand for? Super Cool and Badass Writers and Illustrators.

Or ... Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators.

Whatever. Same thing.

Anywho, I went this weekend. I stayed with the lovely Kirsten Hubbard (LIKE MANDARIN author, Delcorte, 2011 - yes I am her pimp) and the unbelievably adorable Kaitlin Ward (who is querying an awesome and original book! Love orginality - LOVE her) at the Helmsley. We were super close to the conference. Which was super fun.

Yes, I like the word "super" a lot.

Anyway, both of the girls are my YA Highway ( friends.

On Friday night, we went out to meet some KidLit peeps. I met Suzanne Young (THE NAUGHTLY LIST) who recognized me from Twitter. (How cool is that? THE INTERNET ROCKS!!!) and Alvina Ling, an AMAZING editor at Little Brown (who also recognized me from Twitter!). I also saw my editor there and 2 of my YA Rebels ( girls.

Then on Saturday Kirsten and I hit up the conference of awesome. We saw tons of people, including Debbie Duncan ( who was a high ranker in my Query Contest a while back. And I met some of the members of Team Sparkle. It was epic!

Saturday night, we had THE BEST time. Kirsten, Kaitlin, and I went out to dinner with some publishing GENIUSES. We met up with Joanna (my agent of awesome), Laura Whitaker from Harper Collins, Michelle (Kirsten's agent), Suzie (FinePrint agent made of adorable), Kathleen (another agent of adorable), and the Team Sparkle girls! Also, Joanna's husband, who was a real trooper as the only man at the table.

After we all ate, Kirsten (the ADULT) made me (THE CHILD) ask the publishing professionals to give publishing tips on camera. Well, those will be coming shortly, I assure you. But let me just say publicly that I AM THE CHILD AND I HAD THE NERVE TO ASK AND THEY SAID YES SO TAKE THAT KIRSTEN HUBBARD!!! (<3 you, hon)

Also, those videos are awesome. I'll link when they are up.

Then we ran around Time Square late at night, after the dinner. That was fun. Kirsten got hit on. Ask her about it some time.

On Sunday, Kirsten and I hit up the last day of the conference. It was great. And OMG the guy who does Happy Bunny spoke!

Wait, you don't know Happy Bunny???


We went back to the hotel after the conference and we - Kirsten, Kaitlin, and I - went to The Strand. I showed them the amazingness that is that booktore. It was great. If you are a book dork, The Strand is your haven, I swear.

Then we got all sad because we had to take Kaitlin to the train station. Lots of hugs. She is so cute, it was hard to let her leave. :-(

And then this morning I left my beloved NYC again. Not sure when I shall return. Soon, I pray.

So that was my epic weekend. Can you top it?


Kaitlin Ward said...

I CAN TOP IT. Or, wait. I can equal it, at least :)

sharigreen said...

No way can I top that! So glad you had an awesome weekend. :)

Becca W said...

well, my friends made a cake using applesauce instead of pudding (and made me eat it) and switched my mattress with Nicole's mattress, all while I was away at the movies...but I don't think my minor shenanigans compare to your high-rollin' life with the famous publishers and the Strand. Glad you're back at Ithaca, though :)

Elana Johnson said...

Sounds super super fun! So jealous. :)

Courtney Allison Moulton said...

I'm so glad you had such a great time!!! <3

Kirsten Hubbard said...


Had a FABULOUS time tearing up the city with you + writer pals + agent friends.

p.s. you ARE an adult, girlie :)

Kathleen Ortiz said...

It was TOTALLY made of win :) And aww, shucks, I'm adorable! *^^*

Alexandra Shostak said...

Hey! Stumbled across your blog while surfing :) Your book sounds fantastic and really original; I can't wait until it's out. Plus, you seem to have some really great insight into the publishing world. Cool blog!

Anonymous said...

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Bee said...


Glad you had an awesome time, Kody! Missed you :))

Stina Lindenblatt said...

I cleaned the toilets!

Nope, you win!

Shelli said...

sounds awesome - hope to see you in LA

chandlermariecraig said...

Goodness, you really are traveling between NYC and Ithaca often. Sounds like you met a stellar cast of people. It was great meeting you with Jen and Gretchen the other weekend!

Anonymous said...

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