Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sick And Tired of Being Sick and Tired

*enters sneezing*

Hi, guys.

So while I'm no longer in the fever stage, I'm still dealing with this icky cold. So not fun, but that's what I get for living on this polar ice cap we call Ithaca. Ugh. *sniffle*

So, I guess I could give you a few writing updates, huh?

Well, THE DUFF is officially done. Cue applause here! *dances* I finished up my proofs the other day and sent them off to my editor. ARCs are next. Wheeee!!!!

And I finished my killer round of revisions on A MIDSUMMER'S NIGHTMARE, my second book. My agent read it and we did another, smaller round of revisions. Now it's in my editor's hands and I'm waiting to see what she thinks. Fingers crossed, kids!

And now I'm looking at some agent revisions on GOLDFISH. I'm so happy to be working on it again. It's seriously MY BABY. *cuddles manuscript*

On another note, I'm on this crazy reading marathon. Since last Thursday, I have read a TON of books. Here is my list, actually, with brief reviews.

1. THE HUNGER GAMES by Suzanne Collins - amazingly epic, but I mentioned this.
2. CATCHING FIRE by Suzanne Collins - maybe even more epic! Is it August yet?
3. GRACLING by Kristin Cashore - Wow. I usually hate epic fantasy that isn't LotR, but this writer is FABULOUS.
4. FIRE by Kristin Cashore - also amazing. Archer is one of my fave characters ever now.
5. JELLICOE ROAD by Melina Marchetta - very good. Beautifully written book.
6. SOMETHING, MAYBE by Elizabeth Scott - oh my gosh, so freaking awesome! One of my favorite contemporary romances now.
7. BLOOM by Elizabeth Scott - Also awesome.
8. PERFECT YOU by Elizabeth Scott - So, so, so love the character of Will in this book. Its awesome.
9. STEALING HEAVEN by Elizabeth Scott - Great story, great concept. Such a fun ride!
10. ALONG FOR THE RIDE by Sarah Dessen - I have now officially read and loved ALL of this woman's books. How can you not? She's so great.
11. BEFORE I DIE by Jenny Downham - Just ... wow. I mean, this book really got to me. I read it in one sitting and it shook me. Great book.

And now I'm in the middle of BREATHING by Cheryl Renee and ANNE OF GREEN GABLES for my Girlhoods in Literature class.

So, yeah, I'm a reading machine lately. Woohoo!!!

Okay. I better go. I'm sniffling again.

I'll post again soon! Love ya!


Caitlin R. O'Connell said...

Feel better, Kody!!

And wow. I wish I could read that much! *laments pile up that is "To Be Read" list*

M.J. Horton said...

I really hope you feel better! Have you tried getting those cheap Vitamin C tablets (Publix). When I'm sick I just take those constantly.

Ooh! ARCs! *jumps up and down*

Becca Cooper said...

Wow! You've been busy! :) Hope you feel better soon. Massive YAYs about upcoming ARCs.

Anonymous said...

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ej said...

Wow, great list! I enjoyed reading Hunger Games and Catching Fire. Can't wait for the third book. :)

The Romance Bookie said...

WOW! I had a marathon just like you a couple of weeks ago, except I only read like 7 books in one week haha. But "ALONG FOR THE RIDE" is AMAZING!!!!! Sarah Dessen is so great! I am totally looking forward to her next book.
PS: In the 7 day period reading binge, I read "The DUFF" and I absolutely loved it! Your book is officially on my list of "ALL TIME FAVORITE BOOKS" :).

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