Monday, March 15, 2010

Author Appreciation - Day 1

Yay! Author appreciation! Yay!

Okay. So someone on twitter suggested doing 2 a day - one published and the other that we are DYING to read (as in, book soon to be released.) So I like that idea. And that's what I shall do.

First, my established author.

Today, I want to appreciate JUDY BLUME.

(BTW, this book has had like a million covers, but this is the cover of the book I read when I was nine years old.)

Why should Judy Blume be appreciated?

I won't insult your intelligence by thinking you actually asked that. But, I will tell you exactly why.

Judy Blume wrote about real girls dealing with real issues.

Judy Blume didn't hold back anything. She told the truth, regardless of the censorship that might hit her.

Judy Blume is, without a doubt, a total badass.

I read Margaret when I was nine. After that, I was a J-Blume addict. Blubber, Deenie, It's Not the End of the World, and Just As Long As We're Together were my favorites. Deenie and Rachel and Margaret and Stephanie and everyone else in her books were my friends. I finally thought an author was telling MY story when I read her books. I finally thought someone got it. I love Judy for this reason.

It is because of authors like Judy that I refuse to hold back in my writing. That I take a deep breath and just write what I think is true. That I forget about censorship and what people will think. I write for the reader. Like she does.

One day, I hope to be as badass as Judy Blume.

And now time for the soon-to-be-published author appreciation!

Well, how can I do a soon-to-be-published post without mentioning my lovely pubtwin, Kirsten Hubbard?

Kirsten is awesome. Her book is awesome. This cover? It is awesome!

I read LIKE MANDARIN a while back, but I can't wait to hold a SOLID copy of it in my hands!

But I"m not just appreciating Kirsten because we are friends. Not at all.

Kirsten is great because she goes out of her way to help people. She critiques queries on Absolute Write. She works on YA Highway and serves as a great support buddy to her writing friends. She is fun and friendly, and she'll be a fan favorite one day because of this.

You can't fine a nicer person that Kirsten. So for that, she is appreciated.

And that's it for today! New Project L update tonight. And more authors in the morning!

(Also, check the News Page, kids.)


Daisy Whitney said...

Kirsten is pretty cool and I really like her cover!

seaheidi said...

I love this, Kody!
That's the Blubber copy I have too. Deenie and Tiger Eyes remain my favorite. Well, also Iggie's House and the one where the boy is having night troubles--remember?? :)

Thanks for participating!

Kirsten Hubbard said...

aw, thanks, kody!!!
*feels appreciated*

I feel honored to share a blog post with the amazing judy blume. I read all her books about a dozen times each as a kid. my favorites were starring sally j freedman as herself & just as long as we're together.

Heather Dougherty said...

Judy Blume is indeed a badass - and she remains one of my favorite authors.

I proudly (and tearily) gave my daughter a copy of "Are you there God?" this year. One of the coolest moments of my life. Loved Tiger Eyes, Sally J Freedman and Blubber (ok, I loved them all!)

I'm also on the list of people clamoring to read Kirsten's LIKE MANDARIN. (and the DUFF for that matter...) Is it time yet?

Kate Hart said...

I'll second on both counts.

seeyouupside said...

I LOVE Judy Blume and I have that same exact copy of Margaret that you have!!! :-)

Kirsten's book sounds so cool, and I am so excited to read it. (And THE DUFF). :-)

Emilia Plater said...

So great. Margaret was one of my fave books as a kid. And Kirsten is one of my fave authors now :)

Judith Engracia said...

CONGRATS ON BEING THE BEA BUZZ BOOK!!! Just saw it on publisher's lunch

Bee said...

I totally heart Judy Blume! Forever was one of my fave books ever.

I'm one of those people who can't wait for Like Mandarin. Pity there's still a year to go before the waiting ends.

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