Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Author Appreciation - Day 3 (But only 2 for me)

First off, thank you for all your feedback on the cover! You were very helpful. My editor has seen it and we're discussing tweaks for how to make it perfect. We're not changing it enteirely, as some of y€ou suggested, because, for the record, I actually love where this version is going. I love the title treatment (Yes, even the yellow, because it looks VERY different on an ARC as apposed to the computer screen) and I love how the yellow looks with the pink letters. As for the model, we are working on her more than anything. But I think they did a great job obscuring. To those of you who said she isn't "Fat" - I'm curious to know how you know this! Haha. Its so zoomed in, and she has such full cheeks, she could very easily be chubby. But alas, this is the feature we want perfect. When dealing with body image - especially an undescribed character - it is SO hard to find a fit. We all know this.

But thank you for your feedback! I'm sure my publisher really appreciates all the input! There is so much here to work with, so thank you!!!

Okay. Now on to Author Appreciation!

First, my established author to appreciate.


Earlier this year, I read Elizabeth Scott's Living Dead Girl and man-oh-man did it get to me! Little did i know, she also had a great list of very different books - romantic comedies like what I write!

The image above is the cover of SOMETHING, MAYBE - my favorite of all her books. But dude, picking it as my favorite was soooooo freaking hard. All of her books are just so good. So, so good. And I'm dying to read her newest, THE UNWRITTEN RULE.

Her comedies are full of quirky, fun characters. She blends reality with humor perfectly. I love them all so much!

(PERFECT YOU is my second favorite. I have decided this.)

And now for my Soon-To-Be-Published author!


I don't have a cover to show you for THE MOCKINGBIRDS yet, but I will tell you that you should plan to read it ASAP! (And, Daisy, I better be getting an ARC of that baby! <3 )

Daisy is not only my publishing sister - we are both Little Brown, Fall 2010 children - but she is also a freaking genius! The woman is an expert on new media and an author and she STILL manages to keep in touch on the internet! Talk about a busy bee!

I can't wait to read Daisy's book. And I can't wait to see her one day at a signing! She's going to be a huge hit, I have no doubt!

Feel appreciated, my ladies!


Daisy Whitney said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Elizabeth Scott! She is the best! I'm so thrilled to be included in a post with her. And I'm thrilled to be a House Sister with you and we totally are doing a signing together! Can't wait for THE DUFF!

Hannah said...

Daisy's book is on my to-read list, but I've read everything by Elizabeth. She's completely brilliant. :)

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