Friday, March 19, 2010

Author Appreciation - The Final Countdown

So today, for the last author appreciation, I wanted to do a short countdown to gather all of my favorites - isntead of just naming a few.


1. JK Rowling - this woman changed my life. I know we all say that, but seriously. Without Miss Rowling I would not be a fan of reading at all. I used to HATE reading before Harry Potter came along. So thank you, JK!

2. Cassandra Clare - Thanks for getting me BACK into fantasy when I'd become so heavily consumed with contemporary. THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS reminded me what it is about good urban fantasy that I love. I had forgotten.

3. Melissa Marr - I'm new to the WICKED LOVELY series, but already so addicted. The books are sexy and smart and amazing, and their author? She's pretty fabulous, too. She is on social networks talking to everyone. She gave some great feedback to us on AbsoluteWrite recently, and I think that makes her pretty amazing. We all appreciate authors who respond and help us out - but especially when their books are great, too!

4. Sarah Dessen - I have read all of Sarah Dessen's books. ALL of them. And they all kept me entertained. I dont' know that I would have considered writing contemporary fiction had I not read SOMEONE LIKE YOU when I was twelve. Then, in high school, I read all of her other books. DREAMLAND is my favorite for the impact it made on me. Thank you, Sarah, for all the inspiration!

5. Last, but never least, I have to thank Hannah Moskowitz. I met Hannah on AbsoluteWrite, and knowing that hse was a girl MY AGE with a book out? Well, it was intimidating as hell, but it also made me realize that it could happen. She was friendly and answered all of my questions and I still admire her. Hannah is pretty awesome (and our agents are buddies - this makes me smiley.)


1. Every Single One of the YA Highway Girls - Just because Kirsten is the only one with a book sold doesn't mean the others won't be joining her VERY soon. Kristin Miller, Kristin Otts, Michelle Schusterman, and Lee Bross all have amazing agents, and Kailtin Ward, Kate Hart, Amanda Hannah, Leila Austin, and Emilia Plater will have them soon. I have no doubt. These girls have been some of my best friends, comforting and supporting me throughout everything. I love them to bits.

2. Jen Hayley and Gretchen McNeil - My other two YA Rebel girls, with amazing books on submission. They're funny and smart and great friends. I have been blessed witht he privelege to meet both in person. I love you two! You'll be bestsellers one day, I am SURE!!!

3. Hannah Wydey and Stephanie Jenkins - These two are my AIM support group. Both will beo on submission soon and I have complete faith that both of their manuscripts will be scooped up in a heart beat! I would be NO WHERE without them forcing me to write every night.

4. Amy Lukavics - Amy is still revising, but you ALL know she is my BFF, and I have had the super honor of reading her book. And you know what? Its going to blow you all away. I appreciate her constant love and support and sheer awesomeness.

5. Heidi R. Kling - HEIDI!!!!!!!! Heidi is in serious need of appreciation, ya'll. She started thsi whole AAW thing. She runs the Tenners. And she has a book that I am D-Y-I-N-G to read! SEA is going to be epic. Heidi, you rock!

And that's it! Lots of names. I love all of them!


Kaitlin Ward said...

YA Highway loves you too, Kody!!
I have loved your author appreciation week. Great posts!

Anonymous said...

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Gretchen said...

Kody, I am so touched you included me in this incredible list. You are awesome.

Kate Hart said...

I <3 you.

Hannah said...

*huggles* Thank you! You're on my list too ;-)

ChristaCarol said...

Kody! Why haven't I discovered your blog until tonight? You seem to be full of awesome. Yays!

Stephanie Jenkins said...

Thank you, Kody! This put a big, goofy grin on my face. You're definitely on my list. You rock! :)

Amanda Hannah said...

Awww *glomps*
We <3 you Kody!

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

JenWriter said...

Awwww! You rock, Kody. THE DUFF is going to take over shelves!

Anonymous said...

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LM Preston said...

Wow! To go from reluctant reader to writer - there is hope for my son yet. Lol! Awesome post.

Shelli (srjohannes) said...

we love you too!

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