Thursday, March 18, 2010

Author Appreciation - I'm Not Counting Now

Yay! Another author appreciation post!

Okay. So lets start with our established author first.

Today's author is . . .


I "met" Bethany on Absolute Write last year. Of course, I was instantly intimidated because I could see from her signature that she already had a book on shelves! But then I started talking to Bethany a bit. Not only was she incredibly nice, but she was also a Kentucky girl, like me!

Then I bought HANDCUFFS, and I really, truly loved it. I've made so many people read my copy over the past few months. It's fun and sexy and smart. It was just the book I was looking for, and I haven't hesitated to tell everyone about it since!

I had the good fortune to meet Bethany in person a few months ago, and she's just as awesome in person as online. I love Bethany and her book, and I can't wait to read whatever she comes up with next! So here is me appreciating Bethany Griffin. Go Bethany!

Okay. And now time for my soon-to-be published author.

Except, today, its AUTHORS <---- the S makes it plural.

Today I am appreciating 4 authors.





These are my soon-to-be-published YA Rebel friends, who will take shelves by storm in 2011. All write fantasy, and all are going to kick ass and take names.

Victoria is the sweetest person you'll ever meet. I have actually MET her twice, in real life. She's adorable and smart and her book THE NEAR WITCH is going to leave everyone speechless.

Courtney is hilarious and funny and pretty much my writing twin. We have such similar interests and she never fails to make me smile. I can't wait for MY SOUL TO REAP to enter the world next year!

Leah is a badass. I'd never met her until I joined the YA Rebels, but man, was I missing out! She's funny and cool and enthusiastic. Plus, she makes some great YAR videos! A TOUCH MORTAL is going to be awesome, I'm sure!

And then there was Scott. Oh, what does one say about Scott Tracey? Um . . . um . . . hmmm . . . Well, he's, uh, sarcastic and, uh, kind of mean and . . . Hahahaha! I'm kidding! Well, not really. Scott is super sarcastic, but that's why I love him. He's so funny and clever and he has no problem making fun of the rest of us. WITCH EYES is going to be fabulous!

So those are my authors of the day! See you tomorrow!


Courtney Allison Moulton said...

Awe loverrrr..... we should make a baby.


Stina Lindenblatt said...

I love Handcuffs. Can't wait to read Bethany's next one.

bethanygriffin said...

Aww, thanks Kody! I'm going to show your cover to all my classes tomorrow! They're so excited about the Duff!

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