Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Gossip Girl Gets a New Ending - A La Kody


If you haven't seen this week's Gossip Girl, leave NOW! I spoil lots and lots of stuff here.

If you don't watch Gossip Girl . . . er, why don't you watch Gossip Girl?

Okay. So YA author Heidi R. Kling and I went on a rant about why Gossip Girl's most recent episode made us angry. Tomorrow, I'll be posting about it again, but in a more "Here's what we can learn" sort of way. Because, essentially, Monday's episode took a character the creators have spent 3 years developing and smashed all of his development to the ground. In other words, they made my amazing Chuck do something very out of character.

To recap, in Monday's episode Jack Bass (Chuck's icky uncle) decided to blackmail Chuck. Jack has posession of the hotel Chuck loves, and in order to get it back, Jack said Chuck's girlfriend, Blair, would have to sleep with him. There's some history to this, but I'm too lazy to explain. If you watch GG, you know the story.

Anyway, Jack proposes this to Blair. She says no. Then sees how sad Chuck is about is hotel and then she agrees, thinking Chuck will never know and that she is saving him. But after only a kiss, Jack tells Blair he succeeded. His goal was to "destroy Chuck" (so drama!) by taking away the things he loved. The hotel or Blair. According to Jack, Chuck chose the hotel.

In the next scene, Chuck admits that he played Blair to get her ot sleep with Jack so he could have his hotel back. Essentially, he sold her and lied to her and and and and . . . GAH!

Chuck started out a sleezy character, to say the least, but the writers have done an AMAZING job making him grow slowly and believably into a not-quite-good-but-decent human being. He has issues and damage, but he's not evil. And he has spent the last season or so showing just how much he loves Blair. She is usually the one to hurt him these days. He loves her very much, and has sacraficed other things for her before.

What he did Monday? So, so, so not Chuck.

So Heidi and I decided we were angry and we wanted a ReDo. So we're each going to rewrite that last scene of Gossip Girl to make it more believable.

Here is mine. Now, mine isn't particularly happy. The thing is, the writers needed a way to break up Chuck and Blair. I get that. Drama is tension. Whatevs. But the way they chose to do it wasn't accurate to the characters. My ending breaks them up and fits more (in my opinion) with how the characters would really act.

So, without further ado, here is my ending.

Backstory: in this version, Blair sleeps with Jack. EW right? Sorry. It had to be thi way.


BLAIR exits JACK’S apartment, looking ashamed. She looks up and sees CHUCK standing a few feet away, paused as if he were on his way to the apartment. CHUCK looks very shocked and then suddenly very upset.

BLAIR – Chuck . . .

CHUCK – How could you?

BLAIR – Chuck, I –

CHUCK – (shakes his head, starts to walk away, down stairs)

BLAIR – (chasing after him) Chuck! Chuck, stop. I did this for you. (catches up with him, slides in front of him) I did it because I love you. It was the only way to get your hotel back, and –

CHUCK – Do you have so little faith in me?

BLAIR – What?

CHUCK – Did you really think I couldn’t do it on my own? Did you think you had to go out and prostitute yourself to save me?

BLAIR – (getting angry) You said it was impossible! I was doing what was necessary. You love that hotel.

CHUCK – (yells) I love you more!

(long dramatic pause)

CHUCK – I have to go. (moves around her down the stairs)

BLAIR – (near tears) Chuck, please . . .

CHUCK – (looks over his shoulder at her) You betrayed me, Blair. You betrayed me, and you don’t believe in me. I think I could forgive you for one or the other, but not both. And definitely not with Jack.

(CHUCK storms off. BLAIR sits down on the stairs and cries)

(At the end of the season, they get back together)


Loretta Nyhan said...

I think I need to start watching this show...

Katee said...

You're right, this is MUCH closer to what SHOULD have happened.

M.J. Horton said...

This makes me want to rant again. I just couldn't believe it.

Freaking basshole.

I figured even from last week's promo that they would break up. Your ending was basically what I thought was going to happen. She would sleep with Jack to get the hotel back, Chuck would find out, (and I knew he wouldn't be okay with that so...) and they would break up.

They took their own hard work and ripped it to pieces.

I adore Chuck and Blair, but ugh...I don't know. My favorite character too. :(

seaheidi said...

I love the new and improved ending!
Off to write mine!

Amy Lukavics said...

Um, can you get hired to write the GG episodes please? Kthxbai.

You are magnificent!!!!!

Sandy Williams said...

Disclaimer: I don't watch GG.

But... I think I might like the writers' ending better. *ducks just in case*

I mean, the way you wrote it would be fine except that it makes Blair a, um, whore in my opinion. It cheapens her. With Chuck doing the manipulating, it forces her into that situation. It makes her seem less cheap to me and more a victim.

If I rewrote the ending (because I know the story and these characters oh-so-well, LOL), I'd have Blair exit icky uncle's room, have Chuck assume they slept together, they argue, they breakup, but then there's HOPE for them to work things out. As it is now, how can you forgive someone for effectively cheating on you?

This was fun! I love rewriting the endings to shows I've never seen. *grin*

Kody Keplinger said...

Sandy -

Yeah, I think it is one of those things where you need to know the characters. To be perfectly honest, what I wrote is WAY more likely to happen with these characters than the show ending. And if Blair didn't sleep with the uncle (and Chuck wasn't the manipulator) then he wouldn't get his hotel back, which is the whole point.

I basically just rewrote the ending to have the exact same impact on the show that the current one has. Still broken up. Chuck still gets the hotel. Just with a different set up, if that makes sense.

Though, I wish NONE OF THIS had happened and they could just be happy. *sob*

seaheidi said...

My post is up, Kody!

Bree Biesinger Despain said...

Right on! This was the worst decision GG has ever made--and that even includes the stupid threesome episode. I love Chuck too much to believe he'd really ever do that to Blair.

(I posted the following on Heidi's blog but thought I'd post it here too to join the conversation.)

My GG redux ending would involve Blair finding another way to take Jack down. Like she would really ever actually sleep with him!! She's way too strong/smart/devious to fall for this trick.

I totally thought she was going to walk out after Jack signed the contract and be all, "You signed it already without reading it, suckah! This gives Chuck back the hotel without any compensation. And you can't take us to court because then you'd have to admit to blackmail and solicitation of a teenage girl in order to prove your case. Like I was ever going to sleep with you!"

And then she'd try to storm out of the room with the contract, and Jack would grab her and try to kiss her, and then Chuck would come busting into the room and punch Jack in the face.

Chuck would get his hotel back, but Blair and Chuck would still end up breaking up because Chuck is pissed that she went to Jack in the first place without talking to him. Or perhaps he doesn't believe that she wasn't intending on sleeping with Jack.

But whatevs. GG has totally jumped the shark with this one. I am SO angry at the writers right now.

Ami The Salami said...

Okay, I could totally see this being what happens. I mean, the dialouge and everything is SO them. I think they should fire those writers and hire you instead. Just saying.

Mattie said...

That would have been a much much much much better ending! I could see it in my head as I was reading your rewrite, awesomeness. Sigh.

jessjordan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jessjordan said...

I was super pissed at GG. I really was. But, if it had gone through like your rewrite suggests ... I don't know if Blair could ever overcome that. She should never, ever turn herself into that, for anyone. At least the way GG wrote it, it allowed Blair to realize, "Okay, maybe I love him TOO much, to the point that it's unhealthy."

And here's the sad truth: As much as we all thought it was going to go the way you wrote it (I totally thought it would, so much so that I got a little nauseous), GG's way was quite original. And if we all don't watch GG to be surprised, then WTH do we watch it for, anyway?

Oh yes. For Chuck and Blair.

Sob!! :(

The real problem I have with the way they wrote it is I don't think Chuck and Blair can make it through this one. I mean, the boy essentially whored out his girlfriend and thought that was okay. What Blair did was screwed up, but for love. But Chuck? I'll hand it to GG: they took him to a new low.

The sad thing is, Blair and Chuck SO could've played the uncle--I have that kind of faith in them--but GG wanted a breakup. So a breakup, they got.

Chuck. Blair. *sob* *sobbbb*

Genevieve said...

Wow, I'd have to say that you're version is SO much better. And you really captured their voices. Although, I'd have to say that Chuck would say "whore yourself" rather than "prostitute yourself".

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