Thursday, May 27, 2010

BEA - The Story

Tonight (early this morning - *yawns*) I present to you the saga of Kody's First BEA.

*cue epic musical build up*

So on Wednesday, my first day, I attended the Children's Book Breakfast with Brilliance audio. I got to meet my audio editor, some book sellers, and some yummy muffins! I also got to hear Cory Doctorow, Mitali Perkins, and Richard Peck speak. They were all amazing, but the emotional moments in Cory Doctorow's speach really touched me.

After hanging out with Brilliance for a bit, I ran off with the AMAZING Sara Kendall, the new assistant at Nancy Coffey Literary. She became my assistant/co-conspirator for the next 2 days as we plotted how to snag ARCs - and I think we rocked it!

During our sweep for ARCs and free books, we came across the Little Brown booth, where something very interesting caught my eye.

That's me and Sara in front of - yes - a DUFF poster. Now, what you can't see from that picture is that DUFF is positioned right between BEAUTIFUL DARKNESS and the newest James Patterson book. No joke. WOWZA!!!! Good company, right?

Funny/slightly embarassing story surrounding this picture: so when we saw it, we were on the other side of the line going around the booth to get the new Cornelia Funke book, so we were attempting to snap pictures over the crowd's head. So I'm totally trying to pose for the picture, when someone taps me on the shoulder. Who should it be? Someone from Little Brown saying, "You know, if you want a picture, you could just come inside the booth."


So this picture is taken from inside the LIttle Brown booth. It felt so cool to be on the other side! I got to meet so many people, including Megan Tingley - holy moly, I know you know who she is! (I was starstruck - I can't lie.)

So after that, Joanna, my agent, met back up with me and we prepared to go see Cindy Eagan, the head of Poppy, my imprint, go speak at the YA Editor's Buzz Panel where she was to be presenting THE DUFF.

That is Cindy Eagan presenting THE DUFF. During her beautiful and insanely flattering speech (during which she actually compared me to JD Salinger *squee!*) my editor, the adorable Kate Sullivan, kept elbowing me with the excitement of, "OMG, that's you!"

I seriously couldn't stop smiling at my amazing team.

It was a great moment for all of us - me, Kate, and Joanna. (And rumor has it, it made literary agent Janet Reid, The Shark, cry - don't tell her I told you.)

After that, I got to meet a few people - including Ally Condie, author of the much anticipated MATCHED, which was also featured on the panel. Ally is adorable and sweet, and she signed my ARC of MATCHED! Can't wait to read that one!

Then I was ushered off to the autograph room, where I was doing my first real signing. I took my seat and watched as Michelle Hodkin (up and coming YA rockstar - remember her name ya'll!) and agent Suzie Townsend formed a "pre-line" for my signing. Then some Little Brown people began to bring out this HUGE stack of ARCs. LIke, there were so many there it was scary!

And then? And then I started signing.

While I was signing, some authorly celebs came up for copies - and I freaked a little. Among them were Sophie Jordan (FIRELIGHT, upcoming), Stephanie Kuehnert (BALLADS OF SUBURBIA), Chelsea Campbell (RISE OF RENEGADE X), and Bree Despain (THE DARK DIVINE) among others! (I got signed copies of all their books, too!)

But as I kept signing - and let me tell you, when you type more than you write, signign a lot of books will HURT your wrist - the line kept getting longer. I was in SHOCK! Like, I couldn't believe all of those people were there for my book!

But, as promised, agent Kathleen Ortiz showed up in her pink be-dazzled fangirl attire.

Isn't she cute? OMG, I love her!!!!!!

(Shit, this means i have to sing Rainbow Brite, doesn't it? Oh, why do I make bets with agents?)

Anyway, after my signing, I got to meet Cecily von Ziegesar, the author of GOSSIP GIRL. She's so sweet! And wow, yet again, I was star struck!

AFter all of that, we left BEA and headed to KidLit Drinks, where I got to meet some other awesome people. There, I ran into Diana Fox (agent), Colleen Lindsay (agent), Molly O'Neill (editor), Alvina Ling (editor), and, of course, the adorable Veronica Roth - my agent sister and soon-to-be UBER FAMOUS YA author of Divergent (Harper 2011). I also met Frankie - better known as @frankiediane and fellow blogger Donna. Adorable girls! They cracked me up!

Then I went home.

And fell asleep.

And then the next day? Well, I did it again of course!

I met Sara at 8:30, where we then met up with Suzie Townsend, Michelle Hodkin, and Diana Fox, who gave us the rundown of how to do BEA.

"People are going to shove you," Suzie - better known now as General Townsend - said. "You just have to get used to it and keep up. We're gonna veer to the right where all the major publishers are. We're going to do a sweep. Grab everythign you can and move on. If you get left behind, I'm sorry. We aren't coming back for you until it's over."

(NOTE: Because General Suzie Townsend insists taht she did not say "run, run, run" - though I"m almost sure I heard it - I altered this quote - which is not exact though close, so let's pray I don't get sued for slander/libel here. Regardless, she did run! We all did - and the people behind us got mad at us for it - I heard them.)

When I laughed at her, I got the "I'm dead serious," response.

She's hardcore, people.

But her plan worked! By 9:30 I had bags full of books! In fact, our whole unit - run under the command of General Townsend - did. After that, Sara and I wandered a bit, looking for books and book signings. We got to see Simone Elkeles, Alyson Noel,Elizabeth Scott, and Laurie Halse Anderson. We also did some of our traveling with the marketing genius of Shelli Johannes and my fellow YA Rebel Jen Hayley.

In the afternoon, I returned to the Little Brown booth to get ready for the Author's Stage - where me and the other four authors with "buzzed books' got to speak about our books. I was SO NERVOUS because I had no idea what I would say or do or if I'd make a fool of myself - which isn't an unlikely thought.

This is my lovely editor reading an excerpt from THE DUFF (because I ame the WORST outloud reader) at the panel. She may be the first to drop the f-bomb at a BEA stage - which she did while reading the excerpt! Haha. Here you can see the other authors: Sophie Jordan (FIRELIGHT), Ally Condie (MATCHED), Erin Bowe (PLAIN KATE), and Rebecca Maizel (INFINITE DAYS). As well as our moderator, Jack Martin.

I was told I did good at the panel, so I"ll take everyone's word for it and assume I didn't embarass myself TOO much.

I was lucky enough to meet Sophie and Ally after the panel, and both are just so fantastic and gorgeous and their books sound SO FREAKING GOOD!

After the panel, I met up again with Veronica, my agent, Joanna, and Sara. We ate ice cream, rested our feet for a bit, and then went and got the suitcases - yes, I said SUITCASES - full of books. (Somewhere along the way here - we also met Melissa Marr - EEEEEK!!!)

We went back to Joanna's office and sorted out the books. I have lots - too many to name here - and I can tell you that so many look amazing! I can't wait to read them all.

Now I"m back in my dorm, exhausted, and prepping for a rest day tomorrow. It's a good thing, but I'm also a bit sad. BEA may have been one of the best experiences of my life. Too bad it had to fly so quickly!

Here's hoping for many more!

And that next year, I'll get to see YOU there too!


Kate Hart said...

Words can't express the jealous. But you looked hot, Kodester!

Courtney Allison Moulton said...

So cool!! I'm glad you had such an amazing experience!! <333

Karla Calalang said...

SQUEE SO JEALOUS! This sounded like such an amazing experience. Great pictures too! I so can't wait to read The DUFF!

Remilda Graystone said...

I've never been this green before! It was great to see BEA from this side and to get such an in-depth look. It sounds really, super exciting (in fact, I was excited just reading your post)--and the suitcases of books? Wow.

Awesome pictures, by the way.

Daisy Whitney said...

WHat an amazing day. Loved the story!

Livia said...

*Gasp* an F bomb? The horror, the horror!


Wendy said...

Hey Kody!

I was sitting a few rows behind you at the YA book buzz session. Cindy Eagan's presentation was so exciting and so impassioned that I am dying to read your book. I had wanted to come up to you afterward and offer you congratulations, but I was too nervous to do so. I came back from BEA and was glad to find your blog via Google. I look forward to reading about the unfolding of your upcoming success and really do wish you all the best.

Frankie Diane Mallis said...

That was AWESOME!! Thanks for the recap and you are so adorable! LOVED meeting you and WISH WISH WISH I could have gotten an arc of The Duff!

storyqueen said...

What a remarkable experience!! I am so happy for you, Kody!




Caroline Starr Rose said...

So thrilled for you. You deserve it all. Janet's tribute you you was amazing.

Here's to many more BEA's to come.

suzie townsend said...

First Miss Keplinger, you totally misquoted me. I can't remember the exact words I gave you before the swag sweep, but I did not tell you to "Run Run Run."

And, of course it worked! Under my direction, our swag sweep took 17 minutes.

Kody Keplinger said...

Thanks, everyone!

Suzie - yes, yes you did. I remember. That exact quote might not be accurate, but you so told me to us to "run, run, run." Which we so did.

And yeah, it worked hardcore.

JenWriter said...

It was awesome seeing you again, and I'm so happy I got an ARC! :)

Kristin Miller said...


And then Big Krister sent you a Gaga video! :D

Cassandra said...

Kody, sounds like you had a blast and made out like a bandit thanks to the General! I'm glad I bumped into you and got to say hi, even if just for a second. And of course, congratulations on your gorgeous new book!

suzie townsend said...

Kody - No. You're hearing things apparently. I even conferred with Diana and Michelle. They agree that you're lying.

Kirsten Hubbard said...


Michelle Hodkin said...

You rocked the shiz our of that panel, babe.

See you tonight!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Oh how fun. I was only there Wednesday but I missed your sadly, I did not get to see any of this. Yay for all the fun, amazing books you got and people you met. *jealous* I did fairly well though. :)


Kody Keplinger said...

Suzie - alright. If you insist. I will go and EDIT THE POST NOW.

Amy Lukavics said...

That. Was. Amazing. I was seriously drooling over this post, how awesome and fun.

You rock Kody!

Emilia Plater said...

Kathleen is ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE and so is Sara!! Omg, this post is so exciting. :D

The Unbreakable Child said...

Big congrats, Kody!! It sounded so wonderful and much deserved. I, too, am a KY woman. ... and author repped by Fine Print. =) Aside, my daugh, spent her summer in NYC alone, right after HS graduation. She got lost, A LOT, but did great.

Joanna said...

Craziest few days ever! But so, so much fun.

Kody--you were INCREDIBLE at the Author Stage. I got chills when you described the first time you heard of the term the DUFF.

And Cindy E knows what she's talkin about. Fo sho.

Much Love <3

mahesh said...

Wow this was such an awesome post! good luck on your road for super stardom Kody! :D

The Assistant said...

You WERE amazing on the author stage. You have a very natural presence, and are so articulate. It was beyond fabulous to watch.

And I had a blast with you!! Please be my co-conspirator again next year?

P.S. ...I think I know when the "Run, run, run" happened. I'm siding with you on that. Don't tell the General.

Pam said...

It was great to see you there. You are so adorable and I have to admit to reading The Duff in it's entirety on the way back from BEA to SFO. The lady next to me said "Oh, what is that book about?" I said "A girl who is the duff of her friend group, the designated ugly fat friend". She just looked at me like I was insane and said "How old are you?"... "urm 30." "oh".... So thanks a lot old lady but I have no care that she thinks I am too old the book was fab and will be reviewed very soon!

Christi Goddard said...

That all sounds amazing... and terrifying. I hear BEA was awesome this year. Sorry I missed it. I'm looking forward to the Duff release. I'm sure I'll relate, being the DUFF myself in high school.

nr said...

hi! i stumbled upon your listing on amazon, and i must tell you, i am VERY excited to read a copy of your book! And i'm very, VERY impressed with how much you have accomplished at such a young age! I can't wait!! good luck with everything! hope i get to meet you at a future book signing. ;D

Lisa and Laura said...

SO happy and excited for you, Kody! You are a rock star! Thanks for giving us the rundown of your amazing BEA experience.

Anna said...

I saw you speak on the BEA panel and just finished The Duff. I couldn't put it down! Yours was the first ARC I read because you did such a phenomenal job on the panel, plus you have an amazing story! I'm very, very much looking forward to seeing what you do next (and praying I get my hands on a galley of it)!

Shelli (srjohannes) said...

yay - loved hanging out with you girlie!

next year - suzie and I need to create Team SWagger and hunt together. Like a gang! :)

Max Munro said...

I hear that McG is optioning the film rights.

Obvious joke = Make sure he doesn't put Terminators in it.

Elizabeth Briggs said...

OMG just saw the Cinematical post, congrats!

script mistress said...


Sara said...

Hi, my Name is Sara, I am from Brazil. I saw it about the movie and the book.- I don't know english very well- I wish your book come to Brazil.


videochadjones said...
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ChristaCarol said...

Whoops, was under my husbands blogger.

Wow, so jealous!!! Totally going next year, and isn't Diana adorable? I love her. She was out here for a conference and I swear she's the only person with as much energy as me sometimes.

This sounded like a fantastic experience, one you'll never ever ever forget. Wow. I just want to say it again. Wow!

And I'm with everyone else. REALLY LOOKING FORWARD to reading THE DUFF, lady. We'll have to meet up next year at the BEA!

Eliza said...

Spent a good chunk of my Sunday afternoon reading your blog from the beginning. Not a stalker, just a grad student in Portland State University's book publishing program. I'm interested in focusing on young authors and appreciate your insight into the whole process.

This fall I'll be taking a course on Trends in YA Publishing. I know we get at least one free reading choice. The DUFF sounds like the perfect book--and so brand spankin' new that no one else will have read it.

It was tough not to leave random comments on your posts from months ago. So for 12/2/09: "Laurie!" Followed on 2/9/10 by: "Haha! I just told you my first book crush was Laurie from Little Women. Still one of my all-time favorite books."

Yeah, not stalker-like at all. Now that I'm all caught up, my comments will be a lot more relevant.

Realm Lovejoy said...

Kody! I'm so excited and proud of you! Great post! <3

SanWrites said...

Kody--Congrats on THE DUFF!!
I've been following you on AW from the beginning.
You deserve the hoopla!

Lindsey Leavitt said...

So cool Kody! I feel like I was there, minus the muffins.

middle grade ninja said...

Hi Kody,

I can't find an email for you, but I would really like an ARC of The Duff. I couldn't be more curious and I'd like to make it a Book of the Week at my blog. If that sounds like a plan, please shoot me an email.

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