Saturday, May 8, 2010


Guys, I had my last class of my freshman year of college yesterday.

Guys, finals week is next week.

Guys, I'm almost done with my first year of college.


It doesn't feel right! I feel like i just started. Like my first class was yesterday. Like I should still be prepping for LAST SEMESTER'S finals.

I don't feel like I should be moving out. Not yet.

The speed at which time flies by terrifies me. It was a year ago this month that I signed with my agent. A YEAR AGO, YA'LL!!!! It feels like yesterday. It doesn't feel like my book should be coming out in just a few months. It doesn't feel like I should be growing up.

I don't want to grow up.

You all heard my rant last year about not wanting to be eighteen. Well, nineteen is worse. It isn't an "old" versus "young" thing. I know nineteen isn't old. It's just that nineteen is so close to twenty, and I don't want to be twenty. I want to be a teenager forever. I want to be the same age as my characters forever.

But alas, here I am. I'm growing up. THE DUFF will be out in four months! My first BEA is this month. I'm spending my first summer in NYC.

So much is happening.

Just so, so fast.


Is this how life goes? The older you get the faster it flies?

I hope not.

I want to savor it.


Larrissa Loyd said...

Hey! You know my little sis, madelyn! Maddy talks about you alot! She says she misses you even though she only saw you like twice with mrs. Krysti! and I actually met you once at a twilight thing at hot topic! But I read the summary for Duff, it sounds wonderful! I can't wait to read it!

Kody Keplinger said...

Thanks, Larissa!!! Tell Maddy I said hi!

Elizabeth Spann Craig/Riley Adams said...

The days are long, but the years are short. :)

Mystery Writing is Murder

Caroline Richmond said...
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Caroline Tung Richmond said...

Oh, I know how you feel! Even though my freshman year was (gulp!) ten years ago, I remember how I wanted to freeze time so I could stay eighteen forever.

But your summer sounds so exciting! A few months in New York? Very, very cool.

Anyway, I love the blog and I can't wait to read THE DUFF!

Medical Librarian said...

I just read (and now I can't remember where) that the first two decades of your life seem to pass at the same rate of speed as all the rest of your life combined.

Being 40 now, I have to say that the jump from 20 to 40 went really, really fast. Time really does seem to evaporate.

Congratulations with being done with freshman year!!

Kelley Vitollo said...

That's great. Congrats on a big accomplishment! Enjoy BEA. They're fun!

Nishant said...

I actually met you once at a twilight thing at hot topic
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