Sunday, July 18, 2010

A New Obsession

So, I've taken on a new goal in my life. What is this new goal you ask? To read and love books outside of YA.

Don't get me wrong. I've read non-YA before . . . sometimes . . . occasionally . . . yeah, it was a rare event. But no more! No. More. I have decided to read outside of YA, too, and find genres I love. Not to write, but to read instead.

First top in this mission? Historical Romance. It's a genre I've always vaguely known I'd like (JANE AUSTEN IS MY IDOL JUST SAYING OMG) but never really read. So I've been soliciting suggestions for the best in the genre to do some "research." And what did I find? Well, over the past week I've read 12 historical romances - on top of doing my internship work and writing (no, I don't sleep). And I've found that my vague notion was correct. When done well, I love historical romance.

What do I love about it? Well, regency is my favorite, and in that era I love . . . THE BRITISH MEN!!!! Okay, okay. That goes without saying, I know. But I love reaidng about a time in which I could never live. I love seeing how others live. I love the scandal, the intrigue, the pretty dresses . . . but the best historical romances are also a little dark and twisted (in my opinion). I'm so enjoying this new obsession.

And, if your curious, based on the few books I've read in this genre, I'm a huge fan of Jo Beverley. I've read the first 8 in her Company of Rogues series, and LOVE them (the first 5 are my favorite - all slightly dark and awesome).

So now I"m curious - what are your favorite genres outside of YA? I'm plotting my conquest of the rest of hte literary spectrum. Tell me what you like to read?


bkobsessed17 said...

I've some adult books, like thrillers. I recently read 2 really great books: Still Missing by Chevy Stevens and Beautiful Malice by Rebecca James. I love them. I also read romance. Not the Harlequin stuff. I like MaryJanice Davidson, Richelle Mead, and the Partholon Series by P.C. Cast. Also Jodi Picoult's books.

Christina said...

You should read Julia Quinn! I'm obsessed with her Regency romances!

And, Sarah Maclean's Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake is also amazing and she also wrote The Season which is YA.

Historical Romance and classics are all I read oustide of YA. I may try to venture out soon though and try to add to my genres. :)

Sara said...

Historical/Regency romance is my guilty pleasure! I LOVE Lisa Kleypas' and Sabrina Jeffries' novels! I can't read romance if it lacks a good plot and theirs are always top notch.

I'm also a HUGE epic fantasy fan! I love Anne Bishop, Kate Forsyth, Juliet Marillier, Sharon Shinn and David Eddings. Their world building is fantastic and there's romance too!

Claire Dawn said...

I'm generally not a fan of historical. Maybe the only historical thing I've ever really loved was THE OTHER BOLEYN GIRL. I haven't read it, but I hear it's good. IN SCANDAL THEY WED by Sophie Jordan.

Outside YA, I read fantasy and women's fic. I'm trying to pick up some MG, because I have an MG idea in my head. And MG is so great because anything's possible :)

Nicole said...

Ah! Love me some historical romance, especially if it is by Julia Quinn, Lisa Klyepas, or Judith McNaught. I also love to read mysteries/thrillers; I'm a pretty big fan of Dean Koontz. I hope you enjoy your reading adventure!

Loretta Nyhan said...

Mysteries, definitely. I like damaged detectives, like Jackson Brodie in Kate Atkinson's awesome books.

I'm trying to broaden my horizons as well. I LOVE the Sookie Stackhouse books, but I was never interested in adult paranormal before picking them up. I try to remember that when I turn my nose up at something like SciFi.

And, I saw your Jo Beverly recommendation on Goodreads and ordered Forbidden. I was placing an order for something else and saw it was two bucks! I figured I'd give it a try...

Hayley said...

If you're looking for historical romance, you have to read the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. Seriously, I don't know anyone who's read them and doesn't love them (or who can have a conversation about them and not squeal). Gabaldon is a brilliant brilliant brilliant writer, and definitely got me dreaming about handsome Scottish clansmen :)

Sandy Wills said...

Ha, I'm trying to read more YA since I mostly read adult books.

I haven't read historical romance for very long, but my two favorite authors are Meredith Duran and Joanna Bourne. They are both beautiful writers, and what I love about their stories is that it's not just a will-they-get-together plot; it's usually a will-they-survive plot, too. There's always some sort of danger the hero and heroine have to survive. DEFINITELY give them a try. They're currently in my top 5 authors out of all genres.

I read urban fantasy (since that's what I write :-) and some paranormal romance. Oh, and epic fantasy. If you want to give epic a try, read Patrick Rothfuss' NAME OF THE WIND. The man is freaking brilliant. NOTW has to be one of my favorite books in the last decade. I think it's my favorite epic, period.

Okay. Wow. This is going to be a long comment because I can't leave without saying I read sci-fi romance, too. I'm extremely picky with this little sub-genre, but I love everything by Linnea Sinclair. She's brilliant and smart and savvy, and her heroes are oh-so-sexy and her heroines are independent and quick-witted. Love her! She's my author idol.


Okay. Going now before I think of more books/authors you MUST read.

Caroline Starr Rose said...

I read everything: literary adult, non-fiction, some adult genre (historical romance, mystery, a little sci-fi), non-fiction, classics, YA, and mid-grade.

Joining a book club is a great way to read beyond things you'd normally pick up on your own.

Izzy said...

Huh? There are books outside of YA?

Candyland said...

I sometimes read adult nonfiction. It's cool to read about people going through stuff worse than me (that sounds worse than I mean it).

Jonathon Arntson said...

I am not sure what genre THE ROAD fits into, I suppose just adult lit, but it is my favorite book of all-time.

Abby Stevens said...

If you like historical romance, you might want to check out Lauren Willig's PINK CARNATION series. The series is set in Napoleonic France and England, with everything from spies to mysteries to romances thrown in. GONE WITH THE WIND, my favorite book of all time, just happens to be historical romance. If you haven't read it, might be worth giving a try.

I gravitate towards historical fiction, fantasy, and women's fiction (Jennifer Weiner, 100% - so snarky, spot-on, and yet hopeful in her observations of the world). Some great books to try? I'll second THE ROAD, as well as WORLD WAR Z.

Girlinbetween said...

I somewhat obsessed with literary fiction :)

Gem said...

I'm trying to read outside my comfort zone as well - memoirs are my new thing, but historical is on the list for next month, so taking notes from your reccs.

I recommend Jasper Fforde to just about everyone - humorous fiction, although really he could fit into a ton of different genre's. Start with The Eyre Affair - especially good if you like British men!

And if you find you like Jasper, then Christopher Moore, Robert Rankin and Douglas Adams offer similar stuff as well.

Jackie M. said...

Water for elephants. you must read.

Melissa Walker said...

I was going to mention Sarah Maclean's Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake... it was my first romance and I loved it!

Also: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series is keeping me up at night, in a good way, these days.

bclement412 said...

I just reviewed the DUFF on my blog:

Anonymous said...

Outside of YA I mostly read Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance. Richelle Mead's Georgina Kincaid series, Rachel Vincent's Shifter series, and the Sookie Stackhouse books by Charlaine Harris are some of faves. I also just read Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay (crime fiction) and it was excellent.

Sarah B. said...

I sort of wander aimlessly among non-YA books. I do have to recommend The Other Boleyn Girl (an old favorite - ignore the movie) and Water For Elephants (which I just read the other day and absolutely loved).

Shari said...

I love Judith McNaught!! Whenever I need some instruction in building chemistry I reread her books!!

CharTheShark said...

hmm...thrillers. I'm currently on The Passage. It is incredible. I also read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Very violent, but amazing also.

They're hot right now. Go check 'em out!

Barbara Sheridan said...

I LOVE 19th century historicals though I've never been a big Regency fan except for a couple older books-- Kat Martin's Sweet Vengeance and the follow-up The Devil's Prize. There's actually another book that ties in Gypsy Lord but I never did get a copy of that.

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