Monday, September 13, 2010

THE DUFF Characters Week Day 2 - WESLEY RUSH

So yesterday, I announced the start of characters week - a 5 part series ending on Friday in a contest. I'm not telling you what the contest is yet, but I will tell you that reading all 5 character profiles, starting with Bianca's yesterday, will help!

*Note: I did a post last year before THE DUFF sold with quick profiles of the major characters to demonstrate how I write characters. Some of the information in these profiles differs from the ones I wrote a year ago. This is because, in edits and revisions, a few things changed and I got to know each character a little better. So if you are zooming through old post and notice inconsistancies, that's because those elements of the character evolved or changed through revisions, but these are the updated, final profiles. :-)

But, anyway, today we have the leading man of THE DUFF, and I can't wait for you guys to get to know him!

* * * Wesley Benjamin Rush * * *

Age: 17
Birthday: March 27
Grade: 12th, Senior
GPA: 3.95 (ranked 3rd in his class)
Theme Song: "Sexyback" by Justin Timberlake or "Womanizer" by Britney Spears

Wesley Rush was born and raised in Hamilton. He has one sibling, a sister named Amy, and his parents are still married. Both are successful business people, which keeps them busy and traveling a lot. While Amy often stays with their paternal grandmother, Welsey stays on his own at his very large, very expensive house. (He is from one of the wealthiest families in Hamilton).

On the surface, Wesley seems like your typical slimy playboy - he really, really likes the ladies, and they really, really like him back. But here's what you may not know about Wesley: while he doesn't always advertise it, he's one of the smartest kids at Hamilton High School. He's ranked third in their graduating class. His best subject is History, most likely because, when he does watch television, he enjoys watching the History Channel.

Wesley loves James Bond movies. As a kid, and even still once in a while, he aspired to be James Bond when he grew up. He has a PlayStation 3, and he loves playing it. His favorite games are usually fighting games - SoulCaliber 4, for example - but he owns a variety. He also plays pool, and he's pretty freaking good at it.

Welsey's best friend is a boy named Harrison Carlyle. They've been friends since forth grade, and to this day, Harrison is the only person Wesley really trusts.

When he graduates, Wesley wants to study business. His goal is to open his own company and be one of the youngest, most poweful CEOs one day.

Appearance wise, Wesley is pretty freakin' hot. He's 6'2" and totally muscular. He has curly brown hair, gray eyes, and a sneaky little grin that drives Bianca nuts . . . in both good ways and bad.


I've had TONS of ideas for who might play Wesley, but I'm super duper picky with this boy. Because he's so hot and yet a little more complicated. But here's the best I've found yet.

Jeremy Sumpter

And that's Wesley!

Stop by tomorrow to meet Bianca's BFF, Casey Blythe. :-)


M.J. Horton said...

I love tortured characters like this! <3 I'm looking forward to reading about his once The DUFF finally ships in.

P.S.: My friend used to have a mega crush on that guy after she saw Peter Pan.

chelleyreads said...

wesley is a SMART hottie and a history buff?? damn, just fell "in like" with him all over again! :-D

Karen said...

Ahhh....Wesley - how I love thee :-)

Bee said...

Jeremy Sumpter? He's all grown up!

Edna said...

Wonder what his favorite programs are on the History Channel. I personally like Top Shot and Pawn Stars, hah.

I see that actor and I always think of Peter Pan with him saying "I do believe in fairies. I do, I do." LOL.

Magan said...

In my head I feel like Wesley has a Chuck Bass voice. Like when he talks he just looks at Bianca with those big doe eyes and everything he says sounds sexual and like it's coming from a 1950's crooner... Okay I went way too into detail.

Holly Bodger said...

OMG! In my head, Wesley was part Ryan Phillipe from Cruel Intentions, and part Wesley (Cary Elwes) from Princess Bride. Your pic is dead on!!!

Hayley said...

Wesley sounds like my kind of guy :)

Horserider said...

I want to steal Wesley away. I'm not even joking. :D He's really third in his class? I never would've guessed...

Claire Dawn said...

I love Wesley! After I read the Duff, I went back through and read all the Wesley parts. And then I read the whole book again. That boy is more addictive than Cherry Coke!

ann dee said...

We're giving away a copy of your book on our blog! I can't wait to read it

FBF said...

I had the hugest crush on Jeremy Sumpter in middle school. Great choice for Wesley! He was one of those characters that I hated at first, and even though I thought I could see where the plot was going, I was like, "Remember the crappy things he said to Bianca! Don't fall for him! He's a player and a jerk!" But he got me in the end. Good think he's fictional. ;)

squinto said...

Aww, Peter Pan's all grown up. *tear tear*

Wow, this guy's got ambition--and with the smarts he's got, he'll totally get there.

And the James Bond thing? Cute. Really, really want to read about him so bad!

I mean, it seems like we'd get along.

Missie said...

Dude, when did Peter Pan grow up? Somehow I just can't imagine him as a sex fiend. LOL

Thanks for all the additional info on Wesley. I'm gonna have to feature him as my book boyfriend soon! :)

Clemencia said...

My version of Wesley looks like Nicholas Hoult. :D

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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