Friday, September 17, 2010

The DUFF Characters Week Day 5 - CONTEST

And here it is! The big moment! THE CONTEST!

All week I've posted profiles of the major players in THE DUFF. You've gotten to know their favorite things, their family histories, their personalities, and, most fun, who they look like actor wise.

But who would you get along with best?

And who would you HATE?

That's what I want to know.

So here's the contest.

Based on the profiles I've given you (it's okay if you haven't read the book yet, everything I've said on here this week will help you), I want you to write a micro fiction peice. No more than 150 words, to be placed in the comments of this post.

In that microfiction, I want to see a first or third person interaction between YOU and one of the five characters mentioned. You can be doing anything from eating to ice skating to making out. WHATEVER. I just want to see how YOU think you'd interact with one of them. You can love them or hate them, it's up to you.

Post your microfiction here before midnight eastern standard time on Sunday, September 26. That's right, just over a week to enter. Then I'll read all the entries and pick the one I think is the best.

The winner gets a signed copy of THE DUFF!

Here are my judging criteria

-Originality - was the interaction memorable?
-Accuracy - Did you stick to the profiles I gave you of these characters?
-Entertainment - was your microfiction amusing? Or dramatic? Either is fine, just keep it entertaining!

(Contest open to US and Canada only)

I'll announce the winner the following week!

Enjoy! I know I will! <3

******* NOTE*********
I've had to remove a couple of microfictions that, while good and still entered in the contest, were a little too racy for the public comments. (There are school teachers who read this blog - I'm blushing just thinking about it!) As I said, the ones I removed are STILL ENTERED. However, if you think your microfiction is a tad too edgy for the comments (too sexy, too violent, to f-bombastic) then instead of leaving it int he comments, send it to my email (kodykeplinger (at) gmail (dot) com ) and I'll still count it as entering.



Stina Lindenblatt said...

I haven't read your other posts yet, Kody. And I'm not going to since I'm waiting to read the book. It hasn't arrived in my mail box yet, but hopefully it will soon (so much for pre-ordering it 2 1/2 months ago!!!!). I can't wait to read it.

chelleyreads said...
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chelleyreads said...

GAH! i completely missed the 150 words rule the first time around. redo...

[cutting my micro fiction from over 350 words to 150 is HARD!]

chelleyreads said...

"The bell is going to ring, Wesley," I said halfheartedly, my fingers playing with his curly brown hair.

"We have three more minutes," he said against my neck. His hand is moving up my thigh.

I've been into Wesley since our history class discussion on the Civil War. Wesley, who usually spends class time flirting with the bimbos he sits next to, spoke up. Soon he was debating with the teacher like those experts on the History Channel. Is Wesley a closet history geek? What a turn on.

So, here we are in the janitor's closet.

"Busy tonight?" he asked, between kisses. "GoldenEye is playing at the old theater. We'll pick up where we left off."

"Okay," I said breathlessly.

He straightened with a smug little grin. "Later."

I watched his cocky strut down the hallway. I gave a swoony sigh.

The bell rang. Damn, I'm late for English class.

Edna said...

^Okay, just completely loved this microfiction posted above.

Good luck to everyone who participates!

compulsvewriter said...

Crap. Crap. Crap. Crap!

How could this have happened? Okay, I know how this happened but still. The POUC was supposed to hold all of them and now they're-

"Hey, crazy could you move?" A chubby girl with a pissed off look on her face glared at me. I then noticed I was blocking the door to the supermarket and I had my hands in my hair. I probably did look crazy.

"Sorry." I stepped out of her way but as she walked inside I grabbed her arm. "Wait, have you seen a short blonde girl with a side pony-tail and a mexican looking girl with her? The blonde's name is Charlotte?"

The girl looked at my hand as if she was contemplating
breaking it before answering.

"There was this Ben guy talking about someone named Charlotte to a sleazy guy. The sleazy guy said they went to find Rosalind because she lived nearby a cat-eared girl that knew where Geofrey was." She said while eyeing the door.

"Thank you so much!" I let go of her arm but when she took another step towards the supermarket I stopped her again. "Hey, Bianca I'm sure it'll work out between you and Wesley. If it doesn't then screw him there are other guys who'll like you that won't be a man-whore."

Bianca's eyes widened but I had already spotted another character and I ran over to him.

"Ian! You still have that car right? Can you drive me to Rosalind's place?"

Right now you're probably wondering what POUC stands for and what I'm freaking out about. POUC stands for Pit of Unused Charcters. That is where all my charcters go when I'm not using them. In this somehow all my characters have somehow escaped from the pit and I'm trying to track them down because they're trying to act out their stories or are up to nefarious deeds. I'm not sure Bianca would actually help out and I hope it's not over 150 words. Stopped counting after 70. I hope my advice was good and related to the story since I haven't read the book (yet).

Christina D. said...

Wesley gave an exasperated sigh and collapsed on top of the bed. “Come sit with me,” he said, patting the mattress.
“I don’t feel like sitting.”
“Will you stop acting like a spoiled brat and just sit down?”
I rolled my eyes and plopped down next to him on the bed. “Satisfied?”
Wesley reached for my hand and squeezed. “I’ve been thinking a lot about you.”
“You have?”
“I miss you.”
“But we’ve only been broken up for, like, a day.”
He traced my jaw line with his finger. “That’s one day too long.”
“I thought you said we were too different.” I found this an interesting observation since he was more than willing to share his differences with me the night before when he took my virginity.
Wesley smiled and tucked a strand of hair behind my ear. “I changed my mind.”

E.D. said...
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Rockie said...

“Hey! Took you long enough,” Casey yelled from a distance as I ran up to her.

“Sorry,” I panted. “There was a car crash back there. I had to take the longer way.”

“Well it's alright, as long as you got here. So?...What's this about?” She smiled down at me; teeth as bright as the clothes on her back. Nodding, I pulled out the purple gift bag and held it out to her, not forgetting to shout--


She gasped, looking from the bag to me. She slowly took the bag from me.

“Wow, I really wasn't expecting this,” she said still smiling. “You didn't have to.”

“Well it's the least I could do since you helped me a while back.”

Oh yeah, she's gonna freak when she sees what I got her. Can you say “The Hills” boxset?

Stephanie said...

What an awesome contest!!! I too have skipped your character posts...wanted to read the book without knowing anything ahead of time!!

mmmcupcakes said...

“Fantastic.” I mumbled to myself. “So not only will I probably fail History, I also have to work with the WASP.” I stood up, slamming my things into my backpack. I thought I was alone in the classroom until I looked up and saw Wesley.

“Did you just call me ‘The WASP’?” He smirked at me. I wanted to either hit or kiss that look off his face. I won’t think much about the latter option as it tends to make me want to both gag and swoon at the same time.

“So what if I did?” I stared at him, one eyebrow raised.

“What the hell does that even mean?” Smirk.

“Womanizing, Arrogant, Shallow Person, maybe?” It was kind of lame but by the look he gave me I knew I had hit a nerve. I returned his glare with my own - one that said, “GAME ON!”

Miles McG said...

“You’re not.”
“Oh, I most certainly am.” She began dialing.
I wanted to yank the phone from her, yet I also wanted to pipe right in on the soon-to-occur prank call.
I mulled it over; right when I decided it’d be best to end the call right now, she handed me the phone, resisting giggles, and I heard a, “Yeah?”
I froze. It was Wesley.
“You called Wesley?!” I mouthed with my lips, and, faking a foreign accent, I said, “Uh, sorry, wrong have you number.” And I hung up, blushing like some idiot schoolgirl who’d just been kissed.
Casey punched my shoulder playfully. “Nice answer.” She fell onto the couch in hysterics.
I narrowed my gaze, angry.
And then, suddenly, I got an idea.
Smiling wickedly, I dialed a number. Toby Tucker answered.
“Toby-bunny-biscuit, it’s Casey Blythe. I looovvveee—”
She ripped the phone away. I love getting even.

iluvbooks said...

UGH! How could he do this to me? We were dating for over a year. I'm just so lonely without him. Maybe I could call Casey. She's been through tough
relationships. I called but she didn't answer. Dammit, she was probably out partying and couldn't hear the phone over the loud music.

Who else could I call? Bianca?

After the second ring she picked up. "Hello." she said breathlessly.

"Um, Hey Bianca, Wesley just ... just broke with me." I said trying to hold back my sob. "Could you come over?"

"I,uh, I'm k-kinda busy right now." she stuttered.


"I'm really sorry but I can't co- Hey babe who you talking to?" someone cut in.

"Bianca, who was that?" I asked.

"I gotta go now, Bye." she said urgently and hung up.

Wait. I reconized that husky voice. It was Wesley's.

Parisa said...

“Bianca.” We’re reading magazines on my bed, and I’ve stumbled across this magnificently delicious full-page shot of Ed Westwick. I point the spread at her, right up to her face, eliciting an irritated snarl. “What? I know you secretly love him. I know how much you wish you were Blair…” Bianca ends my monologue by snatching the magazine from my hands and swatting me in the head.

Sometimes I want to hate Bianca. She’s too stubborn. Too pessimistic. Too much like me, to be honest. We were supposed to meet up with friends at the Nest tonight, go dancing and scope out the guys, but Bianca didn’t want to go. She’d rather stay at home and hang out with me and pretend she doesn’t have a thing for Chuck Bass. I want to hate her, but I can’t. Let’s be real: I wouldn’t have my Friday nights any other way.

Jenni said...

"Why are you kidnapping me?" Wesley demanded.

"Because you and Bianca have to kiss and make up already."

"Hell no!" He glared at me.

"I may have done a lot of things worse than this but I don't like kidnapping people when there's nothing in it for me," Damon said.

"Just shut up and drive. You weren't this annoying in the books." Wesley reached for the door but I slapped his hand away.

"Aren't you being a little psycho?" At Damon's words I
shoved him out of the car. I took out CoB and shook the
book Jace falling out of the pages.

"Okay, just don't talk and you won't end up like Damon. Can you drive?" Jace nodded. After a few minutes the car
slowed down. "Here's your stop Wesley."

"This is the middle of-" I opened his door and pushed him out of the car. "How am I going to get home?! It's a ten mile walk!"

"Walk with Bianca you two can talk about your problems."
As we drove off Bianca gave me the finger. Wesley
followed suit. "I'm doing this for your relationship!"

Matchmaking isn't THAT hard.

Audrey (holes In My brain) said...

Dear Toby,

I’m truly sorry, but I just don’t think this is going to work out. It’s not me, it’s you… no seriously. I know you think I’m nice and polite, but quite honestly, everything about you bugs me.

My first issue with you is that you’re unbelievably smarter than me, which is definitely not what an (ex)girlfriend with confidence issues needs right now. 4.0 GPA? Please, it’s pretty obvious your commitment is not to me, but to your schoolwork.

Secondly, your ambition is suffocating. I can’t breathe when you’re around; your democratic ego takes up the space not already occupied by your senate-bound ass.

Lastly, the blazer has to go. I saw Vira pee on it once, but I never told you... until now. You’re welcome. I hope we can still be friends.



PS- See you tonight? Bring the study notes, kisses! ;)

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