Thursday, September 16, 2010

The DUFF Characters Week Day 5 - TOBY TUCKER

And we're back for another shocking episode of THE DUFF Characters WEek! Dun dun dunnnnn.

Or not.

We've covered Bianca, Wesley, Casey, and Jessica - and we only have one major player left! Remember, tomorrow I'm launching the contest that will incorportate these 5 character profiles, so if you haven't caught up already, here's your chance!

Anyway, today we are talking about the other half of the love triangle. The boy Bianca thinks is perfect. The one and only, the adorable . . .

* * * Tobias Clay Tucker * * *
Toby, for short.
Age: 18
Birthday: October 8
Grade: 12th, Senior
GPA: 4.0 (validictorian)
Theme Song: "Nice Guys Finish Last" by Green Day

Toby is the son of a businessman named Charles (Chaz) Tucker and an elementary school teacher, Marlene Tucker. He has one younger sibling, Preston, and a yellow lab name Vira. He was born and raised in Hamilton, but he spends his summers with family in Washington DC, learning about politics, his favorite topic.

Toby is a Young Democrat. He's super involved in politics, and he has been since he was twelve. His favorite class is AP Government, and he spent a lot of time promoting Voter Registration at his high school. One day, Toby hopes to be a senator.

In his free time, Toby watches a lot of CNN. His favorite band is Green Day (he loves the American Idiot album). His favorite book is Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury and hsi favorite movie is A Few Good Men. He has Jack Nicolson's "You want the truth?" speech memorized.

Toby is about five-foot-nine and skinny. He has blond hair cut in a dorky old fashion bowl cut. His eyes are green, and he wears oval shaped glasses. He always wears a navy blue blazer (his favorite color) with everything he owns. Over all, he's pretty adorable in the smart, nerdy kind of way.


Some of my friends said Michael Cerra, but he doesn't fit the part to me. Toby is a speaker, he has charisma, and I don't know that Michael fits that. Instead, I went with a boy who is cute and charming, and if he altered his hair cute and put on glasses, he'd be perfecto!

Cody Linley

And tomorrow is the contest! Stay tuned!!!


ElegantSnobbery said...

Oooh, he's cute!! I cracked up when you wrote that your friends mentioned Michael Cerra... That is exactly who I had pictured for Toby!

Edna said...

Love Green Day! I agree with what you said about the Michael Cera choice. My casting call, well I think of Kevin McHale. Just need to change the hair color.

Amy Lukavics said...

Ooooh, now HE'S cute!!!! And, btw...

"He has Jack Nicolson's "You want the truth?" speech memorized."


Stephanie said...

Oh I so love Cody Linley!! And yes...perfect for Toby!!

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