Sunday, December 12, 2010

So Raise Your Glass

I wasn't going to post this week because I'm in --cue Psycho music-- FINALS. *gasp!* *scream!* *run away in terror!*

Yeah. Finals = ewwww. But what can ya do? When you're a college student, they are necessary evils. And I don't say "evils" lightly, I promise.

But my to-do list is made, my room has been cleaned (for the first time this semester you can see ALL of my floor - not kidding, I'm a terribly messy roommate), and I think I'm prepared to crack down on the work in the morning.

And tonight, I was inspired, so I'm blogging. Have you missed me? Maybe not, but I hope you'll read this post anyway. It's something I think you'll all enjoy.

Lately, I've been obsessing over Pink's newest song "Raise Your Glass." I love Pink - the color AND the artist - and this song . . . well, I loved it the moment I heard it, but the more I hear it, the more it means to me. Yeah, it sounds like a "let's get drunk and party' song, which isn't usually my thing. But I hear so much more in the chorus than that.

To me, the song is talking about celebrating who you are, celebrating who you want to be, and celebrating the people who love you for it. Pink says, "Raise your glass if you are wrong in all the right ways." To me, being wrong in all the right ways means being yourself, even if others see it as "weird" or "different." Kind of like what I talked about on my Halloween post.

When I hear "Raise Your Glass," I want to run out and sing it out loud. I want to dance around the room with all my friends - some of the most amazing and diverse individuals I've ever known. I want to celebrate how okay I am to not be the typical all-American girl - because yeah, I'm a tiny bit quirky. (Can you tell?)

But I digress. Here's the point of this post. It's the end of the year, and there a lot of things I want to raise my glass to before we round out this decade.

So, let's have a party, shall we? Right here on this blog. I'm going to toast to a few things I think need to be recognized this year, and in the comments, I invite all of you to raise your glasses to whatever you like as well!

So let's get started.

Raise your glass to the friends who stick by you through thick and thin. Who drive you where you need to go when you can't get there. Who let you chill with them when you're lonely or just need a chance to vent. Good friends are hard to find. I have several to raise my glass to this year.

Raise your glass to artists - writers, musicians, painters, actors, everything - who spend their lives chasing dreams people say will never come true. I thank God every day for those brave people who took the risk anyway. Who inspired me to chase mine.

Raise your glass to the families who support their kids, the families who never say "no you can't," the families who nurture dreams, the families who let their children make their own mistakes - even though it's hard. Those kinds of families rock hard.

And, a personal one. I raise my glass to you - my lovely readers, my supporters, my friends. Some of you have been here since day one. Some just found me recently. Either way, your support and enthusiasm has meant the world to me. I raise a big glass to you, because you have all played a big part in making my dreams come true.

And while you think about who to raise your glass to, I'm going to play Pink's "Raise Your Glass" for inspiration. (Fair warning - some naughty language in this one. But I'm not a fan of censorship so I didn't dig out the edited version. I do however believe in letting people know of potentially offensive material, and Ms. Pink likes the F-bomb a little in this one.)

Let's celebrate!


Ginger @ GReads! said...

I raise my glass to you Kody, for writing such an awesome book that really spoke to me. The Duff has been deemed as my favorite YA Read of 2010!

Kody Keplinger said...

Awww! Ginger, you are too sweet!

Loretta Nyhan said...

Cheers! I raise my glass to you as well. So glad I got to meet you this year!

Here's to a wonderful 2011!


Jess said...

I raise my glass to a supportive online writing community, and to bloggers and writers who take the time to remind us to be thankful. :)

calikas said...
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Amy Lukavics said...

Kody I love that song so much, I see the music video every morning and love to rock out. I think it's the lyrics in the chorus that really pulled me in.

Love you girl! I raise my glass to you and your amazing Lady-Gaga-wig-wearing-skillz.

Vampires and Tofu said...


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Lucy @ Adventures in Bookland said...

Very well said! I keep rocking out to that song on the radio, but somehow hadn't realized its name or that it was by Pink (well, mainly didn't think about it). I think the music video is especially awesome.

Just read The DUFF this week, and I loved it! It was definitely the type of book I was looking for when I was in high school, and didn't even know it. But better late than never!

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