Tuesday, March 29, 2011

20 Books in 20 Weeks

Hey peeps!

So I'm turning twenty this year. As you all know, I am dreading it greatly. However, I figure if I HAVE to say goodbye to my teens, I want to do it with a little fun involved.

And I want YOU involved!

For the next 20 weeks, every Monday, I will be giving away one of my favorite books. Each giveaway will have different rules and different ways to enter, but to be clear YOU'LL HAVE 20 CHANCES TO WIN AN AWESOME BOOK!!!

The first contest will go up on Monday, and I'll tell you now that the book is PERSONAL DEMONS by Lisa Desrochers - one of my favorite YA urban fantasies.

So stay tuned and spread the word! Details to come THIS MONDAY.


Kathryn said...

You're dreading turning 20? I suppose I understand. The shift from teenage years to post-teenage years is hard, but I promise, the day after your birthday, you'll feel great! (And you'll magically come up with a million jokes about the annoying youngins these days...)

Linda said...

It's not so bad. I'm 21 and so far my 20's have been way better than my teens ever were.

KT said...


I'm 19 too. It'll be sad when the teen years are over.

And happy almost birthday :)

Amy @ www.bookgoonie.com said...

sounds fun. Does that mean when I turn 40, I should do 40 weeks? Dang that is almost a whole year.

Adriatika said...

I'm 19 and not looking forward to 20 either! 20 sounds so...OLD! I know it's really not, but it sounds like it! Also, 21 comes after, and that sounds like a lot of fun! lol :)

Caitlin R. O'Connell said...

Aw, being 20's not so bad. :)

Karen said...

What a cool idea.

And, seriously, I MISS being 20. Or IN my 20s, for that matter.

KM said...

I turned 20 last year, and I didn't necessarily dread it - I just thought it was weird, not having the word "teen" in my age anywhere, like I had to legit grow up and file tax reports or something. haha But really, it's the same as 19. lol

Happy b'day! Hope you have a ballin' time :)

Britany Clarke said...

Turning 20!!!Wooh!!!! That's okay if you're not excited, I'll be excited for you.

I'm turning 18 in a few months and I am soooo relieved. I think it's about time I start looking my age. Is it just me or is it totally depressing when a really cute twenty-something hits on you and you have to tell him you're only 17, and then watch him get that "I thought you were older" look on his face before booking it in the other direction screaming "JAIL BAIT!!!"

No? Maybe it's just me.

Anyway, excited for the giveaway!

Linda said...

Britany, I wish I looked my age. Unfortunately I have the opposite problem. On my 21st birthday, my mom took me out for lunch and margaritas. She told the hostess it was my birthday and she said, "So you're fifteen now, huh?"

Sigh. Supposedly I'll love it when I'm 30 but right now it's annoying.

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