Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Friday Mix: April 1, 2011

So I've decided to start a new weekly thing for the blog. Since some of you pay have noticed, I have a little bit of an obsession with music. (My addiction to iTunes is killing my bank account, oh God....) I'm always eager to share the music I've discovered and loved - new and old - so I thought it might be fun to do a weekly round up of my Top 5 favorite songs of the week to share with you guys! And in return, I want to hear YOUR 5 fave songs of the week in the comments.

So here's my list for this week:

"Where Are You? (I'm Already Gone)" by Kate Tucker

So I could only find a live version, but I LOVE this song. I just discovered Kate Tucker, even though she's been around for a while, but her soft voice and lyrical songs stole my heart. WIN!

"White Houses" by Vanessa Carlton

Sorry about the preview at the beginning, but I really love this music video. Anyway, I LOVE this song. I have for a while, but sometimes I just get on a kick of listening to it over and over and over again! I had one of those kicks this week. This song is just such a great story - coming of age, first love, friendships . . . gah, I just love it!

"They" by Jem

I love this song. I've had a thing for Jem's unique style of music since she had "Just A Ride" and her cover of "Maybe I'm Amazed" on The O. C. back in the day. And her stuff never gets old. I think this song is my favorite. It's just so unique and cool. And dude, it gets stuck in your head for days!

"Set Fire To the Third Bar" by Snow Patrol

I LOVE Snow Patrol. The entire "Eyes Open" CD was fabulous, in my opinion. But for me, this eerily tragic duet stood out the most. The desperation and yearning just give me chills sometimes - inspiring me to write even angstier romances than I already do! Gotta love it.

"Be The Young" by Yellow Card

For me, freshman year of high school and the first boy I ever had a serious crush on will forever be associated with Yellowcard's "Ocean Avenue" CD. I've loved them ever since. So when their new CD came out this month, I jumped onto it. Of all the great songs on the album, this one stood out the most. As someone who has a real angst about growing up, this song about always being young - at least in some ways - while knowing growing up has to happen just touched a nerve. I love this song so much.

And that's my top 5 songs of the week. What are yours?


KT said...

I love "White Houses" and "Set Fire to the Third Bar" too. Like you said, such great stories. I'm a big fan of Snow Patrol's "Take Back the City" right now. And "Ocean Avenue"...yes, definitely young angst.

My tops of the week: "Back For Good" - Boyce Avenue, "Poison and Wine" - The Civil Wars, "Dance With Me Baby" - Ben Rector, "Wonderful" - Everclear, and "Run" - Benton Paul.

Same goes for me: Music and I are like this *crosses fingers*. Obsessed :)

Debra D. said...

Oh, fun---I love music, too! (I like that Jem song a lot,btw!)

This week it would be:

Help is on the Way by Rise Against (but I pretty much listen to them every week, so no surprise there!)

Juicebox by the Strokes

Blue Skies by Tori Amos

Toxic by Britney Spears

Glee version of When I Get You Alone

(my music taste is totally random, I know! :)

Becca C. said...

Oh my gosh... I was a huuuge Yellowcard fan a few years back. I LOVE this new song!!!

Rockie said...

You have really great taste in music! I added like three of those songs to my favorites on Youtube! :D

My songs of the week are:

1) Ozzy Osbourne - Let it Die

2) Anew Revolution - Head Against The Wall

3) Within Temptation - Faster

4) Splashdown - Presumed Lost

5) Hillary Duff - Now You Know


Clare said...

Five songs in my head right now:
- Break you - Marion Raven
- Por besarte - LU
- Una confusiĆ³n - LU
- Ode to divorce - Regina Spektor
- Hero - Regina Spektor

recently my boyfriend now ex-boyfriend broke up with me. sucks hum?

Maria Cope said...

What a great idea! This is also a good way for your followers to be introduced to new music.

Yes, iTunes is manhandling my bank account as well, but this one addiction I don't mind feeding.

My most-played music usually coincides with whatever I'm writing soooo my tops of the week are:

Saving Jane: "Come Down to Me"

These Four Walls: "Love Song" (I just found this band last week so I vote extra awesomesauce for these guys. Hohyeah!)

Zac Brown Band: "Different Kind of Fine"

Paramore: "Playing God"

Bruno Mars: "The Lazy Song"

Anonymous said...

1. Attack- 30 Seconds To Mars
2. The Good Left Undone- Rise Against
3. Yellow- Coldplay
4. Help I'm Alive- Metric
5. Anthem Part Two- Blink 182

wordslikesilver said...

I did a lyrical routine to White Houses (I'm a dancer) and I loved that song. There's a great story and lots of emotion.

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