Monday, March 21, 2011

A New Publication!

Hey guys!

So SHUT OUT doesn't hit shelves until September, but if you are interested in reading a new story by me, you are in luck!

Today, over at YARN ( my short story "Before We Were Lost" has been published! You can check it out here:

"Before We Were Lost" is the first short story I've ever had published. It's about the friendship between a girl named June and the boy she never quite fell in love with. It's a lot different from my usual work - more literary, more serious, a little less funny - but I think any fans of my work will still see that touch of Kody!

I hope you guys read it, and I really hope you enjoy it! Let me know what you think about it here!

Also, you should follow @YAReviewNet on twitter! Great original work by authors and teenagers alike!


The Romance Bookie said...

Wow! That story is so powerful, just like "The DUFF" and so relate able for a lot of people! I loved it! And I can't wait to read more of the things you write!

Kody Keplinger said...

Thank you so much!

KT said...

LOVED it. Great, great read.

Rockie said...

I loved the story. It made me think and The Romance Bookie was right. It is relate able to A LOT of people. Awesome job! :D

thebloodfiend said...

I'm glad you decided against making them talk like southerners. That really annoys me and detracts from the story. From the names and their mannerisms, I actually thought they were from Alabama before I found out that they were from Tennessee.

It reminds me of this story by Jhumpa Lahiri, for whatever reason.

Kerri said...

Thank again, Kody! We are so honored to have pubbed your first short story!! --Kerri

Ilija Šikić said...

tierkreiszeichen sternzeichen jungfrau horoskop

heyhey u have a nice blog

Maria Cope said...

I am about to meet my "corny quota" for the year, but I'm willing to risk it on a comment for this story. :)

I read "Before We Were Lost" a couple of days ago, and it has stuck with me. At random moments, different parts of the story pop into my head. For me, the entire thing flowed like poetry (especially the line "We were like two harmonies with no melody, clashing notes and unbalanced rhythms").

Although it may not mean much, I always find it amazing when a writer is able to show all sides of their abilities (in your own words, the "more literary, more serious" side). This story really accentuates your talent.

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