Monday, April 4, 2011

20 in 20 - Week 1

Hey peeps!

So last week I told you that in honor of my 20th birthday I would be giving away 20 (TWENTY) books over the next 20 weeks. Thats a book a week to you - my awesome followers. Each book I give away will either be one of my favorites or one I've written (that means DUFF and SHUT OUT giveaways mixed in! Stay tuned!).

But for now, its 20 of my favorites.

Today is the start of the first giveaway. The first book I'm giving away is one of my FAVORITE paranormal romances. It stole by breath last year when I first read it, and now I have an extra copy that I"m eager to share!

What book?

PERSONAL DEMONS by Lisa Desrochers!

PERSONAL DEMONS is about a girl caught in a battle between Heaven and Hell when both an angel and a demon arrive in her high school with the intention of tagging her soul for their respective sides. But what they don't expect? The battle is for her heart, too.

Alert - there are HOT BOYS in this book.

So, how do you enter to win?

Every week, the rules will be different, and maybe customized a bit to the book at hand. So this week, in honor of PERSONAL DEMONS, here is your task:

Step 1: You need to be a follower of this blog.

Step 2: You should either tweet or blog about this contest and save the link to your tweet or blog post.

Step 3: In the comments of this post, write a paragraph describing your wings. WHAT? You heard me. Describe your wings! If you had wings, what would they look like? Color? Texture? Would they be angelic or demonic? Could you hide them? Where are they (shoulders? feet?). I want to know all about YOUR wings!

Step 4: Under your paragraph, link to your blog or tweet.

And that's it! I'll pick a winner Friday night (so enter before midnight EST) and post the winner on Saturday morning. Whoever has the coolest, most unique, most intriguing wings will win.

Note: This contest is open internationally. But not all will be, so if you live overseas enter while you can!



The Romance Bookie said...

Due to the fact my life, like many others in the world, is a roller coaster of emotions, I think my wings would change color according to my mood. When I am feeling happy they would be a light baby blue (one of my favorite colors), when I am feeling relaxed a nice dark purple (another favorite color :)), when I am feeling down or sad they will be black.

I think the texture will also change according to my mood. When I am happy they are going to be really fuzzy and soft (think those awesome, comfortable, fuzzy socks!), when I am relaxed they are going to feel soft like cotton or something as equally comfortable, and then when I am sad they will be scratchy and itchy, like a normal feather feels, for birds, when you stroke it in the opposite direction.

Now I don't know if I would consider myself to have angelic or demonic wings; because, I believe that somehow most people are just in between. Everyone has their evil moments in life. Of course, I do wish to have angelic wings.

I would be able to hide them, whenever I wanted to, but they would turn into this cool jacket thing, that has the same color and texture according to my mood. (Not that I like wearing feather textured, or fuzzy jackets :), I just don't see any other way of completely hiding them, and in this case they would be able to blend in a little).

Now saying that my wings would turn into a jacket thing, I think the proper place to put them would be on the back between my shoulder blades. I know that probably isn't very original, but I just can't see them anywhere else on me.

I love the instructions for this contest, it's so creative and fun! :)

Emilia said...

My wings are white with a hint of purple, they are soft to the touch, the feathers covering them are light, and fluffy, it seems that they are made of air.
They are between my shoulders and when they spread in flight I can see their wingspan, they are wider than my arms. I love the shadow I project on the clouds, because my wings don't show in it, it looks like it's just me and the sky.
When I need to walk among others, they fold tight on my back, and I have to walk as straight as I can so people don't notice the little hump I carry with me. My wings are not heavy at all, and they provide a warm shelter whenever is needed.

I hope I made a nice description, I would really like to have wings!


Thanks for the giveaway!


Yani {AvidReader} said...

I think my wings would be like a clearish blue, the color of the sea. They would be really feathery and light, like down comforters so whenever I need a nap my wings could just fold out and become my pillow. Also, they would be really flexible so I could still wear all my cute clothes =)!/AvidYani/status/55007077864710146

ToniMF said...

If I had wings they would be white with a cheetah print. Or zebra. No paisley. Yeah, I'd have white and black paisley print on my wings. If I'm going to be different, I might as well be as different as I can be, right? Right!

My wings would be hidden and along the inside of my arms. They would vanish, or go into my arms when I don't need them. It wouldn't be gross or anything. They'd just shoot out when I wanted to fly away. And my wings would be like a birds. I'd have to flap my arms in order to fly. It's only fair. If birds have to work at flying, I should have to too.

And my wings would for sure be demon. Paisley demon wings? Strange because when you picture paisley, you'd think sweet and innocent thoughts, but mine would be contradictory. And if I had wings I picture them as coming out when I'm mad or something. I am pretty good at holding in my anger and emotions, so my wings would be my tell. They'd warn everyone that I'm mad since I usually never would.

My link:

Giada M said...

I'm a blog follower.

I tweeted here:

Mine are mechanical wings, with an aluminium frame and brass, silver, copper and gold finishes. My wings are very small and quite strange but practical. With my wings I cannot fly. They are for time travel! I have them on my upper arms and they are retractile. To open my wings I have to extend my arms sideways with palms down, visualize the secret combination and after 3 seconds they open to form a circle around me. This circle resembles a clock on a map and it activates the moment I think about my destination.
My wings are not demonic nor angelic. They are steampunk wings!

Thank you for making this awesome giveaway international! :D

Giada M.

fabgiada (at) gmail (dot) com

The Story Queen said...

My WINGS. Okay, so here we go.

To start off with, they're long. Long, massive, huge - take your pick. They unfurl silently, brushing my shoulders as they pass and extending to as far as my arms go when held out.

The edges are frayed and there are tiny jewels aligning the tips of my beautiful wings. The actual wings are all different sorts of colours. All of the colours of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, etc.) are present but they're all muted and soft, forming a swirly sort of design that's unique and interesting.

In order to prevent me from smacking doors as I pass, the wings will automatically curl in if they sense something ahead that could hurt them.

My wings would start off feeling hard and solid right over my back but would gradually get softer as you get to the end. They would be cool to touch and silky smooth. Completely stroke-worthy wings, no? ;)

I suppose if I wanted to hide my wings, I could but why would I?! Clearly, they're so mesmerizing that anyone that would normally have a problem with wings would find them absolutely gorgeous and just stare in blatant amazement. If I did want to hide them, they would curl into my shoulder blades, giving me some serious muscle ;)

Like I've implied before, my wings start in the centre of my back and extend past my shoulders.

Thanks for this great contest! I love the challenge - very creative :D



Storyteller_Princess said...

If I had wings, I think they'd be demonic at the times when I feel like being reckless and crazy, but also would sometimes be angelic when I'm in that type of mood.

They'd be big fairy wings with two on each side, like a butterfly. They'd be transparent and the color would either be black/red (demonic) or white/lavender/gold (angelic). Of course, they'd be covered in sparkles! They'd come from my back. And I could definitely fly with them. To hide them, they'd be flexible.



ashelynn sanford said...

Totally awesome giveaway. I love the thought of having to describe wings! :)

Hm. I like the idea of color changing wings, except I have mood swings, so they would NEVER be a color for longer than what, five minutes? (ha!)

I'm going with blue wings, like the Jones "Berry" soda color. I love that blue, and they'll be BIG, like Az's wings in A Touch Mortal. Except I wouldn't have that cavity he has because that honestly grosses me out. I'll wear my wings proud.

They would be very soft, and the feathers overlap each other.


I also follow this blog. Thank you so much, Kody!!

ashelynnsanford at hotmail dot com

L8BloomerOnline said...

Hi Kody!

My wings would definitely be pink. I am a pink girl through and through. They would be sheer looking, almost like tissue paper that looks as if they would shred at the slightest touch, but of course they would be strong and sturdy. Of course there must be bling and so my wings would have irredescent sparkles all over them and when light hits them, they would shoot spasms of colors all over the place and be pink blinged perfection :) My wings would retract into my body because I would of course be normal girl by day, yet a kick butt blinged-winged faerie girl by night. My wings would appear by saying some catchy phrase like, "Go go gadget blinged wings" or "bling wings like whoa". LOL! There you have it... be afraid. Ha!

Happy Birthday Kody! Thanks for the giveaway and I hope you have an awesome birthday! Here is my tweet about the contest


HayleyAG said...

I can honestly say i've never considered what kind of wings I would have before but this is what came to mind when I read your post Kody.

My wings would be different shades of green though out. Like the veins of my wings would be kiwi green while the skin of my wings would be a deep evergreen.

The texture of my would be similar to toilet paper (the extra strength 4 ply kind) and they would be dissolvable in accordance with the seasons (I will wear them proud in the spring and summer and shed them in the fall and be without them for the winter) But my wings are "Green" in every sense of the word- so when they dissolve they don't pollute the universe but rather work as a compost.

My wings would be angelic (with a little rebel mixed in) think Patch from Hush Hush.

This was fun thanks HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

I tweeted:!/HayleyAG/status/55875132941537280

I blogged:

Rockie said...

Oh awesome~ I'm a follower! Here I go!

My wings would be angelic AND demonic. In my wings you can see the universe and planets. You see black holes and meteor showers. When you touch them, their cool as glass against your fingers and it's like looking through a big telescope! I wouldn't be able to hide them because their as hard as a rock and aren't like feathery wings. I can't even fly with them! I'm like a portal to another dimension. Seeing space up close and all of its wonders, that's the angelic part about it. But the demonic part about it is IF I move or am upset, I can suck you and millions into my wings causing destruction or they would suddenly become flimsy wrapping around me and disappearing forever. As if I didn't exist. :) They would be in the middle of my back and as wide as the White House and as tall as the Colosseum in Rome, but so light that I can easily stand there without any strain. ^__^

I tweeted:!/Rakeru19/status/55894666633158656

Thanks for the opportunity! Good luck to everyone! :D


*~` `~*

my life with books -kjovus said...

I have never thought about me with wings, your contest question has given me something to think about. Perhaps a story is afoot!

My wings would be gentle and light to the touch. Wings as tall as me, they would radiate peace and love. They would be iridescent and have angelic powers. When someone looks directly at my wings they would see their essence - a manifestation of their soul. My wings would not be visible at all times – it would cause too much chaos for people to see themselves as they truly are. But when they do they would be engulfed with pure love and acceptance. Those with a dark or demonic soul would mourn and desire to be good or feel shame and flee.

Of course I wouldn’t have a halo I would have a set of petite demon horns that would match my wings. Half demon and half angel would make me capable of fighting demons in their demonic world. With the inner battle of angel vs. demon, I would have an internal struggle to constantly fight for good, but would find myself more in the middle of good and bad. After all I do hate rules, limitations and authority. ;)

I am a blog follower, twitter follower and I did tweet the contest.

Jennifer Kjovus

my life with books -kjovus said...
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my life with books -kjovus said...


Kody Keplinger said...

Great entries so far everyone!

Also - to be clear - my birthday isn't until AUGUST. But I'm doing 20 weeks of giveaways since I'll be 20 this year.

Jenny said...

i'm a new follower, and here's my tweet:!/Kody_Keplinger/status/56067427036966912
(i'm @blackstonepttry on twitter)

my wings are dragon wings. leathery and the color of sage, strong enough to carry me wherever i need to go. they pop out when i need them, and fade away when i don't, so there's no concern of having to hide them. when they're out, my skin becomes sage, too, but i retain my human form. i'm just a green person who has wings!

i don't know about angelic or demonic, but i contain the soul of an ancient dragon, and they have always been misunderstood creatures. i suppose some might see them as demonic, but i don't think that's really the case. there may be evil dragons, just as there are evil people, but mine is just trying to do what's best.

thanks for the opportunity, and happy (way) early birthday ;)

Ana Lucia said...

wow I hope I win thanks for making it international.
I think my wings would be black (and not because I'm evil) I just like how they look black, soft to the touch. But I don't know where to hide them, maybe it could be like the TV show Supernatural where you can't actually see the wings? Or maybe they would appear like magic out of nowhere when I'm mad lol I like this idea better.
Here is my retweet:!/Kody_Keplinger/status/56067427036966912

Fingers crossed!!


toni picker said...

Hmmm, my wings. My wings are silver, not shiny chrome, but a soft subtle sweeping of silver color. On the surface they would seem plain to the ordinary person, with no depth or meaning. But if you are lucky enough to make it to the center of my wings, you'd learn that it's one single strand of silver thread intricately woven that loops again and again, overlapping in places and looping again. When expanded you'd see easily the shape of a heart. But only a lucky few will ever be close enough to see that that single strand of silver thread is actually piercing my skin from the center of my back and leads directly to my soul. Those are my wings.

I follow as InotU!/tonipicker

starryeyedjen said...

oh, this is an awesome contest!! and i really want to read this book!!! and happy birthday!! 8D

okay, my wings: they'd be chameleon-like in color, so they'd also be invisible to the naked eye since they would blend into my surroundings. you see, i'm kind of a wallflower, and my wings would obviously need to hide in plain site, as well. they'd stretch from my wrists to waist line, attached to my torso so that it is almost as if my arms *are* my wings. they'd have a cold, flat feeling to them, the texture of satin and probably the same sheen if you could see them in the light. and don't think that just because i like to go unnoticed that i'm a shy, good wings would definitely be demonic in nature. remember: the most dangerous enemy is the one you can’t see.



Lisa R/alterlisa said...

My wings are so neat. When wrapped around me they hide me completely from sight. I can hide away from the world and I do. They offer me the chance to pile up and read to my hearts content without anyone knowing.
I'm a follower on GFC-Lisa Richards


alterlisa AT yahoo DOT com

HayleyAG said...

Oops, haha Happy Early Birthday then!!!!! Haha my b-day is in August to. Are you a Leo?

kristina shields said...

I would have a pair of beautiful, royal blue wings. They would be medium sized and feather light.

Llehn said...

I'm a GFC follower.

tweeted :!/cloveteh

My wings would be transparent but it'll catch the colors of everything around me and reflect it back.


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