Monday, April 11, 2011

20 in 20 - Week 2

And we're back for another giveaway!

So last week I gave away PERSONAL DEMONS and asked you to tell me about your wings. Well, this week I"m giving away another of my favorite urban fantasy books of late - A TOUCH MORTAL by Leah Clifford!

I've had an author crush on Leah for just over a year now, and when A TOUCH MORTAL debuted in February, I was a happy little fan girl. So happy, in fact, that I bought TWO copies of the book so that I could share one with you guys!

So, if you'd like to win A TOUCH MORTAL, here's what you do:

1. Be a follower of this blog.
2. Blog or tweet the link to this giveaway.
3. Save the link to your blog or tweet - you'll need it!
4. And here's where it gets fancy.

I LOVE the main character of A TOUCH MORTAL. Her name is Eden and, guys, she has pink streaks in her hair. As you may know, I used to have pink streaks in my hair, so this endears me to her.

So, for step four, I want you to write for me in the comments. I want to know either a.) the craziest/coolest thing you've ever done to your hair, or b.) the craziest/coolest thing you've ever ANTED to do to your hair! Feel free to link pictures if you'd like!

5. Paste the link to your blog or tweet below the writing bit.

And that's it!!

Note: This contest is open to US/Canada only.

Tell me about your hair!


The Romance Bookie said...
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The Story Queen said...

Well, I'm definitely going to have to go with something I've *wanted* to do with my hair because... I've never done anything crazy to my hair. Anyways!

I've always thought it would be really cool to get my hair cropped really short and spiky. Like, I would style it to point out everywhere. Then, I would dye the ends hot pink. I'm a huge fan of glitter so I'd probably stick in some sparkly hair product (I, uh, have lots of sparkles for my hair - no shortage there) as well ;)


Thanks for these great contests! I'm in Canada, just for reference.

Nicole said...

Well when I was a freshman in highschool (last year) My friends and I thought it would be cool to dye our hair brown (we are naturally blonde)so we started with light brown, a week later, burgendy, then dark brown, then black, so after two weeks of having black I wanted to be blonde again, so I got some light brown hair dye, turns out I couldn't dye it after, it stayed the same. then I got some color oops (it was nasty and smelly) I have a lot of hair, so that turned it orange, so I got a brown to cover it and it turned black. I was crying by now. I then proceeded to buy a huge tub of bleach and use it eight times, I was bleach blonde for about 3 months (this is a good look on some, but not me). I also had super damaged hair, I burnt my scalp, I fried my hair, some even came out. Then like all hair it grows so I had dark blonde roots, So I had to die those, it was horrible, they turned orange and I got some of the dye on my bleached hair and it turned blue (full on blue). I refused to go to school and my mother decided I need professional help (from the salon)
and they did a good job at geting my hair back to its natural color, I cut my hair (the damaged goods)and have not dyed my hair since September, these are my adventures with hair dye. Never again. Well maybe a purple streak, I had them when I was little and thought I was totally the bomb at school, jk. But I loved that streak, it was gorgeous, I thought.

Nicole said...

Whoops heres the link to my blog entry

Jessica said...

Currently I dye my hair a deep auburn red all over... I'm always tempted though to try highlights on top of that for a little extra...oomph. In college, I almost did blue streaks, but chickened out.
Tweeted!! @jessyabookobssd

Maria Cope said...

Since 7th grade, my usual espresso-colored hair has been close to every shade on the color spectrum.

The most memorable is when I was in high school (due to to humility reasons, I cannot disclose my real age thankyouverymuch. We'll just say twenty-something.) I dyed my hair so blonde it turned white. This was the color I took my 1st driver's license pic in, and my hair looked like the tip of a straightened Q-tip!

A couple of weeks later, I got acquainted with a few tubes of Manic Panic in red, orange, green,blue,and black. My roots were electric blue and the rest of the colors were alternated, down to the black tips.

I went to school in a pretty conservative rural Tennessee town, so needless to say, I was suspended until my hair was completely back to normal (if you call straightened Q-tip "normal").

I tried to get my mom to send a pic to me, but she and the internet seem to be mortal enemies.

These days, I usually keep it midnight black and sometimes have either hot pink or fuschia extensions.

Since I'm a follower and not really a Tweeter, here is the link to my blog:

Lisa said...

I've done a LOT of crazy things to my hair but my all time favorite was fire engine red highlights. I've had purple highlights, an attempt at blue highlights that left me with an entire head of green hair, pink highlights and orange highlights.!/jlhsperry624/status/57585754053943297

Tammy said...

In high school my best friend Dorey and I used to dye our hair all sorts of colors. We never did our whole heads, but we'd either do streaks or just the tips. But my favorite thing I've done to my hair was when I was 20. I must have been feeling nostalgic for high school, because I decided I wanted to dye one streak of my hair with all different colors. I believe it started orange at the top, then green, then pink, then purple, then blue at the bottom. And it was awesome-tastic!! I was a waitress at a diner at the time, and can I just tell you that everyone loved it. I was constantly having my senior citizen customers commenting on how cute it was. I thought that was so cool.

Here's the link to my post where I blogged about your giveaway and included hair pictures!

The Romance Bookie said...

Hmmm...this is good one. Especially for people who do the coolest things to there hair. I truly admire those people, because the craziest thing I have ever done to my hair was dye it orange...okay it was supposed to this reddish-blonde color, but it turned orange.
The reason why this was crazy for me, was because I have ALWAYS been blonde. I dye it a lighter blonde than it actually is, but it still has always been blonde.
Well, during the first year of my college experience, last year, I just got really tired to always being referred to that "really blonde girl", so I changed it.
Unfortunately it didn't turn out the way I hoped, and so I had to keep switching hair colors for a couple of weeks. It seemed like I had four different hair colors during that short time. I went from blonde, to that orange color, to a darker blonde (which didn't turn out that great, because of the orange), to a light brown. I went back to blonde a few months ago, and have decided to not change it for the next few years :).

I know this definitely won't be anything compared to all the many awesome things that people had done to their hair.

It's really hard by the way to dye your hair to blonde when you have darker hair!

My blog:

Casey (The Bookish Type) said...

Eep! I've been dying to read this one for ages, but I'm on a book buying ban after going a little crazy O_O Thank you so much for the chance to win!

Well, I'm a Gilmore Girls JUNKIE. In one episode, Lane goes all rebellious and dies her hair NEON purple ( She looked like a rock star. I'd probably look like a dork, but I really wanted to try something that drastic with my hair. I also just read AWAKEN, in which there was something called "glitter highlights" which just sounds amazeballs, so I would like neon purple hair with blue glitter highlights. This would probably be more acceptable if I lived in a Space Age future world, though.

I'm a follower: Casey (The Bookish Type)

HayleyAG said...

I love the colour green and when I was little (like 10) I would go out to Claire's or Ardene's and buy those horrible hair extensions that were hooked to the clips that cost around 5 dollars- I would wear two braided green ones all the time and thought that I was the cat's meow (but cripes it looked so fake)- good thing thing "technology" has improved the quality of hair extensions haha.

I also highlighted my hair white in red a couple years back in solidarity of my county CANADA and their quest for the gold medal in Hockey!

Something I've always wanted to do but can't cause it's against dress code at work, is completely highlight my hair in all colours of the rainbow (with green being the most). Maybe someday I'll get to do this but for now unfortunately I'm letting the man keep me down haha.

Happy early birthday again- Yay to August babies!

I tweeted about this contest!/HayleyAG/status/58009732098691073

Tawni said...

I've done so much with my hair its crazy! I used to have extensions that were striped with bright pink, blue, purple, red, green, EVERYTHING.

When I had really short hair I had a whole 'skunk stripe' down the middle and I dyed that green.

I also got bored one night and bleached my whole head. Turned out bright orange and I kept it like that for a long time! Haha I used to have a lot of fun with my hair.

Now I grew it out really long and I do blonde streaks here and there just as a little highlight and it has underlying red tones!


Thanks for the giveaway!

Mrs. Boswell said...
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Mrs. Boswell said...

I have very dark brown hair. When I was a teenager, I wanted to dye it a really light brown. I made the mistake of letting my boyfriend pick out the color AND color my hair for me. BIG MISTAKE! For some insane reason, he decided to go with a blonde color rather than a brown, which I was unaware of until the end. I had horrible ORANGE, carrot-colored hair that I could not fix! It was absolutely terrible!!/MrsBoswellBooks/status/58031249662554112

GFC follower - Kira or Mrs. Boswell (can't remember which one I'm under)

April X said...

Haha I'm sorry I don't have any too crazy hair stories... but last summer I chopped off like 14 inches of hair and donated to Locks of Love. I have black hair so if I dyed it, I would have to bleach it, which I don't really wanna do, but if I could, I'd get blue streaks :) Not sure how that would look, but I think it'd just be cool to do :)!/ramen_addict/status/58287966593888256

Terra Mae said...

I'm told that I look different everytime someone sees me.

But the craziest thing I ever did to my hair which was accidental, and got me fired was dying it purple.

I was a blond my whole life and I wanted to go dark brown burgundy. Well it looked good over the weekend, but when I washed it the third time, getting ready for work, it was purple!

We were having a huge meeting that day, so I showed up late, trying to figure out what to do. I had to show up and when I did, everyone stopped and stared at me, awkward. After the meeting was over, I was pulled into my boss's office and he let me go. It was terrible.

I kept the purple after that, I ended up getting a lot of compliments on it from my friends. :-)

4 years later, I went back and got a job with that same place and I was forever known as the girl with the purple hair. :-)


Brigitte said...

When I used to work at a haunted house attraction, I had to get my hair teased every day of every weekend of the Halloween season. It had to stay long for two years for full effect, too. But having extra long hair teased almost all the time made things a little complicated, since they had to use corn syrup-made fake blood for my face. And corn syrup is sticky. And when it gets stuck in teased hair, it takes hours for it to come out. And when you try to get it out, your hand gets stuck in it, too. @.@
The scare effect it did made all that trouble definitely worth it though!

Here's the link to the tweet!!/brimagination/status/58597891350069248

kristina shields said...

Sometimes, I just want to go out and chop all of my hair short and dye it blonde. The bonuses being more manageable, less shampoo usage, and it being way cool!

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