Monday, April 25, 2011

20 in 20 - Week 4

So time for another 20 in 20 contest!

As I said at the start, my goal is to giveaway books that inspired my writing a lot. Thus far, all have been YA. But I'm not just inspired by YA. I'm inspired by sooooooo many other things - even in reading.

One book that inspired me a lot? Well, I think you can all probably guess that I'm in love with Jane Austen. (Come on, my adoration of love/hate relationships didn't give it away?)

PRIDE AND PREJUDICE is one of the first "classics" I ever read, and I reread it frequently. So, this week, that's what I'm giving away - a copy of PRIDE AND PREJUDICE.

And this week, for a bit of creative fun, I have another writing contest for you!

So, follow these steps to enter.

1. You must follow this blog.
2. Tweet or blog about this post - save the link!
3. This is where it gets fun. So recently PRIDE AND PREJUDICE AND ZOMBIES has been a big hit, yet? And several other classics retold with supernatural creatures. So, for this contest, give me the title (and even a short summary - two or three sentences) of your favorite classic with the addition of supernatural creatures. The most original and humorous will win! Post your entry in the comments here.
4. At the bottom of your entry, link to your blog or tweet post.

And that's it!

This contest is US only (as I will be sending things via Amazon).

Best of luck to you all! <3


The Romance Bookie said...

I love this contest, but I am not quite sure, are we supposed to make one up? Or is it supposed to be about one we have read?

Kody Keplinger said...

Make one up. It can be as wacky as you want - but its all got to be yours.

Chamois said...

"The Picture of Dorian Gray and the Dirigiblic Pachyderms"

Ana Lucia said...

Amazon delivers internationally...just saying :)

The Romance Bookie said...

Okay, well I read Wuthering Heights last year, and it bugged me sooo much how the characters acted, that I think some supernatural character is just what this book needs.

I'm thinking it would be cool to have Heathcliff and Edgar Linton competing to see who can come out alive after fighting a dragon, to see who shall have Catherine.
And then having Heathcliff being visited by a Banshee, a female spirit, usually seen as an omen of death and a messenger from the underworld (I looked it up :) ) after Catherine dies, telling him how he missed his chance with her.

And then at the end, when Heathcliff dies he is visited by Catherine, who looked like an angel dressed in all white with a halo over her head, and is riding a pegasus (just for good measures) and that's how the story ends, with Heathcliff leaving this earth with Catherine on a pegasus.

And I think the story should be called: "The Cooler more Action version of Wuthering Heights" haha

Samara said...

I'm a sucker for love...and Shakespeare. I've always wondered what kind of story a remake of Romeo and Juliet would be if the families were Nephilim and Demons. I'm not picky about who came from which side (though Juliet being a butt-kicking Nephilim would be excellent, so let's stick with that for the moment), but I'd love to see a monumental battle of supernatural sorts that runs deeper than just love and hate. To me, that would be interesting. And let's not end with Romeo and Juliet dying together at last.....whatever happened to the Montagues and the Capulets? Did the Nephilim succeed in stopping the the Montagues in the fight over evil? Or did the Capulets surrender to the good in Juliet?

Let's just give this remake a nice quirky title like 'Romeo and Juliet: What Bill Forgot to Tell You' I think that would grab a few peoples attention. I know if I saw a title like that on the shelf, I'd pick it up :)

Storyteller_Princess said...

I'm a big Shakespeare nerd, so I'm going to go with with a play of his.

"A Midsummer Night's Scream"

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