Friday, April 8, 2011

The Friday Mix, April 7, 2011

And welcome, all, to the second installment of The Friday Mix in which I share my top 5 favorite songs of the week and invite you to share yours with me in the comments!

So, let's get started.

This week's songs are:

"The Story" by Brandi Carlile

I've been listening to this one on repeat all week. The lyrics are just so wonderful and deep, about one of those relationships with someone who knows you inside and out. It's just gorgeous! And Brandi's raspy voice is amazing.

"Back To December" by Taylor Swift

You guys may not have heard of Taylor Swift (ha! sarcasm!), but I admit that I'm actually a big fan of some of her stuff. Not all of it, but some. And this is my favorite Taylor Swift song. The longing and regret just feel so real here. And, little tidbit, this song is on the playlist of a project I'm working on. :-)

"Portions for Foxes" by Rilo Kiley

I first heard this one on Grey's Anatomy, but I quickly fell in love with Rilo Kiley. Her song "Silver Lining" is pretty great, too, but this song is just so fun and cool, and while it isn't yet, I can totally see it being a theme song for one of my books. Hmm. *plots*

"Wouldn't Change a Thing" from Camp Rock 2

Okay, okay. Point, laugh, and judge me all you want, but I just discovered this song by accident this week. I've never seen Camp Rock 2, but while surfing youtube I came across this one, and I have to admit, I like it. For you haters - I personally think it's a perfect Bianca/Wesley song. Love/hate songs are some of my favorites, and I LIKE THIS ONE OKAY!!! *hides from scrutiny*

to redeem myself.....

"Push" by Matchbox 20

Another Bianca/Wesley song (well, more Bianca song) that might be less embarrassing. This is actually one of the first songs I remember coming on the radio and really liking. My mom bought the CD when I was six, and I loved it. I still love Matchbox 20, but this is my favorite song by far.

And that's it for the Friday Mix! Tell me your 5 favorites this week!


Megan @Reading Away The Days said...

Hey nice pics I personally love the camp rock being a fan of it and it's one of my fave camp rock songs to sing. My top 5 songs this week:

*Who says- Selena Gomez. Just a beautiful song!

*Diddy dirty money and swizz beats- ass on the floor- such a fun song to dance to

*Alexis Jordan- Good girl- Such a girly feel good song

*Black eyed peas- Just cant get enough enough said

*Tinie Tempah vs swedish house mafia Miami to Ibiza Makes me think of the summer

Bronwyn Scott-McCharen said...

I LOVE that Rilo Kiley song! They're an awesome band.

Hm, I'd say my five favorites this week are as follows:

1. Norway - Beach House

2. Moses - Coldplay

3. The Man of Metropolis Steals Our Hearts - Sufjan Stevens

4. Orphans - Beck

5. Till The World Ends - Britney Spears

Rockie said...

OMG...Why was I just listening to the first of your mix yesterday? Lol funny. Love your faves this week. Here are mine:

1)Ai Otsuka Honey

2) Faun - Iyansa

3) Taddy Porter - Long slow drag

4) Jesse Barrera (feat. AJ Rafeal) - She was mine

5) Darwin Deez - Bad Day (this song is so funny XD)

*~` `~*

Maria Cope said...

Lovelovelove Brandi Carlile's voice!

*Story of the Year: "Wake Up"

*Flyleaf: "Chasm"

*Plumb: "Cut"

*Skillet: "Monster"

*Rihanna: "Rockstar 101"

Magan said... I feel really old because I remember going to a Matchbox 20 concert around the time that Push was

My top 5 songs of the week are:

*ET by Katy Perry and Kanye

*Rolling in the deep by Adele

*I pray for you by Jaron and the long road to love

*Summertime by New Kids on The Block

*Sing by My Chemical Romance

Anonymous said...

It annoys me that people are ashamed to like Camp Rock/Disney stuff. You can like whatever you like and you don't have to justify yourself. Demi Lovato is an extremely talented girl, people just don't say it because she's from Disney. That's a shame.

Audrey (holes In My brain) said...

I'm so in love with Brandi Carlile's songs :) Gotta check out those other ones!

Chelsey said...

1. The same Brandi Carlile song, but also her song "That Year"

2. "Miss Delaney" by Jack's Mannequin gave me a novel idea that won't leave me alone this week even though it's low on the queue

3. Breathe 2AM is pretty much always on my list, and I tend to listen to it when I'm...up past 2 AM (It's a thing, shut up) and that's been a lot this week.

4. Crack the Mirror by Melissa Ferrick is kind of how I've felt this week

5. Runaway by Love and Thrift. I listen to it in my I-wanna-be-a-nomad phases.

Just realized how much my music reflects my mood. I LOVE Back to December and Rilo Kiley, btws

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