Monday, May 16, 2011

20 in 20 - Week 7 (and winner!)

And the winner of LIKE MANDARIN is . . .

BEE!!! (Shoot me an email at kodykeplinger (at) gmail (dot) com, Bee!

NOTE TO WINNERS: I haven't had the chance to ship out a few of your books yet. I'm sorry! I'll get on that by the end of this week.

And now on to this week's book!

Since I'm in NYC right now, it feels appropriate to giveaway a book that takes place in this, my favorite of all cities. The first one I thought of?

CITY OF FALLEN ANGELS by Cassandra Clare!

CoFA is the 4th book in the Mortal Instruments series, and it is stellar! So, I want to give you a chance to win a copy!

Here's how to enter!

1. Tweet or blog about this contest
2. Save that link!
3. In the comments of this post, tell me what your favorite city is and why!
4. Under that paragraph, paste your link.

Contest is US only this week.

Contest ends Friday at midnight EST!



Andrea said...

I haven't been to a lot of big cities. But of the cities I've been to, Washington DC is my favorite. I love history &DC is covered in museums. It's gorgeous & visitor-friendly.

I tweeted:

dothutchison said...

I asbolutely adore London, the way the old and the new mixes in with everything. I love architecture, and there's such an amalgam that comes from centuries and centuries of history.

Tweeted here:!/DotHutchison/status/70110925109202944


Jolene and Family said...

My favorite place to be and visit is Seattle. I grew up in Eastern Washington but have family all over the Seattle area from Tacoma, to Lynwood, to Ballard and all the way up to Bellingham. Driving over the mountains was always a boring long trip but the second we hit the floating bridge my spirits would soar and as soon as we came around the corner and the big buildings came into view I felt like I was coming home. We made that trip so much growing up, just about every weekend and spent most of the summer's there with my dad. There is so much to do there to the Zoo to baseball and football games to the Seattle Center to the Space Needle to Freemont to the Ferry rides to trips to Orcas Island. I could go on, but that is my fav. place to be. I am now living in California and don't make it there to visit but once a year, though when we are there I make it a point to explore as much as I can with the kids so they can have that same excitement coming over the Floating bridge and share a love of Seattle with me



The Romance Bookie said...

I have not been to many places, but one city that I always love to visit is San Francisco! San Francisco is so weirdly, eccentric, and beautiful. It's absolutely gorgeous! There is Pier 39 with its many amazing shopping stores, anything from a LEFT HANDED store (which I find awesome, because I am a lefty), a sock shop (which contains hundreds maybe even thousands of different socks), a memorabilia store (with practically every single famous persons autograph, at these ridiculous prices, but it's still cool to look at), and then of course the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory store, the taffy store, and many MANY others!

One of my favorite things to see when I am in the city, is this building that I have seen every time I leave the city. It's this giant abandoned apartment complex, in the outskirts of the city, by the Giants stadium. The building looks like one giant art piece! One side of it has all the furniture needed for an apartment glued (or nailed, whatever haha) to the side of the building. There is a refrigerator hanging out of the window, a couch sticking sideways off the building, chair and table, a night stand, and even a bed I believe! It is the coolest thing, and just another reason that makes San Francisco one of the most interesting cities in the US.

Overall, it's also very beautiful, and has so many different historic places, such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, the Triangle shaped building, these glorious cathedrals, and many many other things!

Latoya Alloway said...

My favorite city is Tallahassee. The friendly people are the city's biggest and brightest gem. But I also love the historical buildings. It's not too crowded. It offers the city life along with downhome southern life and hospitality.

Minas said...

My favorite city would be Chicago! I was born there and I live in Chicago. The museums, the lake, the parks. I love it all. I don't think I will ever want to leave it.


Thanks for the giveaway!

Lizzie B said...

Hmmm. Such a hard decision but I think I'll always be a New York girl. And no I'm not just saying that--I lived in the city for 4 years and it just has this energy. People are always on the streets, in parks, in coffee shops. The subway and bus system is a gift and I miss it so much. The Met and the MoMa are always exciting. It's fun. Plus it has the best variety of good food (expensive or budget friendly). Honestly if someone could invent teleportation, I would live there and keep working in my job.!/littlelyme/status/70555413233401856

Nicole Zoltack said...

My favorite city would be New Bern, North Carolina. My best friend moved down there from Pa (where I still live) and I visited her there a few times. It's such a great small town, safe and warm and friendly.!/NicoleZoltack/status/70955623218544640

Nicole.Zoltack AT

kristina shields said...

I love Myrtle Beach! I love the warm weather and hanging out in the beach. It's a always a blast and I have always come away with memories i will never forget.


Zareen said...

I haven't done much travelling, but my favorite city is Munich in Germany. I went there while on an educational tour, and absolutely fell in love with the building architecture, from Marien square to the various cathedrals. Also, a visit to the former concentration camp at Dachau really touched me.


Sara said...

My favorite city is Jackson, WY. Can't imagine a place more beautiful.!/sarasincerely/status/71380772212326401

Marla said...

I especially love the Adams-Morgan area of Washington D.C. My husband and I spent much of our honeymoon wandering around that neighborhood. From the wide variety of restaurants and cafes to the National Zoo that is within walking distance, it provided a lot of fun for us during our 5 day stay. I hope to go back someday so my daughter can see the zoo and have hot chocolate in the little cafe I loved there with me.!/MarlaSTNC/status/71381015658119168

Laura said...

Two years ago we went to New York and wow! it made an impression on me, its an amazing city and it so different from where i live.
My tweet:!/laurabooknerd/status/71381217022443520

melannie skoob said...

My favorite city is of course NYC!
I mean it has the such a variety of people! and so much to look at!
and it's sophisticated and the sights are breath-taking!


Marie Braasch said...

I loved living in Singapore (yes, I understand that it's a city state, which means it's both a city and a country, but I think that should count). I loved the food and being immersed in the fusion of Eastern and Western culture. Plus, a bazillion shopping malls!!/MarieBraasch/status/71396816045867008


Bekka said...

My absolute favorite city in the world is Port Douglas in Australia. I've only been there once, but it was beautiful. It's just a small little place on the coast, but it's so laid back and relaxed- the perfect escape. I stayed in a resort right by the water, with a gorgeous view. One night, I saw an iguana lounging about on the walkway to my resort.

My tweet:!/AndaLizard32/status/71383985334403072

Yara said...

Can I enter the contest even though I'm from Puerto Rico?? Right now I can't afford a copy, and it'll be so great if I can win one. :(
Well, anyway I' gonna tell you my favorite city because I'm in love with that city, and that would be Ponce,P.R. This city is full of history of my little island and is so beautiful. I feel every time that I go there that that city can never die, I mean, it is so full of live that you can feel that energy go through you and move you. Is a feeling so beautiful that I can't fully explain. The ancient history that carries this city is so vivid and so remarkable that even the people living in that city is full of history and tales to say. Is just so enjoyable I can't even describe it.


And blog it via tumblr:

If I can't enter the contest just tell me...

Brenda V, said...

My favorite city is New Orleans because is filled with a mix of cultures in an intoxicating way, has beautiful architecture, unique cemeteries and has inspired countless of gothic tales and movies about vampires, witches, ghosts and zombies. Plus many people claim is haunted! For me is a "Goth lover's paradise."

Rachel Bateman said...

I adore Wilmington, North Carolina. It is small and Southern, but at the same time has enough big-city amenities. Also, it has a rich, lush history, beautiful architecture, and wonderful restaurants.!/RachelBateman/status/71612263865393152

AmyC ~ said...

Oh wow. My favorite city (at the moment) is Petaloma, Ca. It is 45 min north of San is 10 min south of wine country. It is just a beautiful smallish city (smaller than san fran). If we could, I would live there. I want to go back .!/memoryofagldfsh

Anonymous said...


Erica said...

I don't know what my absolute favorite city is, but I'd probably have to say Chicago - I love Chicago.

I tweeted:!/thebookcellarx/status/74914976808189952

:) Erica
thebookcellar @

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