Monday, July 4, 2011

20 In 20 - Week 11 + Winner!

And the winner of ANGELFIRE is . . . .


Miss Lauren, email me your mailing address at and I'll get that to you ASAP!

And now, for the new contest....

I'm giving away 2 ARCs of SHUT OUT!!!

SHUT OUT is my new book, not out until this September, but you can win it right here!

Along with one of those ARCs I"m also giving away a DUFF prize pack, including a DUFF poster, a signed paperback of THE DUFF, and a few DUFF bookmarks.

Here's how to enter:

1. Be a follower of this blog
2. Tweet or blog about this contest and post the link in the comments below.
3. In your comment, tell me in 100 words or less why YOU are the biggest DUFF fan and why you want to win SHUT OUT and the DUFF prize pack!

And that's it! I'll announce winners in a week. Contest ends midnight SUNDAY (not Friday, SUNDAY).

Good luck!!! LOVE YOU GUYS!


Jordan said...

Totally tweet! :@JordannnBrooks

Why I want to win SHUT OUT and the DUFF?! Because I've only heard and read positive things about them, and would absolutely LOVE to be able to understand where the awesomeness is by actually reading. Also, I would love to be able to blog about them myself ! :)

Lee723 said...


GFC follower - Lee723

I tweeted abt the contest here -!/xLeeDx/status/88045822670934017

Dear Gawd, I finished that book in ONE SITTING, less than 6 hours!
I picked it up and couldn't put it down. I even tweeted you but the tweets were probably swallowed up in all the @'s you got. lol.
Damn, I want me a reformed Wesley.
When he punched Bianca's dad... I was all: WHOOP WHOOP! He DEFENDED HER. ZOMG! I could not believe it.
And... He's HOT. Like that needed to be said? ;)


darkelvengirl said...!/laura_elf_young/status/88046196488290304 My twitter comment. :D
I would love to have this book because I would love the chance to read the book, and to be able to write a review making other people want to read. :D I am also obsessed with your type of writing. After reading The DUFF your writing style is pretty and smooth going.
I can't wait until the book comes out.

Ashley Noelle said...!/aashhleey/status/88047895890239488

I absolutely LOVED the DUFF, I read it last summer straight through and loved it. I loved Wesley; even when Wesley was being a complete jerk I couldn't hate him 100%. I could relate to Bianca & her friends too, which I absolutely loved.
I would absolutely love a chance to read your new book, SHUT OUT early! :)

Liz said...

1) I am a Google follower.
2) I tweeted about this:!/yesnofilms/status/88052157013704705

3) I would want to win the prize pack because I have a book blog, and also because I LOVED "The DUFF"! Would be great to win the prize pack and also the ARC of "Shut Out." :)

Penny said...

Thanks for this amazing contest!

GFC follower - Penny

I am the biggest DUFF fan because I absolutely adored Bianca's story, and couldn't put the book down. It's a believable and great story anyone can relate to. Not to mention Wesley Rush is one of the hottest male book characters ever! I WILL WRESTLE ANY GIRL FOR WESLEY RUSH IF I HAVE TO! I'd love the chance to read a SHUT OUT ARC and share it with my blog, and a DUFF prize pack would definitely be an excellent prize too.

e-mail: RubyPhoenix112(at)gmail(dot)com

wordslikesilver said...

Tweet - @beachtwin110
GFC - Grace

I am obsessed with the DUFF and lust after SHUT OUT (ironic because of its topic) and obsessively stalk YAHighway, blog reviews, and anywhere else where those books are mentioned. I worship them on my blog and volunteer to be your obedient minion. I would be like Despicable Me, serving you cookies, books, and fabulous reviews. I would SELL MY SOUL for the DUFF and SHUT OUT package. I write haikus in PRAISE of your name and your books!

Kody Keplinger
The Duff, my one obsession
I lust for Shut Out

I love DUFF and would kill for SHUT OUT.

wordslikesilverblog at gmail dot com

Riley Redgate said...

Thanks for the rockin' giveaway! Do we need to put our emails? o_O RileyRedgate[at]gmail[dot]com

1) I am following you! #notcreepyiswear

2) Tweeted here:!/RileyRedgate/status/88093297947578368

3) I'm the biggest DUFF fan because, after I read The DUFF, I no longer felt like a DUFF. And being free of that insecurity was - is - amazing.

I want to win the DUFF prize pack because my friend collects signed books and her birthday's coming up. Also, my bedroom's papered with posters, but I'm always looking for more.

Why do I want SHUT OUT? I've wanted to start reviewing books on my blog, but I've never found the guts. If I had an ARC (especially one that's practically guaranteed 100% awesomeness), I'd finally muster up the courage.

Sharli said...

Awesome giveaway! I'm in if it's international :)
I'm a blog follower

I LOVED the DUFF! I re-read it a few weeks ago. I just love Bianca and Wesley. And I can really relate to Bianca so that made it perfect :)
Now I can't wait to read Shut Out! If it's even half as awesome as the DUFF I'm sure I'll love it

entrelibros_blog at hotmail dot com

Honey said...

Follow under Honey!

I'm the biggest DUFF fan because I honestly, truly connected with The DUFF. It's unbelievable how similar my thoughts were to Bianca's. I felt as if you literally pulled them from my head. But the best part about The DUFF is the wonderful feeling I got afterwards, knowing that I really shouldn't give a rat's ass about what other people think as long as I'm cool with myself. I want to win Shut Out and The DUFF prize pack because I simply love you. I love DUFF and I know I'm going to love Shut Out as well!

Thank you for the giveaway!

Dani. said...

Follower! (of course)

I am definitely the biggest fan of THE DUFF! Why you ask? Because it was unlike anything I had ever read. It was edgy, hot, addicting, had a great message, but most of all, it felt real. Bianca wasn't just a character to me, I felt like she was an actual person, and thus her story stayed with me! And Wesley helped me remember too. ;) Overall, THE DUFF is a great book that became one of my favorites, and I love to re-read! And I want SHUT OUT for more awesomeness by Kody Keplinger! :)

^boom! 96 words... skill!

Kristen said...

I definitely want to win SHUT OUT and the DUFF prize pack! I loved the DUFF, it was AMAZING! I really really really really really want to read SHUT OUT! Really. I do. It would be amazing to read your book before it comes out, I would be so stoked!

I am a follower of your blog, and here is my tweet:!/ATeenBookworm/status/88128266879242240


J9NINE said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
J9NINE said...

1. Hi Kody! My name's Janine. I've been following you since October =)

2. worth a good read =) (


3. DUFF was so authentic, as if Bianca portrayed me and Casey and Jessica were my bffs Trina and Jaizel, truly. I wish I had a Wesley for all the times I felt I needed to run away from my problems. Your story kept me sane for all the times I felt ugly and unsatisfying. Because it taught me all girls have insecurities and they may feel DUFFy material. Back in October, the first time I read it, there was a lot going on. Football season, homecoming, back to school parties. I came to those parties confident that I was not the Duff.


the storyline and the theme really helped me go through senior year knowing every girl I see may have insecurities too.

SusieBookworm (Susanna) said...

I'm a GFC follower and here's my tweet:!/SusieBookworm/status/88222904294182912

I haven't read The Duff (yet), but I'd love to read Shut Out because it's a retelling of Lysistrata, and I love classic lit. :)

Mismikado said...

Long time follower, rarely a commenter :) Tweeted via @mismikado {!/mismikado/status/88251911492481024} and <3 The Duff becuase it was so great o see a book about a term that I never heard outside of my circle of friends before. It sends a great message that all teens (especially girls) go through the same feelings and emotions :)

FBF said...!/Fluffybookfae/status/88262368278228993

I'm the biggest fan of THE DUFF because I was a fan when it was still underground, yo! I have hipster cred! I got an advance copy at the ALA conference 2010. And it was my favorite of the ARCs I got there. :) I've certainly reread it more often than any of the others.

I'd like to win an ARC of SHUT OUT because it would strengthen my hipster cred. Also because I am hungry for more of your writing! You write teenage angst like no other! The sooner I can get my hands on this book, the better!

Anna said...


I'm the biggest DUFF fan and want to win SHUT OUT because I read THE DUFF in one day and I just fell in love with it.

I hope my lucky number works for me this time!

FloeticFlo said...

1. Follow as Book Nerds Across America

2. Tweeted:

3. I read The Duff in one night & loved it! I may or may not be guilty of going back to re-read some of the cute Wesley scenes toward the end... ;-)

binabug said...


binabug said...!/PANASYNCOLTEN/status/88287097093488640

Lisa said...


I want to win because I LOVED The DUFF - it made me laugh, shed and few tears and cheer with joy at the end. Also, Wesley is hot, even if he is a jerk.

NOTE: I'm only trying for Shut Out.

Samanthajo_322 said...

I adore the DUFF and I can honestly say I am one of its biggest supporters. I have recommended the book multiple people (including a teenager in the library - I probably scared her, but at least she got it!). My boyfriend and I also dressed up as Bianca and Wes for Halloween (much to his dismay)! I really relate to the story and I think it’s the only time in YA that the main character hasn’t had the perfect body. It‘s disheartening, being a bigger girl myself that all main characters are stick-thin, because it is not reality.


And I am a follower! Great Giveaway Kody!

Kristina said...

I haven't read the DUFF yet, but it's checked out to me at my local library. :)I can't wait to read it! I've been dying to read it forever! :D

I follow your blog at Kristina Foster, jayhawks222

I tweeted about the contest @kansasjhawksfan
Here's the link:

Allison Weintraub said...

No twitter:(
Follower!: Allison Weintraub
I loved the DUFF because it helped me through a rough time. I related to Bianca and what she was going through and it helped me deal with my own problems and actually talk to my parents. I would love to win a copy of your new book because I'm sure it's as amazingly awesome as the DUFF! Thanks for holding this awesome contest!PS: You ROCK!

ashelynn hetland said...


And I follow.

Thank you so much for the giveaway!

I'm the biggest DUFF fan because after reading THE DUFF, I felt something that I never felt after reading a book: happy with the way I am. I get told I need to watch my attitude, but I can't--it's just who I am, and THE DUFF made me appreciate with that. I don’t have to listen to these people who tell me I need to change who I am because I can’t. I want to win the prizes so I can remember that it’s okay who I am, and I don’t need to change at all.

The Romance Bookie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Romance Bookie said...

I loved the DUFF because I found it amazing how almost every teenage girl (and even adults) find themselves relating to Bianca. I always felt like the outcast in my friends group in High School; I was always the super tall, sort of big girl out of a group where everyone had their own individual personality, but in a way that they had friends in not just our group but through out the entire school. Since the beginning of high school I have been the type of person who is happy to just sit in a quiet corner reading a book.
And even though Bianca wasn't characteristically relate able to me, I find her to share that same feeling of abandonment and feeling out of place. I enjoyed that so much, that I actually have reread the book a few times since I read it for the first time in January.

Another thing I really liked about Bianca was how outspoken she was. At certain points she was shy, like around her crush, and then when talking to Wesley she just said what she thought. I really admire her for that!

My blog:

And I posted a Blog entry about the contest on:

ZoeRainDasher said...

I can't say how much I love The Duff.
Seriously, I just.. I've read it at least 8 times. Gosh, I'm so nervous.

1.I am currently following your blog as the rainhouse

2.I tweeted about this giveaway.!/ZoeRainDasher/status/88729144455725056

3.I posted about this on Facebook.

4.I wrote a blog post on this explaining just how much I love the Duff and of course, I wrote it to promote the giveaway.

5.My 100 words or less. =)
I would do anything for The DUFF. I love Kody’s writing, the storyline and the characters but most of all, I love how it resonates with how teens feel today. The idea of the Duff may have originated in the United States, but it’s really universal. Everyone feels ugly or fat at some point. For some of us, it’s a bad hair day every day. Some of us feel we’ll never measure up to our gorgeous friends. I love how Kody showed that love or lust-turned-love can be created between two people no matter how they look.

I would really love to win a copy of Shut Out. You're a real inspiration to me, Kody, because your writing is just so real. Plus, you're my age and such a great writer! It shows that anyone can do it! Did I mention just how much I love The Duff?

My email address is

I can't wait to hear about what you're writing after Shut Out...

Courtney Barr - The Southern Princess said...

Total Follower!

7/7 9:15 a.m. Tweeted about by @southrnprincess

Why me to win? I was the DUFF. In high school that was me. Funny thing is the reason I love your book is the true to life comparisons to my own love story. Marvelous hubby was that smart ass and I was that girl who hated that I loved him but then realized the real guy behind the sarcasm. Thank you for that story & that reminder.


Visit My Kingdom Anytime

Courtney Barr - The Southern Princess said...

Oh forgot why to win SHUTOUT! Um hello, it sounds awesome and I always jump at the chance to spread some awesomeness! ;o)

Courtney said...

I follow your blog on Bloglovin'. I'm

I also tweeted!!/theprettybarn

Why do I want to win an advanced copy of 'Shut Out'? Well, because you are an amazing author and such an inspiration to all young aspiring authors. 'The Duff' was one of my favorite reads of this year and I became obsessed with it. I was even more giddy with joy when you 'liked' my review of it on goodreads. Totally made my day!
I would love to win a copy of 'Shut Out' because I've never even seen an ARC of anything! And I read 'The Duff' in a day! Please pick me!

Storyteller_Princess said...

I've been a follower for awhile.


Why me? I'm an avid reader and I ADORED The DUFF. And I think Shut Out sounds even better than the Duff, which is saying something. I don't think I can wait clear until September which is why I'm dying to win. Also, I'm a college student= not a lot of money so free books= wonderful happiness. I can't wait to read Shut Out!!!!!!!

Linda said...

The Duff was the first book I ever bought for my Kindle, so it will always hold a special place in my heart. I read it in one sitting and absolutely fell in love with Wesley and Bianca. Bianca is a lot like how I was in high school so it was really awesome to be able to relate to a character so deeply. And I think Shut Out sounds awesome. I would love love love to win an early copy!!

Tweeted here:!/linda_lea/status/89127376809758720

Kimberly said...

GFC - kimberly brasher

my friends@ pageturners got me to read the book LOVED IT!! Amber and I take turns playing the role of the DUFF. So I really want to win Shutout. Oh She is my DUff at the moment

Emilie said...

1. GFC Follower - Emilie

2. Tweet:!/emiliebookworld/status/89137459413266432

3. When I read the DUFF last year I connected with it on so many levels. There were plenty of times in high school, and still today, where I felt like a DUFF and the book made me realize that much more that I wasn’t the only person who felt that way. And I absolutely loved Wesley. Who wouldn’t? He might have been a jerk for a good portion of the book but I still could never bring myself to hate him. And how he stood up for Bianca just made him that much better in my eyes.


Badass Bookie said...

Thanks for the awesome giveaway Kody!

GFC - Badass Bookie
Tweeted -!/BadassBookie/status/89146163185459200

The DUFF is one of best written novels I have ever. It explores issues that as teenager I can relate or relate to on some level. I felt I could connect to Bianca, sometimes I even feel like The Duffy in my group :P hehe.But it's definitely a novel that I really enjoyed, it's meaniful, it's just the right kind of contemporary and Weasley stole my heart.

Thank-you for writing sucha beautiful novel :)

Lisa xx

Melissa Mercedes. said...

tweeted and retweeted @caridade13. The Duff wasn't just a good book that i enjoyed reading and re-reading but it also taught me a lesson about others and myself i'll never forget. Just like Bianca, i had a tendency to look down on others for the mere fact that they didn't act as "smart" as they should and that always kept me out of groups and some really great people who could have been great friends to me. So, thank you, Kody, so much for writing a book that is both fun and that could touch others in personal ways and for showing me that we all are major DUFF's. And i totally just went over the 100 world limits, sorry.

Louisse said...

I'm a GFC Follower! :)

And I tweeted here:

I LOVE THE DUFF. It's the first book I think of when people ask if they can borrow a Contemporary novel from me. My copy of The DUFF is basically tattered because I've pretty much lent it to everyone I know! I have, like, THREE copies of The DUFF, two for lending and one I let NOBODY touch. I love The DUFF because it shows us that everyone has a chance to love in life, no matter who you are or how you look like or even how you act, because in the end somebody out there will love you for you. And that you'll always have friends along the way as long as you keep them with you and not push them away. And that no matter how beautiful you are, you'll always have insecurities. What I love about this book is that it's romance is very unique, I mean, have you ever read a book where the girl actually despised the guy before they ended up together? I don't think so. The DUFF is a COMPLETE PACKAGE it has a: love/hate romance, supportive and loyal friends, a VERY, VERY HOT GUY and a strong and realistic heroine, one I know lives in every one of us. :) The DUFF is definitely the sweetest and most toe-tingling book I've ever read. It's my basis for Contemporary books, if I hadn't read The DUFF, I wouldn't be reading Contemporary books right now. :) And I'd DIE for an ARC of SHUT OUT. I'd literally DIE.

End rant. :))


Cara said...

Tweeted: @chasingwords

GFC- Cara

I want to win because I need my own copy of THE DUFF because it's brilliant and I needz to be able to re-read. I also loved it so much that I'm absolutely positive that SHUT OUT will be made of just as much win. THE DUFF is one of my favorite contemps. and I am Bianca's #1 fan.

Thanks for the awesome giveaway! :)

Raven said...

GFC Followerr! :D

I tweeted, too~

I AM the BIGGEST DUFF FAN because THE DUFF IS JUST FREAKING AWESOME!! I believe that it would take more than a hundred words to explain how FANTASTICALLY AWESOME THE DUFF is. The DUFF is intensely realistic and shows us a side of ourselves that we've kept hidden from everybody else. Our insecurities, our fears and of course, our want. Deep inside all of us fear that we aren't loved enough or that no one will accept us but as you delve into The DUFF, you realize that there ARE people who love you and will support you as life goes on. And our want, our wanting to BE loved. Doesn't every girl want to feel that mind-glowing, earth-shattering first kiss or that fairy-tale ending? We all do. But in The DUFF we realize that true love isn't always perfect, it doesn't have to be. The DUFF shows us our deepest insecurities, being The Designated Ugly Fat Friend and our need to be loved and cared for. The DUFF has it all. A VERY relatable herione, a smokin' hot love interest and possibly the most interesting Contemporary storyline EVARR. :D It's definitely one of the BEST DEBUTS OF 2010. :) Thank you for writing something so fantastic, Miss Keplinger~

All in all... I FREAKING LOVED IT!! <3
I definitely can't wait for Shut Out!!



Lynz Pickles said...

I tweeted.

I loved it so much that I recommended the DUFF to everyone I know. (And I'm not a fan of pushy book people at all, so... big deal for me, that.) Feminists? "Bianca self-identifies as feminist and anti-slut-shames, go read it!" Romance readers? "Bianca and Wesley have an amazing love story, go read it!" YA readers? "Written by an actual teenager and doesn't feel too old, go read it!" Non-readers? "Read, silly, and start with this book!"

I'd say you were my absolute favourite author of 2010, but I discovered Kristin Cashore last year too, so... you're tied for first.

ToniMF said...

1. Follower

2. Tweet:!/tfurmarie

3. I loved your book, Kody! I wasn't sure that I was going to like it at first, but I was so wrong. I ended up finishing it in like four hours. I connected with this book and the characters which is important to me as a reader. I've read that you didn't mean for your book to have so many lessons and hidden meanings but it did and I think that's what’s so inspiring about the book and your writing. I can’t wait to see what you’ve done with Shut Out! PICK ME! :)

ToniMF said...

1. Follower! ToniMF

2. Tweet:!/tfurmarie

3.I loved your book Kody! I wasn't sure I was going to like it at first, but I was so wrong. I ended up finishing in like four hours. I connected with this book and the characters which is important to me as a reader. I've read that you didn't mean for your book to have so many lessons and hidden meanings but it did and I think that's what’s so inspiring about the book and your writing. I can’t wait to see what you’ve done with Shut Out! PICK ME! :)

HayleyAG said...

Hello Kody!

I am a follower of you blog and I tweeted this contest!/HayleyAG

I absolutely LOVED THE DUFF! I consider myself the duff of my group of friends, so I really related to Bianca, and I'm huge romantic at heart so I love it when the "popular" guy that everyone wants falls for the underdog! The interaction between Bianca and Wes was perfect and I fell in love with Wes! I cannot wait to read SHUT OUT and fall in love again!

Thanks and keep writing so I can keep reading! Have a great day!

Chen Yan Chang said...

Awesome contest!

1. GFC follower: cyc
3. Why I am the biggest DUFF fan and why I want to win SHUT OUT and the DUFF prize pack? Well, I haven’t read DUFF yet, but I really want to! I’m loving realistic fiction, and there needs to be more in the YA genre! I love the SHUT OUT cover, by the way. Boys against girls? That seems like an awesome thing for a story! I would love to win a chance to read your awesome books so I hope I win :)

jadedlittlegirlx [at] gmail [dot] com

JoJo Janesko said...

Hello Kody thank you for the awesome contest.

I am following you on Twitter although I am never on there.

Well the reason I feel like I deserve a copy is because I am not the age of your target audience I am 37 years old. I just read The DUFF last week and LOVED it. I couldn't put it down. I would have read it in one sitting had I not needed sleep for work. This book was brilliant and brought back so many feelings from back in the day, I was The DUFF and had no idea the term even existed. LOL. Your work is amazing and I can not wait to read your next book. I am telling everyone I know to read your book, I am very active on Goodreads. Thank you for the opportunity.


SP Aurum said...

1. Hi Kody! I follow your blog through my twitter account @samanthalabelle
2. I tweeted about your contest and your blog at!/samanthalabelle/status/90249691261976576
3. I gotta say, I just finished reading The Duff about 5 minutes ago and I just love it. I do admit that I may not be your oldest fan, but I think the magnitude and amount of my love for The Duff will make up for that. I am the biggest and newest Duff fan and it would be so great to win the prize pack, and this is why I’m staying till 11 am to write this. XD 100 words isn’t enough to write about how great your book is, it was so AMAZING that I was so into the story, I felt like I was in the book with Bianca and Wesley (whom I totally adore). The characters were so relatable esp. Bianca, and the book was so filled with meaning regarding insecurities,self image, teen drama etc. I literally could NOT put the book down to the point that all my friends were yelling at me for ignoring them. Your writing is so inspiring and excellent and I am madly PSYCHED to read Shut Out.

We all love The Duff, and I will always be a fan :) xoxo

Gee said...

Hi Kody!

I'm a follower, of course -- GFC Name: Baby Gee

I tweeted:!/baybeegee123x/status/90997605441601537

And I'd love to win DUFF and SHUT OUT. They both sound completely amazing, and I have heard endless 4-5 star reviews of these books. The covers are totally eye candy, which makes me want it ALL THE MORE! :)

Thanks so much for the giveaway, it's really great!

Email: babygeebookreviews[at]gmail[dot]com

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