Monday, August 8, 2011

20 in 20 - Week 14 (and winner, AND ITS MY BIRTHDAY!)

First of all, this week's winner of Divergent is . . .


Megan, email me your address at

NOTE TO PREVIOUS WINNERS: If you were a winner here and you've yet to recieve a prize, please email me and let me know. I've had a lot of things to mail and I'm sure a few people got passed up. So please shoot me a reminder!

Now, on to other things.

Today is my birthday. Like, for reals. I'm turning 20 today, thus the 20 in 20 giveaway! Anyway, it FREAKS ME OUT. Like, I don't know if I want to be 20. I posted last year about wanting to stay 17 forever. I think I still feel that way. Luckily I have tons of awesome people (some of whom blogged me birthday wishes - LOVE YOU GUYS!) supporting me into my next decade.

So, in honor of my 20th, I'm going to giveaway the first finished copy of my next book SHUT OUT plus one of my last hardcovers of THE DUFF right here.

Now, I don't have SHUT OUT finished copies yet, but I will soon. I actually got my very first DUFF hardcovers on my birthday last year (thanks to the amazing Kate Sullivan, my fabulous editor!). So SHUT OUT will be here in a few weeks, and I want the winner of today's giveaway to win both books in hardcover, first edition form.

Here is how to enter:

1. You must be a follower of this blog.
2. Tweet or blog about this contest.
3. Save that link!
4. In the comments below, tell me about your best birthday memory. It can be anything! Funny, romantic, sweet. I want to know!
5. Beneath that, post the link.

I will announce the winner next Monday. Contest ends Friday night at midnight PST.



Flo said...

My friends threw me a surprise birthday party a few years ago! Then I almost spoiled it by arriving early, so they gave me bogus directions and had me driving around aimlessly to stall for time. Love them!!

Following the blog as Book Nerds Across America.

Tweet link:!/FloeticFlo/status/100599100646490112

Sara said...

Happy Birthday!! This is an absolute amazing giveaway! Thank you for having it!! :)



Sara said...

Forgot to add my best birthday memory!! I would have to say when my friends threw me a surprise party for my sweet 16th! We had so much fun, eventhough I found out berforehand. LOL

Again happy birthday!!

Link again:!/sarabara081/status/100598547199688704

Liz said...

Best birthday memory ... probably my 21st birthday. I have a "birthday twin" who was also turning 21 and we got a group of friends together and went to some of the bars. It was January and freezing out! But still fun.!/yesnofilms/status/100601296901505024

Laura Marcella said...

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you!! Happy Birthday dear Kodyyy!!! Happy Birthday to youuu!!!!

Stephanie Allen said...

Oh, but 20 means you're only a year away from 21, which totally rocks. (Just wait till you turn 22. It'll feel like such a letdown in comparison.)

My birthdays tend to be pretty low-key. I guess this past year I went to a club for my birthday with a couple of my friends, who promptly disappeared the second the guy I was into at the time showed up. Because that's so not obvious, right? Anyway, it makes me laugh because that's totally typical of my friends.


Stephanie Allen said...

Oh, and I said it in the tweet, but I'll say it again here: happy birthday! Hooray for another decade =)

Laura Elf said...

Thanks for the contest, and happy birthday! :D
My best birthday was this year. I had to wake up early that day for camp orientation. (Best word to describe it.) Afterwords I had my family birthday party. It was quick and ended soon. Afterwords I went to my friends party. Two parties one day I was happy.
My Tweet link:!/laura_elf_young/status/100603188222246912

The Romance Bookie said...

Happy Birthday Kody!! We've both officially joined 20s club :)!

I think my best birthday memories are from when I was still living in Germany. Between the ages of probably about 4 and 7, I had the best birthdays.

Most people in Berlin live in apartments but during the weekend a lot have "gardens" where they have a tiny house on and can stay for the weekend. My grandparents had one of these, and we would go there every year. I had my friends over, and my mom would have us play this really fun games. One was we were blind folded and had to crawl around the grass, while everyone said "Hot" "Cold" (depending on how close we were) to a aluminum pot where underneath a surprise was hidden.

These birthdays bring back a lot of memories.

I tweeted here:!/RomanceBookie

And a post here:

I hope you have an awesome birthday!!! Enjoy it! :)

Nikita said...

Happy Birthday! :) And thank you very much for the contest! I follow your blog via GFC (Nikita). I don't have any specific momeries of my birthdays. I've never had a party or surprise birthday presents. *sad face* But I wish I've had. Maybe one day somebody will eventually make from my birthday big event. :D Until now, some people gave me best wishes, some people did not, but my birthdays have never been memorable. Still, I hope that you had a big party or that you received something you really want or that you just spent time with people who love you and you love them back. :) I hope that your birthdays are memorable days. :)
I tweeted about the giveaway:!/bookworm_nikita/status/100623834935328768
bookworm.nikita at gmail dot com

Rose said...

Happy Birthday! :D
Well, I spent my birthday a few years ago in the beach with my friends. We were four girls, sitting by the sea without entering (it was too cold for that), and later I fell and hurt my leg.. But I think it was the best birthday I ever had.

GFC Rose

Erica said...

HAPPY BIRRTHDAY!!! I hope your 20th is an awesome one.

My fave birthday memory probably has to be when I was like 12 and I had a birthday party picture scavenger hunt at the mall. One of the picutres on the hunt was to get a picture with something "Johnny Depp" We found a full size cut out, as Pirates had just been coming out, so we kissed it on the cheek. Before we could take the picture the store employee ran at us shaking her arms screaming NO PICTURES IN THE MALL. We sadly didn't get our picture, we ran away fast,, ha.

Here is my link!/thebookcellarx/status/100651139619487744 I'm a follower

:) Erica

Amanda said...

My best birthday memory might sound lame, but my best friend came and got me at midnight and took me out to dinner. We just spent the whole day together doing anything I wanted and it was wonderful.

Happy, Happy Birthday! 20 isn't so bad I promise!


Sharli said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you had a grat day!

One of my favorite birthday memories is from when I was around 12, my best friends came over to my house and we had a sleep over. We sang cheesy pop songs at the top of our lungs, danced around my living room, watched movies and ate a lot of ice cream. It was a lot of fun!

I'm a follower and here's my tweet:!/Entre_Libros/status/100744528960552962

storyqueen said...

Happy Birthday, Kody!

.Ambur. said...

Happy Birthday, Kody! :D Being 20 isn't so bad. I've been 20 for three whole months now...not much of a difference from 19 to be honest. haha
My favourite birthday memory is from years ago, but it's one that I'll never forget. My birthday's right during the rodeo season from where I'm from, and for my one birthday my mom took me and my cousins to have a party at McDonalds. There was cake, presents, the awesome playpark that they had...and later Ronald McDonald showed up! It was awesome! He took pictures with us and signed things. It's from so long ago, but I'll never forget it. :)

I'm a GFC follower and I tweeted the giveaway:!/AmburHostyn/status/100774414525792257

Thanks for this awesome giveaway, Kody, and once again, Happy Birthday! I hope it was a good one. And I also just want to say that I absolutely love your stories, you're an amazing author! :D

Lisa Richards/alterlisa said...

Happy Birthday!
I'm a follower on GFC-Lisa Richards
My best birthday was when I turned 35 and found out the baby I was carrying was a little girl (finally).!/alterlisa/status/100834665035870208

alterlisa AT yahoo DOT com

Zoe Hazendonk said...

Happy Birthday!
I miss being 17 just turned 18 a few weeks ago.
Anyway, when I was 11th Birthday my parents had made me a Hogwarts letter on parchment written exactly like in the book and attached it to a hedwig plush so when I woke up I found I was going to hogwarts. My aunt also bought me a wand and Gryffindor robes.
Still my favourite birthday surprise til this day, saying something since I got a car for my 18th. :)

poisnivyred said...

Thanks for the giveaway and happy birthday! Mine is in a couple of weeks :)

My favorite bday memories are all the once I've had since I got married. I have a sweet husband (most of the time haha).!/itzKelseyD/status/100919444171276288

Poisnivyred AT

janhvi said...

My best birthday memory would have to be my 18th birthday which i celebrated last year.I had an absolutely amazing time with my friends for the entire day and a very nice dinner with my family in the evening.The whole day was perfect and everything was just right:)

i tweeted-!/justjanhvi/status/100922027648630785

I'm a GFC follower-Janhvi Jagtap

justjanhvi at gmail dot com

The Story Queen said...


Alright, so best birthday memory. I think it was actually my fifteenth birthday party (last year). So, just to give you a little background, I'm the co-head of my school's Writers' Club. There aren't many people (at all) in the club and those that are have either become or already were very close friends of mine.

So, normally when I go to WC, I just have to cross the hall. This time however, another friend had told me she wanted me to meet me at her locker. I went, and honestly, I was completely unsuspecting. Except when I got back up to the WC hallway, a friend was being shoved out the door with everyone screaming at him (poor guy. We're always screaming at him LOL) to keep a look-out. Of course, when they spotted me, there was a lot of shrieking and pushing. They ended up barricading themselves in the classroom and giving me strict instructions to wait outside. At this point, I seriously still had no clue what was going on. Finally I was let in and able to see the surprise party they'd planned for me.

It was actually really sweet. A lot of people that weren't in the club had come for the meeting and they'd decorated it with streamers and balloons (and a heap of presents). A group of girls had also gotten together earlier to bake a cake and it was HUGE with pink frosting and sprinkles everywhere.

Honestly, it was the best :)


Happy birthday once again! I wish you all the very best.


Anonymous said...

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Linda said...

On my 20th birthday my dad surprised me with a visit. We were living in different states at the time and he was traveling for work. He happened to be driving through that day and made a stop to take me out to dinner. I hadn't seen him on my birthday for about 3 years at that point because of his schedule so it was a really awesome gift.

Happy birthday! Here's my link:!/linda_lea/status/101198613530681344

Miss Lauren said...

I hope your birthday was great, Kody! Hmm.. my best bday memory? I was little bitty & on one of my bdays I remember getting a beauty & the beast sleeping bag & a jump rope. I was so flippin excited I probably peed my pants!!! Haha. Thanks for the giveaway & I hope school is going good!

misslaurenwilk at gmail dot com

follow with gfc via Miss Lauren


GFC follower- ashley

Hmm my best B-day moment was spending the whole day with my mom and sister just having a girls day just relaxing1

Tweet link-!/Holt9102/status/101365937734819840

Klber3 said...

Happy Birthday girl! One of my favorite memories was being on a Disney Cruise when I turned six years old. My big sister gave me a stuffed "Flounder" from the Little Mermaid and an Ariel music box. I buy Ariel music boxes whenever I see them now. Also, this year my best friend and I watched Pinocchio and Sleeping Beauty together. It was super sweet.
I think I follow you through my linked twitter account? Lol.


Chen Yan Chang said...

Happy Birthday!!! My best birthday memory? A few years ago when the Philadelphia Eagles won the last game of the season (on my birthday) to make it to the playoffs! Too bad I only saw part of it on TV...


GFC: cyc
jadedlittlegirlx [at] gmail [dot] com

Chel said...

Happy birthday! :)

Tweeted here:!/rachelmosq/status/101640980515659776

Best birthday memory... was when I met my dad. (It actually happened 3 weeks before my birthday and our meeting didn't have anything to do with my b-day since he didn't know. Kind of. But still). Never met him until I was 11 years old. He's Italian and he never married my mom. He didn't know it was my birthday but when he found out, he bought me a puppy. I've never seen him since then. But the puppy is still alive and kicking. I even named him after my dad. XD

Cassia said...

Happy Birthday Kody!!! *throws confetti* My best birthday memory is from my 20th birthday. My boyfriend arranged a romantic dinner for me, we have candles, flowers and stuff like that. After the dinner, we were walking in the park and just talking and enjoying time with each other. It was really sweet from him. Oh, and he also gave me the most beautiful earrings and necklace. I even don't know if I deserve such a great man. :)

My tweet link:!/talkinawhisper/status/101642509335281665

GFC: Cassia

Tasnim said...

Hiya! Old GFC follower - Taz

My best birthday memoryu would have to be when i was 16, like four years ago. I was with this guy who i'd been in a relationship with for just under a year. we went out to eat and he bought me this teddy, who was wearing a really expensive chain and really nice perfume. So i got three presents off him - The chain, teddy and perfume, and neither of us had a job at the time! :)

I tweeted -!/star_light91/status/101697693331619844


Tasnim x

Mairead. said...

Happy Birthday!

My best birthday was when I was a kid, and my whole class came over and the cake and the ice cream made us all high as kites. Before Long everyone was jumping up and down and hiding under tables, and the photographic evidence will prove for great emotional blackmail if needed. But mostly, I'm just happy I have the pictures for the memories.
But the best thing about my birthday is I never, not once, had to go to school, college or otherwise. Fun times.

Tweet Link:!/Mayiread

Hannah said...

Guess I'll use my most recent one. I'd forgotten my birthday (amazingly busy), came home to box of Krispy Kremes along with other presents. Lovely sweet surprise from my mum who never forgets!

RT-ed your original tweet re giveaway - @dipsychick

Bwyatt said...

I use to have pool parties all the time and one year I lost my bottoms on a dive. I'm talking down around the ankles. Talk about mortification. Middle school sucked. :o) Here's hoping my birthday this Sunday at the beach will find me with my bottoms firmly in place. Shouldn't be difficult since my butt is SOOO much bigger now. Haha. Thanks for the giveaway.

Chey said...

I'm a few days late, but happy birthday! As cheesy as it is, on my 8th and 9th birthdays, I received tickets to see Nsync. Those remain the best birthday presents I've ever gotten, and those memories will always stay with me.

Thanks so much for the opportunity to win your books! I've been looking forward to reading both of them.


Again, I hope you had an incredible birthday! :)


Robolobolyn's Universe of Books said...

My best birthday memory is actually this past birthday, my seventeenth. It wasn't a big party or anything like that. I had two of my best friends over for a sleepover. What made it so special was the fact that our other friend was pregnant and was told she was going into labor that day. So, of course, we were all excited and I especially so because I thought that I'd get to share a birthday with my friend's baby.

Sadly, the doctors got it wrong and it was only a false labor. But, at the time, it was exciting. Not to mention the ice cream cake and pizza were pretty yummy! (:

I retweeted -!/Kody_Keplinger/status/101732666805714945


Joely said...

Ah, I love this contest! Happy birthday! :D
I follow your blog (Bookluver1208)

and I think my favourite birthday memory would have to be my 16th. My parents took me and 4 of my friends to Madame Tussauds in NYC and then afterwards we went to the Hard Rock Cafe where they made me stand on a chair while the restaurant sang to me. I was very embarrassed :)

And I tweeted about the contest :)!/Bookluver1208/status/101735556446289920

Cara said...

Happy birthday!! :) Hope it's the best one yet and makes you happy about turning twenty.!/chasingwords/status/101735330650128385

My favorite birthdays are those on which I've not had any bodily harm come to me. It's strangely common for me to get concussions, chipped teeth, and all kinds of fun stuff like that on birthdays so any calm ER-less birthdays are great. My 16th was probably the best because my two friends and I had a joint surprise party thrown for us. :)

LillyReader said...

Happy Birthday!! :)

Best Bday Memory...hmm...
I would have to say that would be my birthday this year. I spent time with friends & family and just had an overall GREAT day. Each birthday gets better as the years go by :) 23 this year!!/LillyReader/status/101732666805714945

WulfLuva said...

I follow!

Near my sixteenth birthday I found out about these awesome things called Kindles and I wanted one very badly. I told my parents, they said no (it was $300 then). Whenever my birthday party rolled around I opened up my parents card. It took me three tries to read my mom's handwriting, but once I did it said I could order my Kindle! Heck ya baby!!/WulfLuva93/status/101741750779002881

Monika said...

Happy Birthday Kody! First of all I want to thank you, because you made this awesome Giveaway international. I now how hard it is to pay for post and everything, but believe me, for your amazing writing I would pay anything, even if it would be shipped from Antarctica. :D I'm a student myself and actually I'm the same age as you, but I would love to be older. Seriously, I don't like being in my teens anymore. I'm turning 20 in December. Finally, duh.
My Birthday Memories with my friends are not that memorable, but I do remember what my father said to me at my 18 Birthday. When in my country we are finally able to drink legally. He said in front of my whole family that I should get wasted now that I'm 18. And my Uncle nodded in approval. I was like really, you think I wasn't drunk before, and that I would get wasted in front of my family? It was just ridiculous, but we laughed it out.
My big wish this year, for my 20th, is a karaoke birthday party. I love karaoke, I suck at singing but that's not the point, that's why it's so fun. :D
Have a great rest of the week. xoxo
GFC follower: monika!/monika134/status/101740336530984961

Annie said...

Happy Birthday!! I remember 20. ;)

My favorite birthday would be when my mom got a gift card to almost every store in the mall(its not huge) and put it in this big binder. Even if they were small amounts of money, it still was a lot of fun to find something in each store.!/Calypsa304/status/101737756769783809

ashelynn hetland said...

Happy birthday! I hope it was awesome.


I think my best birthday was a few years ago when a guy I was crushing on hardcore told me he too was crushing on me and took me out to eat at my favorite Chinese place. A month later, and we were exclusive. :)

Shelbie and Amanda said...

A couple years back my friends made me this home made 'memory' board which was a huge collage of tons of pictures of us and fun 3d things stuck on it like rubber ducks. Best present ever.!/MortalsLibrary/status/101755379372929025

Amanda @ The Mortal's Library

Lissa said...

Best birthday memory: My 21st birthday.
It was the day my fiancée proposed. We were in a long-distance relationship (UK-Australia), so I didn't get a ring. But we've been engaged for nearly 4 years now and living together for over one (I moved to England last year).
Also, on that VERY SAME NIGHT I had my 21st birthday party, a formal dinner. My best friend FLEW INTERSTATE (I lived on an island state in Australia) IN SECRET TO SURPRISE ME. Everyone kept it a secret! I was so surprised and overwhelmed I burst into tears.
So: marriage proposal and surprise best friend visit on my 21st birthday was my best birthday memory ever.

Tweet link:!/lissawrites/status/101758718852612096

Also: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Mine is on the 26th August... JUST SAYING!

KT Simpson said...

Happy -belated- Birthday!!! One of my favorite birthdays was this past year, my first birthday here on twitter with the writing community! I got bombarded with birthday messages right at the stroke of midnight and I made cookies. It was fun.

Tweet link -!/thatwritergirl7/statuses/101761710737731584

Thanks for holding the contest<3

Ana Lucia said...

HBD!! Thank you for making it international!

Hmm my best birthday memory it was maybe when I was 17 years old but my friends decided to surprise me with a piñata! I thought they were joking it was Sponge Bob with earrings. I had so much fun!



Lasha said...

My mom planed a fun suprise sleepover for me and my twin sister for our 11th birthday. She invited all of our cousins over and my best friend too! I was so happy, everyone was dressed in pjs and we made 4 dozen cupcakes and ate so much birthday cake!! and then my parents gave me the best present ever, a purple scooter! It was the best birthday ever!! I loved every minute :)

Happy Birthday Kody and thanks for this awesome, spectacular giveaway!!

here is the tweetlink:!/lasha908/status/101781302306541568


Jenny N. said...

I'm a couple days late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

My best birthday memory is my friends throwing my a suprise party since I thought we weren't doing anything special for my b-day.


Taylor Good said...

Happy Birthday! One more year till 21 girl! haha

My best birthday memory is from when I was a little kid. I had an obsession with The Little Mermaid, Pocahontas, Aladdin, Anastasia, and being under water. We had a pool so it was a princess/pool party and all my friends came. My best friend (we've been besties since birth:) and I took a picture in front of a cardboard cut out of the Ariel perched on the rock, just like in the movie, that my mom hand drew and painted. I still have the picture <3

I hope this link is right...I'm twitter impaired...!/tgood19

ZoeRainDasherBenji said...

Happy ... happy belated birthday!

My favourite birthday memory was when I was 19. I was sitting in the car thinking that my closest friend in the world, Boyce had forgotten my birthday and the phone rang and he sang a song for me and it was so sweet.

My birthdays are not the same without him around.

I'm an old blog follower in case you're wondering.. Following as ZoeRainDasherBenji.


My 19th birthday was definitely the best birthday I ever had.

Violet said...

My friend made me a big (really really big) chocolate cake a few years ago. It is obvious that I love chocolate. We were celebrating, singing, playing, dancing and eating that big cake. I think that at the end of the party still remained something from it. :D
Follow your blog as Violet and tweeted:!/VioletaVia/status/101975107982999553
Oh, and of course, Happy Birthday to youuuu, Happy Birthday to youuu! *pretending to be singing* (Really just pretending because I actually can not sing :D)

BrittLit said...

My favorite birthday was when I just invited two of my friends to show up and we just lounged around outside and drank grape soda and ate mint ice cream. It was relaxing and marvelous!!/weareattached/status/102055722870771713

Anry said...

Happy Birthday!!!
My best birthday memory? That is one which starts with the fact that I love books and I celebrated 28 years of my living on this planet. :D My parents and all friends put togerther 28 books which gave me. It was better than have a cake. I read them a long time after my birthday. Funny. :D
Thank you for the chance to win both your books. I would love to add them to my book collection. I have already read The DUFF and seriously loved it. You are awesome writer. :)
Tweet link:!/Anry4/status/102055408826462208

Doris said...

Hmm, best birthday memory would probably be when I was finally 21. But here's the catch, I had to wait until my cousin turned 21 so we could celebrate together in New Orleans. When she turned 21, we left to New Orleans and had a blast. I will never forget that day because I met 3 BRITISH guys. I thought I liked their accents on TV but OMG their accents are so much better when you're talking to them face to face *swoons*

GFC: Doris



Btw thanks for the giveaway & HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY

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