Monday, August 29, 2011

Shut Out Trailer - Teaser Day 4 - Randy!

Good morning all!

Well, the storm has passed here, and all in NYC is (mostly) well. There was some flooding and definitely some damage, but I have to say, I am so, so amazed by the way people come together during a crisis. There's this stigma that New Yorkers are cold, mean people, and that is so, so not true. In a time when chaos could have ensued, crime went down, people were helpful, and everyone stuck together. Just going to the grocery store for food was amazing because our neighbors were talking with us, joking around, and swapping "how we'll spend the next few days" plans. I love this city, and I'm so glad Irene do too much damage to it.

As for the rest of New England, I hope you are all safe and well!

And with Irene over, it's time for me to get to some serious planning. SHUT OUT releases one week from today (eep!) and the book trailer, which I've been telling you guys about, premiers Friday! So, once again, I bring you a sneak peek of both the book and the trailer. Today, you guys get to meet Lissa's boyfriend, Randy.

Here goes:

I opened the door for him as he made his way up the front steps. “Hey, babe,” he said, leaning in to kiss me.

I let his lips brush mine for just a moment before pulling back.

“Still mad?” he asked.

“Not mad. Frustrated, remember?”

Randy ran his fingers down my arm, lowering his voice so Dad and Logan wouldn’t hear. “I can un-frustrate you if you want.”

I swatted him away, my whole body stiffening at his touch. “You sure you won’t be too busy cleaning your windshield?”

“I’m never too busy for you, baby.”

“You were last night.”

He tilted his head to the side, batting his long, perfect eyelashes at me. “You’ll forgive me. I know you will.”
“We’ll see.” I meant it to be teasing, but it came out sounding cold.
“You always do!” he called over his shoulder as he strolled into the kitchen.

I shook my head, knowing he was right. I always forgave him, and I was sure I always would. I knew as soon as he walked into the kitchen. As soon as Dad smiled at him. As soon as Logan clapped him on the shoulder. I would always forgive Randy because he was part of my family. He had been since the moment I first brought him home.

Watching them now, as I stood in the kitchen doorway, I knew I’d fallen in love with Randy that first night, when he’d walked right up to my father as if he didn’t even notice the wheelchair and shook his hand. He made my family happy, and after all we’d been through over the past few years, seeing them smile like that . . . well, it made me happy, too.

I forced myself to relax, to loosen up a little, as I walked into the kitchen and sat down at the table next to Randy. There was no need to be on edge right now. Not with my family. Not with Randy.

Oh, Randy . . .

And, once again, Vania at VLC Photo and I are giving away prints from the Shut Out Book Trailer! Here's a screen shot - Lissa and Randy. Kind of cute, right?

Want to enter to win this or one of the other screenshots we'll be tweeting throughout the day? All you have to do is tweet @VLC_Photo and me (@kody_keplinger) with the name of your favorite athlete! Be sure and use the #ShutOutTrailer hashtag.

And keep your eyes peeled for the announcement of the big giveaway Vania and I are doing around the trailer's premier!