Monday, March 26, 2012

The Lucky 7 Game

So apparently there's a game going around among writers right now. it's called the Lucky 7 Game, and it's sort of like tag. If you're tagged by another author, you have to:

1. Go to page 7 or 77 of your current manuscript.
2. Go down to the seventh line and copy the 7 sentences that follow that.
3. Then, after pasting those, tag 7 other authors.

I was tagged by the lovely Claire Legrand (whom you should ALL check out because she is amazing). And I decided I'd play along!

Here's the thing, though. I'm going to be a little rebellious - though mostly out of necessity. GOLDFISH is a mess right now (I'm revising it) and I think it'd be cruel to show you lines that will likely not be there come next year when it's released. Instead, I'm going to play the game with A MIDSUMMER'S NIGHTMARE, which will be out June 5.

So here you go! An excerpt of the novel from page 7. Here are 7 sentences, starting at line 7. (Note, Whitley is a tad hungover in this scene, and her mother is completely oblivious - just to give you some context.)

I grabbed a bottle of Gatorade, not bothering to inform my mother that Nola and I hadn't spoken since ninth grade. For a second, I wondered whether she'd notice if I did a line of coke on the table in front of her. I doubted it.

"Trace sent you something," she said as I sat down in the chair beside her, clutching some Saltines for good measure and positioning myself to see the TV, which was on the counter across from us. She doused her waffles in syrup and pushed the bottle aside. "I put it on your bed."


We sat in silence for a long moment before Mom finally asked, "So, are you excited about graduating?"

And that's seven sentences! And it gives you a little taste of Whitley's mother and why she's so looking forward to a summer with her dad.

But alas, that's all I can give you for now. In the mean time, it's my turn to tag a few innocent, unsuspecting authors. So I choose . . .

Good luck, girls!


Claire Dawn said...

Well that kind of worked out to be the perfect seven lines.

Jennifer Hoffine said...

Cool peek...looking forward to this one!

Claire Legrand said...

Can't wait for this book, Kody! Thanks for the tease, and for playing along! :D

andrea b said...

nice snippet!
but I wish you'd picked something that's not on the already released excerpt... :D

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