Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Road Trip Wednesday: Prom!

Road Trip Wednesday is a blog carnival sponsored by YAHighway. I haven't done one on my blog in a while, but I picked the topic this week, and I thought it would be fun to share.

This week's topic is "prom stories."

I only went to prom one year - my junior year. I didn't have a boyfriend, and I was sure I'd be going alone. Then my friend, Kyle, asked me. He thought it would be fun since, at the time, one of my closest friends was dating his best friend, and the four of us got along great. So the plan was that we'd do dinner together, then head over to the prom and have a great night.

But first I had to find my dress.

I tried on several, but ultimately I couldn't get the first dress I tried on - this beautiful hot pink number with a corset - out of my head.

That's not my professional prom picture, by the way. That's just one my mom took at our house.

So I had a dress I loved, a date I got along well with, and some friends to make the night awesome. But oh, my prom night was interesting. Very, very interesting.

Kyle picked me up at my house that night, and my mom took lots of pictures. Like this one.

He was very insistant on wearing that fedora, even though his mother hated it. I thought it was cute, though! I wish I had our official, professional pictures on my computer to show you guys. They are great.

When we managed to escape the constant flashing of my mother's (and stepmother's) camera, Kyle and I hurried off for a nice dinner with friends. All was well at first, and then we got to the actual prom. That's when things got interesting.

Things were very fun at first - we got to see lots of our friends. My best friend (who is still my best friend) was there, looking super gorgeous.

That's actually one of my pictures of Shana and me.

But then, as the night progressed, something scandalous happened. A very close, bisexual friend of mine brought a girl that she had a crush on - a who used to go to school with us but had transferred a year before. The names have been changed to protect the guilty, but we'll call this girl Britta.

Britta had been a friend of mine, and my friend who had brought her, Aja, really, really liked this girl. We all thought Britta liked her back, too - she sure acted like it. But then, I was informed, before they left for prom, Britta had given her number to a waiter at the restaurant they'd eaten at. (Britta was fifteen. The waiter was twenty-one, I think.)

Then, at the actual dance, Britta had very little to do with Aja. In fact, some of us started suspecting that she'd only used Aja to get a ticket to prom. While hanging out with some other friends, I got news that Britta was also putting the moves on Kyle.

I didn't care, really. We were just friends, after all, but later, when I went to dance with Kyle, Britta said, "I'll let you have your boyfriend back now!"

That bothered me. So she'd been all over him (and I mean ALL over him) while thinking we were dating? While she was supposed to be a friend of mine? And while she was ignoring her own date, who was also a friend of mine?

My opinion of Britta was rapidly changing.

The rest of the dance was fine. Some of our friends were annoyed that Kyle hadn't spent that much time dancing with me, but I didn't really care. We all had a good time, so I wasn't complaining.

Then we went to After Prom.

Every year, our school had an After Prom party at the local YMCA. There was a pool, tennis, ping pong, board games, rock climbing - and a hot tub. But that was off limits. No students were allowed in there.

I spent most of After Prom with my best friend, Shana, and her date. It was a blast, running around playing games. Then shit it the fan.

We were all called to the lobby. Our principal was there. So was our vice principal. They were pissed. Apparently, a few kids had vandalized a few rooms in the YMCA, breaking things and such. But here was the real kicker - the big scandal.

Britta had called the twenty-somethign waiter from the restaurant.

She'd snuck him in somehow.

And the two were caught in the hot tub together. By our vice principal.

Now, I don't know exactly what went on in that hot tub, but witnesses say it was a little more than making out. I was FURIOUS with this girl - not for hooking up with some creepy twenty-something (I never met the dude, but any adult who hooks up with a fifteen year old is a creeper), but for stomping all over my friend's heart. Aja was totally upset - she'd invited this girl, thinking she liked her, and she spent the whole night with other people. Then her actions led to us getting kicked out of the After Prom party early.

Sounds like something out of a teen movie, right?

I never saw Britta after that night, but my opinion of her definitely changed. It wasn't that she'd been all over two boys that night - I couldn't care less about that - but both Aja and I were her friends, and she'd completely used Aja while believing she was betraying me by trying to hook up with a boy she thought I was dating. Some friend.

Despite the drama, I have fond memories of prom. In some ways, I'm glad it was a little bit scandalous. It was horrible then, but now it's something we all look back and roll our eyes at or laugh about. At the time I hated Britta for what she'd done and intended to do, but now I mostly worry. I hope that, wherever she is out there, she's okay. I hope there were no other creepy twenty-somethings taking advantage of her (even if she thought she was the one in control). I hope she's learned to be a better friend. I hope she's moved past that night the way the rest of us have.

So, ladies and gentlemen, that's my prom story. It's very strange to realize that whole thing happened four years ago. It feels like yesterday.

And, before I go, one more picture from that night! Because I can't resist. A picture of Kyle and I my mother didn't take.


Liana said...

I looooooooove Prom Drama!

The Romance Bookie said...

Wow it does sound like something out of a teen drama! haha

I only went to my junior prom too. I spent so much money on that stupid thing!! The dress was actually the cheapest thing haha, like $30 or $40 I think, but the nails, toes, tickets, etc. It was ridiculous! And then!!! I was bit by a spider the night before IN MY FREAKING FACE!! And so the next morning, my face literally looked like I had a BASEBALL in my cheek!! It was terrible!

I took benedryl, and when i got to prom (which I didn't want to go to anymore), I was so out of it! I was tired, and then I had a couple of antibiodics, in my bag (in a ziplock bag, because I didn't want to take the entire bottle) and then I got pulled aside by a cop and my bag was searched, I almost got in so much trouble, but then I just turned my face and she saw the HUGE lump in my cheek, and she quickly shut up her cheek LOL. It was pretty bad. I ended up leaving early.

It was embarrassing at the time, but just like your prom, Kody, looking back it was an interesting memory lol.
My senior year I spent bowling and movies with a friend, which was just as great! :)

Jennifer Hoffine said...

What's a prom w/o a little scandal...I'm just sorry your friend got hurt by it.

Colin Smith said...

My goodness, Kody! Call me sheltered, but that's incredible! Did the waiter get into trouble (I mean jail-time-type trouble)? It's hard to believe there are people in the world as ugly as "Britta," but there ya go. How she could do that..? Amazing.

And on behalf of the A-to-Z Blogging Challenge participants, thanks for making this week's RTW a "P" word. :D

Kody Keplinger said...

Colin - no jail time for him. I don't think they actually had sex, just fooled around. He was kicked out of the prom, though, and so was she. She almost went home with him, but Aja wouldn't let her because she knew Britta's parents would be REALLY infuriated and might blame Aja for it. IDK. It was a lot of senseless drama.

Crystal said...

Ack, Britta sounds terrible. I think it's so disturbing to look back on some of the older guys that hit on me and/or my friends back then and consider the fact that for us it was scandalous and fun--for them it was ILLEGAL. Gross.

Laurie Dennison said...

That is a memorable prom! I love your pictures. Yay for pink dresses!

Melanie Stanford said...

Now there's a non-lame prom story! Talk about drama. Maybe I should be happy mine was mostly drama-free.

Love the fedora.

Elodie said...

It's funny how while time flies by, some memories feel like the events happened just yesterday :D

Talk about a prom story Kody! You would write that into a book, one would think: "how could that happen?"

Cute pictures too, I love your dress!

Liz said...

Interesting story ... definitely some drama!

I didn't have a boyfriend at the time of my senior prom, so I went with a group, and it was actually a lot of fun. the prom itself was a little lame, though it was at a nice place on the Detroit River, but we had our own after-party where we watched movies and ordered pizza, and that is what I remember as being the best part of the night. :)

karensmith said...

I totally love your dress! :)

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MEIN ROPA said...

Oh, the color of the prom dress is so beautiful. Rosa, so sweet. :)

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