Thursday, May 17, 2012

3 Years, 3 Books

May 12th marked the 3 year anniversary of the day i got "the call" from my now agent, Joanna.

Yesterday, I got the first finished copies of my third novel, A Midsummer's Nightmare.  I hugged them a lot.

June 30th will mark the three year anniversary of the day my first novel, The DUFF, sold to my publisher, Little Brown/Poppy.

It's been a whirlwind. It's been amazing and stressful and joyous and heartbreaking and every emotion under the sun. It's like a lot has happened in three years, but a lot is still the same, too.

For instance, I"m still the kind of girl who lazes around in her pajamas most of the day. My life isn't Sex and the City where I rush off to fancy parties in fancy dresses and act all fancy.  I'm pretty much an average 20-something New Yorker. I just write instead of working a normal day job.

Sometimes, I even forget this is my job.  It's like, yes, I do this everyday, but I forget what it means until I walk into a bookstore and BAM! there's one of my books staring at me.  And it's like . . . whoa, this is for reals.

Three years.  It blows my mind. I"m sitting here looking at my hardcover of A Midsummer's Nightmare and just . . . wow.  Three years?  Have I really been doing this that long?

I want to cry when I think about it - like, happy cry, of course.  I want to reach out and hug all of you, because so many of you have been around since the beginning. So many of you congratulated me on this blog when I got the call from my agent. So many of you were here, cheering me on, three years ago when The DUFF sold.  You guys are amazing. You guys have made this job what it is for me. You guys, it wouldn't have been nearly as miraculous a journey without you.

So this is just a teary, weepy, smiley, rambling post to tell you how all much you mean to me.  Thanks for the support, the friendship, the guidance. This job is what it is because I have you all to share it with.

<3 <3 <3


Farrah Penn said...

This is so sweet. I hope you continue to keep writing because I'll be here reading :D Here's to book 3 and many, many more! <3


Daisy Carter said...

3 years and 3 books? That's a stellar record you've got! Congrats on getting the finished Midsummers. Can't wait to read it!

Kassiah said...

I'm so proud of you! Congratulations bb ♥

The Romance Bookie said...

Kody you are seriously an inspiration to me and many others out there in the world! THREE books and your only 20 years old!! I'm 20 too, and it really makes me think it is possible! :)

Congratulations and like the girls above said, we're proud of you, and I 100% can NOT wait to read EVERYTHING you write in the future!! :)

Meagan said...

You are so inspiring! I'm so glad that your books have been published. I can't wait to read all of the rest of them in the future.

.Ambur. said...

Awe! Three years! WOW! That's crazy! You know what's also crazy...I reread The DUFF's like I knew subconsciously it was an important day. ;) haha And, just saying, it was as amazing (maybe even more so) as the first time I read it! I'm still a swooning fangirl when in comes to Wesley Rush, too. *sigh* *swoon* haha

Congratulations, Kody! You deserve all of this amazing stuff because your books are amazing! :D I'm also incredibly excited to hear that you got finished copies of A Midsummer's Nightmare because that means I won't have to wait much longer before I can buy a copy! Yay! :D Congrats once again! :D

Laura Marcella said...

Wow! Three years goes by fast, doesn't it? Congratulations on everything you've accomplished, Kody!!

Cathy De Los Santos said...

Aw happy tears, I love your books they really are amazing and Ihope you continue to write for a long time. Congratualtions on all your success and continued! I can't wait to be able to hug my own copy of a MidsummerNights!

Reflecting Bookworm said...

I'm just a new follower but wow, you are so talented!!! I'm massively inspired by you :D I'm 21and trying to get published at the moment but it's really difficult. Midsummer's Nightmare looks amazing so well done
RB :)

Anonymous said...

ive got the perfect character 4 wesley in the movie: Collan McAuliffe?? google him and check him out!

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