Monday, May 14, 2012

The DUFF is taking over the world!

So over the past several months, THE DUFF has made it's debut in a few different countries. And I thought it might be fun to share some covers with you!  So here's what THE DUFF is like abroad.


I just found this one when I stumbled across it the other day. Sexy times!  Of the foreign covers, it's probably my favorite.  And the title translates to "Because Of Love." I'm not sure exactly how that relates to the story, but I wish I could read German to get a better idea! It's out January 2013, I believe.


The Croatian cover was the first I saw. The novel released there in June, 2012 (the first foreign edition!) and the cover is just so different from the ones we see in the US! Can't help but love it.  "KRPA" actually means "Patch" in Croatian. But the K, R, and P form an acronym that comes out to "Big Ugly Friend."  Sorry, Croatians! "Patch" is now synonymous with "Big Ugly Friend" I guess.

TAIWAN/Complex Chinese

Too cute, right? I actually have a few of these on my bookshelf.  I wish I could translate some of the cover, but I have no Chinese skillz.  Either way, this is freaking adorable.

The DUFF has also been released in the UK, and while the overall jacket is different (and AWESOME) the cover is basically the same, so I won't share it here. But how cool is this? People are reading my book in other countries! In other languages!  It BLOWS MY MIND, Y'ALL!!!!

What do you think of the foreign covers? Which is your favorite? Also, what are some of your favorite foreign covers of other books? I want to know!


The Romance Bookie said...

They look awesome!! Congratulations! I totally plan on reading the German version when it comes out! :)

Lisa_Gibson said...

Congrats! Very cool to see these. I like the German cover too just with Bianca was a little more curvy on the cover. All are great though.

Lisa ~ YA Literature Lover

Through My Lens said...

I love the Croatia cover! (I just had to ask my dad where it was, lol) because it's kinda vintage-y if that makes any sense? :) And the Taiwan one is just plain adorable, the one I'm not really feeling is the Germany. Probably because the book is just so light and fun to read and the cover's so dark.

Through My Lens said...

Such a big accomplishment though, Congratulations Kody! :)

Anonymous said...

I like the German's very cinematic.

vic caswell (aspiring-x) said...

soooo awesome! congrats miss keplinger!
i have to say the croatian one in my fave. i like how the gal looks like she could have some weight on her, but is still beautiful. just like in the novel, it's all about perception. :)

Susanne Winnacker said...

Love the German cover! Btw, it doesn't translate into Because of Love. It would rather be something like: Love? As if!
So it probably fits your book quite well. :)

shinn said...

hey Kody, i'm from Taiwan,
i am totally fascinated to your story, it's really awesome!!
by the way,i like the cover,too.

Anonymous said...

cant wait 4 movie!!

Anonymous said...

I am from the UK and love your books, i wish your other books would hurry up and be realesed here.

Tammyxzfy said...

Such a big accomplishment though, Congratulations Kody! :)

Luly De Letras said...

hello Kody! I'm from Spain and I read The Duff. It's amazing!!! Thanks for this interesting book!!


tinghuang said...

Hi Kody, it's from Taiwan. really love this one cuz that so sweetly, lovely and adorable!!!! and cant wait to see ur others books:))) cheer up x

Anonymous said...

Is true that the duff movie will be absolutely different than the duff book??

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