Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Vlog: The story behind A Midsummer's Nightmare


The Romance Bookie said...

I could totally tell about Sisterhood inspiring you! :) I loved those books! BTW: Have you read the 5th one, "Sisterhood Everlasting"????

Aly said...

I'm going to BEA too! Hopefully I'll see you there, I loved your books. The D.U.F.F. so far is my favorite, but the buzz in the book blogging world says that this next book will threaten its position :)

My Heart Hearts Books

Anonymous said...

I just picked up my copy at B& happy to see them stocked early!

Anonymous said...

lol, a few hours later was the sisterhood of traveling pants on TV and i was like - hey, Carmen´s family or something is like Whitley. her parent´s are divorce and her dad is getting married :D

Aisyah Putri Setiawan said...

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