Thursday, January 30, 2014



Duffy said...

Hi Kody, this is my very first visit to your blog and after looking around I am a huge fan. You go girl! How amazing you have accomplished so much with your talents at such a young age! And CBS a Films bought the rights to DUFF? Are you kidding? That's huge! And that's also what brought me here, btw.
I work in the film industry and a friend told me a film called ''The Duff' was in pre production, which suggested to me he meant here in the city where I live. (The movie biz is booming down here!) I did some quick googling and discovered what DUFF stood for and the premise of the film (this was before discovering your blog.) I have to admit I was slightly discouraged and even panicked, as my name is ... Duffy. Yes, my given first name. I don't believe I was ever designated a 'duff,' but I certainly go by that nickname (and I'm female!) I though 'Oh no! Of all the scenarios! I couldn't work on a film like that with a name like mine!'
But now that I've read about you and your character profiles (what amazing details!), I would be HONORED to be part of the crew and support such a talent inspiring fellow female in her exciting new success. :-) I'll be on the lookout for developing news and possibly get to congratulate you in person soon! Best of luck!